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#126 invalid 3DMatrix version 1.6 doesn't run on Java 1.6.0-b22 WSE Joop

3DMatrix version 1.6 does run on Java 1.4.2, but doesn't run on Java 1.6.0-b22 WSE. Didn't try version 1.5.009 because log shows similar results as with JCad.

Enclosed (renamed) log file from program. I used this command file for starting up; @echo off rem Java 1.4.2 SET JAVA_HOME=i:\JAVA\JAVA142 set BEGINLIBPATH=i:\JAVA\JAVA142\bin set path=i:\JAVA\JAVA142\bin rem @echo off rem Java 1.5.009 rem SET JAVA_HOME=i:\JAVA\JAVA150 rem set BEGINLIBPATH=i:\JAVA\JAVA150\bin rem @echo off rem Java 1.6.0 rem set BEGINLIBPATH=i:\JAVA\JAVA160\bin rem set path=i:\JAVA\JAVA160\bin I: cd I:\CAD\3DMatrix java -Xmx300m -jar 3dmatrix.jar

I can remove or add rem statements to make a Java version active. This on is from Java 1.4.2, the others seems not to work and give an error log. I run eCS 1.2 Dutch with 1Gb memory, enough diskspace

3DMatrix can be downloaded from

#176 fixed ImageJ crashes at startup Joop

Installed latest Odin and have 3 separate directories for JAVA GA1, GA2 and GA3. Latest LIBC and GCC installed. ImageJ is running just fine with Java GA1. With Java GA2 it does start, but I don't have a menu bar. In Java GA3 it crashes at startup. I did change memory from 1024 to 512, because I thought it was a memory thing. So the only thing I change in this setup is JAVA, the rest of the setup remains the same, no changes there.

#189 duplicate No menu in ImageJ after installing GA3 Joop

After installing Java GA3, the new Odin and hotfix there is no menu bar in the application. If you know the exact place you can use the menu. Enclosed two pictures, one of GA1 and one of GA3. You can see clearly that the main menu is missing.

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