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    1 = Welcome to Trac 0.9.5 =
     1= FORTRAN/TK =
    3 Trac is a '''minimalistic''' approach to '''web-based''' management of
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     3== General information ==
    6 All aspects of Trac have been designed with the single goal to
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     5Welcome to the provisional homepage of the Open Source project FORTRAN/TK.[[BR]]
     6FORTRAN/TK is, an easy to learn, powerful cross-platform (OS/2 Warp and Windows 9x/NT) widget toolkit for the [ Open Watcom] FORTRAN/77 compiler. Technically it's a kind of wrapper to [ Rexx/Tk] by Roger O'Connor and Mark Hessling but it does not rely on a Rexx interpreter. Therefore it's the first FORTRAN implementation of the Tk-toolkit from [ Tcl/Tk] so far. All Rexx/Tk functions are already usable from within FORTRAN/TK including some which are not even listed in the [ Rexx/Tk help]. It also includes about 20 new functions, called FORTRAN/TK extensions, which are neither part of Tcl/Tk nor Rexx/Tk nor Open Watcom FORTRAN. They include functions for file management, file searching, basic support for dynamic DLL handling and the clipboard which are commonly needed to write sophisticated GUI applications.[[BR]]
     7FORTRAN/TK is one of the easiest and most comfortable ways to create graphical user interfaces using the [wiki:fortran FORTRAN programming language]. It even implements features that are not really supported by the Open Watcom FORTRAN compiler at all like variable length argument lists, using some very dirty assembly hacks. Don't ask...[[BR]]
     8For more information, including dependencies, examples and build instructions, please refer to the [source:/trunk/readme.txt readme.txt]. The [ presentation about FORTRAN/TK] I held at the [ Developers Workshop 2005] in Dresden is also a good introduction, although it already contains outdated information.
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     10FORTRAN/TK is licensed under the [ Open Software License v.2.1].
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     12== History ==
    22 You can use [wiki:TracAdmin trac-admin] to configure
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    24 regard to ''components'', ''versions'' and ''milestones''.
     14The history of all official FORTRAN/TK releases may be found in the [source:/trunk/history.txt history.txt].
     16== Screenshots ==
    27 TracGuide is a good place to start.
     18== Releases ==
    29 Enjoy! [[BR]]
    30 ''The Trac Team''
     20The various FORTRAN/TK releases are no real binary releases but more like source distributions. It must be compiled to a fortrantk.lib according to the build instructions. So each release is for OS/2 Warp and Windows 9x/NT. It is necessary to be able to compile FORTRAN/TK itself to compile a FORTRAN/TK program anyway. However the example programs are precompiled for both platforms and necessary runtime libraries are included so you can have a look at it first.
    32 == Starting Points ==
     22 * [ FORTRAN/TK Version 0.6 Beta]
     23 * [ FORTRAN/TK Version 0.5 Beta][[BR]]
     24   FIX: One DLL-library is missing from the runtime-libraries of the OS/2 version to let it run properly. So you have to put it in the "examples\binos2\runtime" directory.[[BR]]
     25   Download it from [ here].
     26 * [ FORTRAN/TK Version 0.1 Alpha]
    34  * TracGuide --  Built-in Documentation
    35  * [ The Trac project] -- Trac Open Source Project
    36  * [ Trac FAQ] -- Frequently Asked Questions
    37  * TracSupport --  Trac Support
     28== Applications using FORTRAN/TK ==
    39 For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.
     30== References ==
    41 Trac is brought to you by [ Edgewall Software],
    42 providing professional Linux and software development services to clients
    43 worldwide. Visit for more information.
     32Currently there is no complete FORTRAN/TK documentation and guide but there are a number of files and homepages you should check out if you do want to write your own FORTRAN/TK programs.
     34 * There's a short tutorial about how to write [wiki:helloworld "Hello world" in FORTRAN/TK].
     35 * As already mentioned, the [source:/trunk/readme.txt readme.txt] contains useful information.
     36 * There are [source:/trunk/examples FORTRAN/TK examples] like a text editor, a calculator and a simple test program.
     37 * The [ Canasta card-game Canabis] is based on FORTRAN/TK, too.
     38 * The [source:/trunk FORTRAN/TK sourcecode].[[BR]]
     39   You can find information about already implemented [source:/trunk/fortrantk.fap extended FORTRAN/TK functions] and about [source:/trunk/useful.fap FORTRAN/TK extensions].
     40 * FORTRAN/TK is based on [ Rexx/Tk], so the [ Rexx/Tk API] is very similar to the FORTRAN/TK one.
     41 * For detailed information about the Tk-toolkit and its API, you should refer to the [ Tcl/Tk 8.0.5 manual].
     43== Contact ==
     45If you have questions or opinions or if you want to contribute, feel free to [ send me an email].
     47[[Image(os2win.jpg, nolink, align=right)]]