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#127 kmh_redirect: Corrupted environment after unsetting environment variable defect critical 0.1.5 3 years
#77 kmk_time: always exits with status 0 bird defect major 0.1.4 10 years
#81 kmk: Add $(not-root names...) bird enhancement major noversion 10 years
#85 kmk: $(if-expr 1==2,) crashes bird defect major 0.1.5 10 years
#87 sed: add switch to force C locale bird defect major noversion 10 years
#93 kmk: crashes if Path ends with a qutoed string on Windows bird defect major 0.1.5 9 years
#98 if1of/ifn1of does not work right for large parameter lists bird defect major 0.1.5 8 years
#105 kmk_append: EINTR on solaris bird defect major 0.1.5 8 years
#108 kmk: Add function for getting the variable fileinfo bird defect major 0.1.5 8 years
#114 kmk_redirect: Not quoting argument correctly on windows bird defect major 0.1.5 6 years
#103 kmk: Add host OS version variables bird enhancement trivial noversion 8 years
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