1.18 (r2948) to 1.19 (r3209)


  • Improved mode definitions for INI, JAVASCRIPT, TEX, FORTRAN77, FORTRAN90, TEXT.
  • Added mode PYTHON.
  • Improved PREFERREDCOMMENT key to handle 'L' or 'S' for single-line and 'M' for multiple line comment. Allow for appending a number, e.g. 'M2', to select a special string, when multiple comment strings are defined.


  • Added Preferences menu item to the popup menu.
  • Added menu item Mark line set at cursor to the Mark submenu.
  • Improvements for the Format submenu.
  • Added Current keyset definitions to the Help submenu
  • Added Highlight cursor to the Preferences menu.
  • Added Import user settings to the Preferences menu.
  • Added section headings to the Preferences menu.
  • Reworked and extended Colors and fonts in the Preferences menu.
  • Added NewLine and Enter configuration to the Preferences menu.


  • Changed scroll definitions in CUA keys. Added Alt combinations to Move cursor and to Scroll for faster movement.
  • ScrollLock interchanges now the definitions for Cursor move and Scroll. That leads to scroll improvements on systems where AMouse doesn't work, e.g. on VMs.
  • Made mouse definitions configurable via STDKEYS.E.
  • Added key category names.
  • Added dynamic listing of the current key definitions.
  • Fixed single-key determination for DBCS, untested.

Configuration files

  • Fixed determination if an import of DEFAULTS.CFG or USER.CFG is required.
  • Moved all settings from OBJECTS.CFG and COLORS.CFG to DEFAULTS.CFG.
  • Changed color numbers to names in configuration files and registry keys.
  • Added optional deletion of user keys before import of USER.CFG.
  • Made cache directory for temporary mode files configurable.
  • Improved and fixed enquoting for .CFG and text .INI files.


  • Added cursor, scroll and mark position restore to Undo and Redo.

Shell files

  • Fixed shell file processing.
  • Improved outfiltering of initial shell prompt lines (requested by Ben Dragon).

Process marked lines

  • Changed processing of file to marked lines, if marked for Wrap.

Syntax expansion

  • Improved syntax expansion for C to omit expansion if cursor is left of a keyword or a brace.
  • Improved syntax expansion for PASCAL, E and REXX.

Assist and TagScan

  • Made Assist much faster for multi-line comments.
  • Added fixes for Assist.
  • Reworked TagScan for C, PASCAL, ASSEMBLER, CMD, HTEXT, IPF, JAVASCRIPT, PYTHON, E, REXX, TEX to use Assist procedures for more accurate results.
  • Added fix for FORTRAN90.

Library functions of NEPMD.DLL

  • Added NepmdDeleteConfigTree, NepmdImportUserConfig.
  • Renamed NepmdFileDelete to NepmdDeleteFile.
  • Added NepmdDeleteTree, NepmdSearchTree.


  • Fixed unwanted reset of program object settings on program object creation.
  • Fixed corruption of NEPMD.INI on installation.


  • Improved error handling in .ERX files.
  • Added more fixes for Locate and Change.
  • Added fixes for changing the additional keyset.
  • Added improvement for HookAdd.
  • Minimized scrolling for ScrollAfterLocate.
  • Avoid unwanted scrolling in more cases.
  • Fixes and improvements for Link, Unlink and RecompileNew.
  • Fixed and improved FindFileInList and Alt_1.

Last modified 17 hours ago Last modified on Oct 21, 2018, 5:01:44 PM