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#110 Add kmk_date command. bird enhancement blocker 0.2.0 kBuild
#17 Implement multiple output support (e.g. .dll linking) bird task major 0.3.0 kBuild
#20 BLDINST vs. INST - new install behaviour bird task major 0.3.0 kBuild
#27 link targets should have INSTALLER as well. bird defect major 0.3.0 kBuild
#45 Make symbolic links work with all tools on Windows bird defect major 0.3.0 kmk
#54 kmk: double-colon rules + -j2 doesn't work reliably. bird defect major 0.3.0 kmk
#70 kdev.e: support vim formatting instructions bird enhancement major 0.3.0 slickedit macros
#82 kDepObj: Parse object files for dependencies bird enhancement major 0.3.0 kDep
#111 kmk_time: Add description option bird enhancement major 0.2.0 kBuild
#113 kmk: arg chopping with 'x'\''y' does not work right on OS/2 bird defect major kmk
#115 Use $(target) instead of $(out) for target shortcuts defect major kBuild
#116 incdep.c: deal with pairfait dep files defect major 0.2.0 kmk
#119 kBuild-0.1.5-pthread.patch enhancement major 0.2.0 kBuild
#121 kmk: heap corruption error on windows defect major kmk
#124 Build problems on OS/2 with GCC 4 defect major 0.1.5 kBuild
#129 Disable annoying wlink warning on OS/2 defect major 0.1.5 kmk
#130 Install missing qt-Q_OBJECT.sed defect major 0.1.5 kBuild
#131 SDL defect major kBuild
#1 delete this, it's full of spam bird enhancement minor kmk
#88 kmk: Stop at bad $(for ) condition bird defect minor 0.3.0 kmk
#123 Use strlen(d.d_name) instead of d_namlen defect minor kmk
#125 Macros fix: wlib doesn't like double backslashes as a path entries separator defect minor 0.2.0 kBuild
#126 Macros fix: add support of Qt4 for OS/2 host defect minor 0.2.0 kBuild
#132 "DSO missing from command line" error on bootstrap defect minor kBuild
#106 kmk: Optimize $(firstword ) and $(lastword ) bird defect trivial 0.3.0 kmk
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