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#133 wontfix Openfire crashes when a client connects. Yoda_Java6

Sometimes Openfire crashes when a client connects. Logs with dumps sent to your ftp.

#135 invalid Trac mail notification ticket Yoda_Java6

This is a test to see if mail notifications works at they should. It is unrelated to Java6 development - but related to the project.

#161 fixed Jeti/2 crashes on startup Yoda_Java6

Jeti/2 still crashes on startup. Problem started with the GCC builds of Odin. I have now tested every F***** setting of Jeti/2 to see if any of those can be the difference between our tests.

Well, at the buttom (of course), the setting 'XMPP' seems to be the one causing the problem. When I turn it off, Jeti/2 can start again.

This setting have always been on here - and gives no problems with Java 1.41, Java 1.42 or Java 1.5 - and also worked with VAC builds of ODIN.

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