1.20 (r3543) to 1.21 -- Status: 2019-08-12


  • Fixed update behavior for object titles.

Preferences menu

  • Changed Configuration presets to Basic configuration.
  • Added sections Presets and Main items. Added items to it to control main settings more easily and to give visual feedback on switching presets.
  • Added Edit window -> Click only gives focus as replacement for the const.
  • Fixed menu item id exhaustion after RefreshMenu.


  • Fixed processing of virtual files.

Move expression

  • Extended to process mark if it exists.


  • Tags: Fixes for TeX and LaTeX commands.
  • Syntax expansion: Fixes for REXX.
  • FindDef: Added mode REXX.
  • TEX: Added verbatim environment to the multi-line commands.
  • REXX: Improved bracket matching when pressing BackSpace repeatedly.
  • REXX: Added rwIni keywords.

Format submenu

  • Split Line breaks into Line ends and Line wraps.
  • Added menu items for DOS and Unix line ends.


  • Added new commands.
  • Completely reworked encoding menu items. That includes a predefined list, similar to the spell-ceck menu items and many helpful menu items and options.


  • Improved double click behavior.


  • Added workaround to avoid access to the unwanted first undo state after loading a file with attribute EAs.


  • Added compatibility for old bookmark commands. That makes the toolbar commands from MAKEACTN.E work again.
  • Changed bookmarks dialog to display column instead of index.
  • Extended bookmarks dialog to optionally add EPM.POS, undo and stack positions. This behavior can be toggled via dialog button and is saved per window non-permanently.

Spell-check dictionaries

  • Catch errors of wget and unzip on download.
  • Dialog improvements.


  • Find more TeX keywords.


  • Added fix for user-defined groups of associations.

Compiling NEPMD

  • Changed clean makefile target to clean both debug and release, as documented in MAKEFILE.INF.

1.19 (r3209) to 1.20 (r3543) -- 2019-03-21


  • Fixed configuration of NEPMD associations during the installation. Previously, the script worked only after installation.


  • Added menu item to insert the sum of block-marked text.

Center, box and draw

  • Added menu items under Format.
  • Added style configuration dialogs.
  • For line mode, use header width value instead of 1599 (MAXMARGIN).
  • Added configuration of header width.

Reflow margins

  • Changed configuration of first margins selection item to use header width.

Key recording

  • Allow for edit, save and restore a recorded sequence.
  • Added menu items for that.
  • Moved menu items from Edit to Run.

Spell-check dictionaries

  • Uploaded working Netscape dictionary files.
  • Improved configuration dialogs.
  • Added Download button to the Edit dictionaries dialog.

Alt+1 and URLs

  • Improved URL processing.
  • Many improvements for Alt+1 to process the file spec under the cursor, e.g. added filespec:"search wrds".
  • Fixes for handling search options.
  • Added reset of last saved Change arguments by executing a different Find (locate) command.


  • Made initialization more stable.
  • Improved processing of commands after the first start.

Title bar

  • Improved the display of the .LONGNAME EA.

Dynamic configuration

  • Improved processing of environment variables to extend the environment and fixed previous double extension.
  • BEGINLIBPATH is used now instead of EPMBEGINLIBPATH.
  • Environments started with EPMMAINT.CMD now show the correct paths for the loader and the executable.


  • Copied Coding style menu items from Preferences to Format for easier access.

  • Extended all remaining commands to process mark only if it exists.


  • Added tags support for modes INI and TEXT.
  • Fixed tags processing for PHP, IPF.
  • Allow for tags with multiple words.
  • IPF: Allow for headers spanned over multiple lines.
  • Fixed tags processing if egrep meta characters are included.
  • Added LaTeX and TeX tag keywords for mode TEX.


  • SHELL: Fixed command history for a restored command line file.


  • The reload of a keyword file can now be forced by keeping the Ctrl key pressed while executing NepmdActivateHighlight. That applies also to the highlighting menu items.

  • Highlighting is now temporarily switched off during mouse marking. This is required as a workaround to allow for catching the end of a line when the file was highlighted.

  • Added workaround for an EPM bug to replace DELIMI with DELIM if possible to allow for specifying escape chars.


  • Fixes for RecompileNew.
  • Changed inclusion of MYSTUFF.E and handle that file correctly as an option.
  • Added Recompile command to process the current file only.

Tabs and spaces

  • Many changes and fixes.

Swap text

  • Added MoveExpressionLeft and MoveExpressionRight. Menu items can be found under Edit -> Move.

Syntax expansion

  • Reworked syntax expansion: Handle tabs correctly, skip expansion in unwanted cases, avoid double ending keywords.
  • Many fixes.


  • Fixes for nested multi-line comments.


