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#125 invalid JCad version 1.1 doesn't run on Java versions higher than 1.4.2 Joop

Tried to run JCad version 1.1. Both with Java 1.5009 and with Java 1.6.0-b22 WSE I get this message; Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ClassCastException?: java.awt.image.DataBuff? erByte cannot be cast to java.awt.image.DataBufferInt?

at VirtualScreen?.resetVirtualScreen(VirtualScreen?.java:141) at VirtualScreen?.<init>(VirtualScreen?.java:112) at Reference.<init>( at JCad.<init>( at JCad.main(

I did use this command file for starting up; @echo off rem Java 1.4.2 SET JAVA_HOME=i:\JAVA\JAVA142 set BEGINLIBPATH=i:\JAVA\JAVA142\bin set path=i:\JAVA\JAVA142\bin rem @echo off rem Java 1.5.009 rem SET JAVA_HOME=i:\JAVA\JAVA150 rem set BEGINLIBPATH=i:\JAVA\JAVA150\bin rem @echo off rem Java 1.6.0 rem set BEGINLIBPATH=i:\JAVA\JAVA160\bin rem set path=i:\JAVA\JAVA160\bin I: cd I:\CAD\Jcad java.exe -jar jcad.jar

Just by putting in rem I can activate different versions of Java for testing. Own system eCS 1.2 Dutch memory 1Gb.

#146 wontfix Java 1.6 failure Greg Pringle

With java 1.6 b22 GA when using TCP/IC accept waiting for socket connections. If the connecting sockets are broken too many times a crash of java happens.

#207 invalid Java 160b27GA5 Anchieri

I have tested your last version of java with LVMGUI to view if menu bar item appear or not and I have noted that now is possible to use all function in it, but during the start of program I receive this message on console:

Err in GetFreeSize?, Err= 21 RETURN CODE IS= -1

the command that I use is: JAVA.EXE -cp C:\OS2JAVAAPPS\LVMGUI.ZIP lvmgui.

After many test I obtained a hang that force me to reboot with C.A.D. I attached a captured image of lvmgui window (lvmgui.jpg).

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