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#122 wontfix Create a WPI-Package Batchheizer

Some suggestions for the planed WPI:

  • PACKAGEID: please put all infos like now "1.6.0-b22 WSE" into "\major\minor[\revision[\fixlevel]" and not into "vendor\application\package".
  • Set JAVA_HOME in config.sys Info. In eCS 2.1 this set links on my system to "E:\PROGRAMS\JAVA142".
  • Add a association to *.JAR / *JAR from java.exe with "-jar %**F" or so.
  • Add an icon to JAVA*.exe-files.

Thanks for your work on JAVA.

#121 invalid Problems with rendering of html content rbri

Just saw the broken rendering in SmartSVN. Open the About dialog and switch to the 'License Agreement' tab.

  • the whole text is rendered using the same font size; nothing is bold
  • lists are not correct rendered (no bullets)
  • there are some native   in the text
#120 fixed Sound implementation need to work in shared mode Yoda

Currently sound seem to be implemented in exclusive mode only. This is very annoying, as Java apps that only outputs sound now and then, blocks all other OS/2 apps from playing any sound, as long as Java app is running.

We need shared mode for Java - either as standard or as an option. Could be by CMD line switch or an enviroment variable.

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