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Lucide Plugin Guide

Quick Overview

Expect this part to get fleshed out in due time.

  1. Determine a need for a plugin (which document type or types is/are not yet supported or already supported, but could be improved?).
  2. Find a back end library to support the format (e.g., Poppler for PDF, DjVulibre for DjVu, libjpeg for JPEG).
  3. Review the Plugin API page to determine how best to implement the plugin using the selected backend library.
  4. Create a help document (IPF) specific to the new plugin.
  5. Package the plugin as an RPM.
  6. Submit it for review or distribute it yourself from your own repo.

Plugin-specific Help

Lucide honors the LUCIDEHELP environment variable in CONFIG.SYS. Plugin-specific help files should be appended to this list, e.g.:

SET LUCIDEHELP=lucide_en.hlp+amazing-new-plugin_en.hlp

The plugin-specific help document will be loaded as an appendix to the main help guide.

N.B.: Be careful to use unique resource IDs in the IPF to avoid confusion with any others, including Lucide's own help file.