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#93 fixed kmk: crashes if Path ends with a qutoed string on Windows bird bird

GNU make bug. Path=...;"C:\Program Files\Debugging Tools for Windows (x86)" leads to crash with the following backtrace:

0:000> k
ChildEBP RetAddr  
0012f12c 00420fd6 kmk!convert_Path_to_windows32+0xc7 [e:\coding\kbuild\svn\trunk\src\kmk\w32\pathstuff.c @ 79]
0012f1b8 0042f49e kmk!target_environment+0x2f6 [e:\coding\kbuild\svn\trunk\src\kmk\variable.c @ 1623]
0012f1d8 0042f736 kmk!start_job_command+0x44e [e:\coding\kbuild\svn\trunk\src\kmk\job.c @ 1346]
0012f1e8 004302db kmk!start_waiting_job+0x1a6 [e:\coding\kbuild\svn\trunk\src\kmk\job.c @ 1664]
0012f210 004225df kmk!new_job+0x2db [e:\coding\kbuild\svn\trunk\src\kmk\job.c @ 1967]
0012f230 004330f6 kmk!execute_file_commands+0x6f [e:\coding\kbuild\svn\trunk\src\kmk\commands.c @ 517]
0012f270 004333ac kmk!update_file_1+0xeb6 [e:\coding\kbuild\svn\trunk\src\kmk\remake.c @ 920]
0012f28c 004338ff kmk!update_file+0xbc [e:\coding\kbuild\svn\trunk\src\kmk\remake.c @ 318]
0012f2c8 004043b7 kmk!update_goal_chain+0x11f [e:\coding\kbuild\svn\trunk\src\kmk\remake.c @ 162]
0012ff28 00444bdb kmk!main+0x11f7 [e:\coding\kbuild\svn\trunk\src\kmk\main.c @ 2477]

The workaround is to add a trailing semi colon (;) to the Path environment variable or simply drop the quoting (it's not actually required on >= NT).

#30 fixed kmk: doesn't fail on CreateProcess failure bird bird

Make just continues with a (e=0) message...

#29 fixed kmk: don't choke on driveletters when crossbuilding on unix/win/os2 bird bird

This is restricted to includedep really. And while at it, it would be nice if includedep never raised fatal errors, but just ignored dep file inconsistencies.

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