  • Reworked buggy attributes (e.g. bookmarks) handling for many commands. Attributes are now preserved after processing and move now correctly together with the text. Deleting a line removes also its attributes.


  • Reworked bookmarks processing.
  • Fixed handling of multiple files with bookmarks in a ring.
  • Improved ListMark dialog. Added filename and the columns FileId, Idx and Line.
  • Improved SetMark dialog: Pre-filled name entry field with the begin of the current line.

  • Added commands and key definitions for adding auto-named bookmarks and for going to the next and previous bookmark.
  • Added type and name configuration dialogs.


  • Fixed strings processing for ListBox and EntryBox.


  • Extended Fill to accept multiple chars, either tiled or left-aligned.


  • Improved file searching for NEPMD files.

Context menu

  • Added TagScan and OpenUrl to the context menu.


  • Fixed notification within menu items if values are overridden by file, file EA or mode settings.
  • Added Insert marked lines (above or below). Previously, below was internally hard-coded. The new default value is above.
  • Moved stream mode and Newline processing to an extra submenu.
  • Reworked Tab and BackTab. Added much more configuration options.


  • Fixed export of a value with leading or trailing spaces.


  • Reworked Undo processing.
  • Added configuration for special events.
  • Fixed Undo position, avoid scrolling and allow for catching a change without scrolling by changing in the Undo history back and forth.

1.18 (r2948) to 1.19 (r3209) -- 2018-10-19


  • Improved mode definitions for INI, JAVASCRIPT, TEX, FORTRAN77, FORTRAN90, TEXT.
  • Added mode PYTHON.
  • Improved PREFERREDCOMMENT key to handle 'L' or 'S' for single-line and 'M' for multiple line comment. Allow for appending a number, e.g. 'M2', to select a special string, when multiple comment strings are defined.
  • Added Preferences menu item to the popup menu.
  • Added menu item Mark line set at cursor to the Mark submenu.
  • Improvements for the Format submenu.
  • Added Current keyset definitions to the Help submenu
  • Added Highlight cursor to the Preferences menu.
  • Added Import user settings to the Preferences menu.
  • Added section headings to the Preferences menu.
  • Reworked and extended Colors and fonts in the Preferences menu.
  • Added NewLine and Enter configuration to the Preferences menu.


  • Changed scroll definitions in CUA keys. Added Alt combinations to Move cursor and to Scroll for faster movement.
  • ScrollLock interchanges now the definitions for Cursor move and Scroll. That leads to scroll improvements on systems where AMouse doesn't work, e.g. on VMs.
  • Made mouse definitions configurable via STDKEYS.E.
  • Added key category names.
  • Added dynamic listing of the current key definitions.
  • Fixed single-key determination for DBCS, untested.

Configuration files

  • Fixed determination if an import of DEFAULTS.CFG or USER.CFG is required.
  • Moved all settings from OBJECTS.CFG and COLORS.CFG to DEFAULTS.CFG.
  • Changed color numbers to names in configuration files and registry keys.
  • Added optional deletion of user keys before import of USER.CFG.
  • Made cache directory for temporary mode files configurable.
  • Improved and fixed enquoting for .CFG and text .INI files.


  • Added cursor, scroll and mark position restore to Undo and Redo.

Shell files

  • Fixed shell file processing.
  • Improved outfiltering of initial shell prompt lines (requested by Ben Dragon).

Process marked lines

  • Changed processing of file to marked lines, if marked for Wrap.

Syntax expansion

  • Improved syntax expansion for C to omit expansion if cursor is left of a keyword or a brace.
  • Improved syntax expansion for PASCAL, E and REXX.

Assist and TagScan

  • Made Assist much faster for multi-line comments.
  • Added fixes for Assist.
  • Reworked TagScan for C, PASCAL, ASSEMBLER, CMD, HTEXT, IPF, JAVASCRIPT, PYTHON, E, REXX, TEX to use Assist procedures for more accurate results.
  • Added fix for FORTRAN90.

Library functions of NEPMD.DLL

  • Added NepmdDeleteConfigTree, NepmdImportUserConfig.
  • Renamed NepmdFileDelete to NepmdDeleteFile.
  • Added NepmdDeleteTree, NepmdSearchTree.


  • Fixed unwanted reset of program object settings on program object creation.
  • Fixed corruption of NEPMD.INI on installation.


  • Improved error handling in .ERX files.
  • Added more fixes for Locate and Change.
  • Added fixes for changing the additional keyset.
  • Added improvement for HookAdd.
  • Minimized scrolling for ScrollAfterLocate.
  • Avoid unwanted scrolling in more cases.
  • Fixes and improvements for Link, Unlink and RecompileNew.
  • Fixed and improved FindFileInList and Alt_1.

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