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#20 fixed Assign correct values to OS-related properties dmik

Currently, many properties, such as and file.encoding contain Windows values (i.e. Windows 2000 and Cp1251) which is not correct on OS/2 and needs to be fixed.

#155 invalid Association with java.exe or javaw.exe causes unexcpected troubles Batchheizer melf

If *.jar -files are associated with java.exe or javaw.exe and a java program is started by double clicking some strange things happen. E.g Frostwire launches well but can't connect to internet. However using java -jar frostwire.jar makes it work. A cmd-file with the same expression works as well.

There are also effects on other programs. Vbox, ecomarket, pmmaps don't launch. Pdf-merge launch an error message. They work again after reboot. PM123 launch an error message,and no new files can be loaded. However last loaded file can be "played", it isn't played but saved as *.wav. Turns out that the DART-plugin has "popped out". It can be reinserted only after a reboot. Those effects do not happen if a java program is run by commandline or a cmd-file.

It should be said that the installed java is a wpi-pack from hobbes, but the content of openjdk is identical with build 22GA, except for an icon (java.ico). There are no additional entries in config.sys except for the SET JAVA_HOME=C:\openjdk6\ statement. The program object parameter is initially set to -jar %F , but the effect is the same for just -jar .

The behaviour has been confirmed by another person, see this thread in forum,4460.msg22284.html#msg22284 .

#160 fixed Attempt to protect stack guard pages failed dmik

While starting-stopping SmartSVN 12 times in a row, I got this message to the console twice and each time it was followed by a crash in JVM.

The crash log is attached.

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