Mar 1, 2011:

1:09 PM Ticket #222 (update poppler and freetype) created by diver
update the above libs to latest versions.
1:06 PM Ticket #13 (REXX Interface) closed by diver
wontfix: in my opinion there are better tools than lucide to do such tasks.
1:02 PM Ticket #85 (lucide as viewer for .dwf format?) closed by diver
wontfix: this is not going to happen, as demand to low.
1:01 PM Ticket #84 (Making translators' lives easier (almost copy & paste from my post at ...) closed by diver
12:58 PM Ticket #180 (Version Reporting) closed by diver
wontfix: we will always report what the pdf rendering backend gives us.

Jan 25, 2011:

12:23 AM Ticket #221 (Lucide 1.3.2 will not print a PDF file) created by saenger
Cannot get printing of any PDF file. I have also tried versions 1.3.1 …

Jan 19, 2011:

12:24 PM Changeset [469] by dmik
launcher: Fixed using wrong buffer in r467.

Jan 18, 2011:

8:06 PM Changeset [468] by dmik
Added setup variables for the CURL library which is required by poppler.
7:59 PM Changeset [467] by dmik
launcher: Retain the previous BEGINLIBPATH setting since loading …

Jan 14, 2011:

9:34 AM Ticket #220 (Just printing the first page) created by melf
If my system has been running for a while, let's say an hour (I have …

Jan 13, 2011:

11:28 AM Ticket #219 (Error loading Lucide.dll: can't find module 'LIBC063' (SYS002)) closed by diver
wontfix: sorry but we have no time to test such non standard installations.

Jan 11, 2011:

3:39 PM Ticket #219 (Error loading Lucide.dll: can't find module 'LIBC063' (SYS002)) created by Rainer
Version 1.3.0 to 1.3.3 Beta The "new" plausibility / loading for DLL …

Jan 9, 2011:

10:17 AM Ticket #218 (Poor printing quality) created by Hansi
The print quality of Lucide is much worse compared with other …

Dec 31, 2010:

9:46 AM Ticket #217 (Poor performance (probably transparency related)) created by rudi
Some files render extramly sluggish and need a lot of CPU time. See …

Dec 8, 2010:

9:34 PM Changeset [466] by dmik
freetype: Added several more sources to the build (not used by lucide …
8:53 PM Changeset [465] by dmik
popper: Fixed goo and splash builds (required libjpeg headers).
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