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#222 invalid Indirect specification of Java parameter lists taf

I'm upgrading from Java 1.4 to Java 6 by way of OpenJDK6. It seems that use of environmental variables (like CLASSPATH) is now discouraged by the Java community and that command line options are to be used instead. In trying to accomplish this, I've run into some platform limitations: the command line on ECS 2.0 seems to be limited to approx. 256 characters. This is not enough to specify the complete classpath needed in some cases (TCPIP configuration notebook in particular).

Some implementations of the JVM allowed the launcher's (JAVA.EXE) to be specified indirectly:

java.exe -cp @classpathfile classtorun

where the @ character identified a file containing a list of classpath elements.

Is such a facility available for the ECS implementation of OpenJDK6? (I've looked in the doc but haven't found anything so far).

#234 invalid re #212 losepete

I would reopen the ticket but there is no obvious way to perform that action. Perhaps you can reopen the ticket - or explain how to perform the action.

The ticket should not have been closed as the original ticket obviously answers the question asked about software: -

Version: 1.6.0 Build 27 GA5

So, having the above java version installed and working would mean that odin must be installed.

#1 fixed Create initial road map dmik

The first version of the road map should provide the general overview of the development plan. It will be fine tuned as the project goes on.

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