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#71 wontfix unnecessary dependence on gccxxx.dll dryeo

Java includes a dependence on This can result in multiple installs of these DLLs, wasted bandwidth downloading them yet again for very little benefit. Simple solution is to set GCCOPT='-static-libgcc' This will statically link the couple of small functions that may be needed.

#114 fixed FileSystemView.getFileSystemView().getSystemTypeDescription( driveletter ) ebm1991

the above should return drive type when given a root letter, under windows "Local Disk", "Removable Disk", "CD Drive", "Network Drive" etc... but under eCS 2.1 nothing is returned.

#115 invalid JavaIO ebm1991

the methods to obtain disk space not all working correctly, no return is obtained.

getFreeSpace() getTotalSpace()

I am writing a file manager and testing in Windows and eCS. will continue testing.

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