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#152 Can't load .djvu files with russian name Eugene Romanenko defect critical 1.0 Beta 3 fixed
#124 Scrolling with RMB pressed Eugene Romanenko enhancement major 1.0 Beta 3 fixed
#142 Make document-informations be able to be copied to clipboard Eugene Romanenko enhancement major fixed
#169 Copy to clipboard in fullscreen not possible defect major 1.3 fixed
#175 Shift+PgUp/PgDn doesn't work on ver 1.30 defect major 1.3 fixed
#176 Rename fullscreen to Presentation defect major 1.3 fixed
#177 Unify keyboard navigation in all modes defect major 1.3 fixed
#178 Saving problems with filled PDF defect major 1.3 fixed
#174 Spelling mistakes in german Language-file enhancement trivial 1.3 fixed
#179 Change the colour of the bubble-help enhancement trivial 1.3 fixed
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