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Welcome to the provisional homepage of the Open Source project FORTRAN/TK.
FORTRAN/TK is, an easy to learn, powerful cross-platform (OS/2 Warp and Windows 9x/NT) widget toolkit for the Open Watcom FORTRAN/77 compiler. Technically it's a kind of wrapper to Rexx/Tk by Roger O'Connor and Mark Hessling but it does not rely on a Rexx interpreter. Therefore it's the first FORTRAN implementation of the Tk-toolkit from Tcl/Tk so far. All Rexx/Tk? functions are already usable from within FORTRAN/TK including some which are not even listed in the Rexx/Tk help. It also includes about 20 new functions, called FORTRAN/TK extensions, which are neither part of Tcl/Tk? nor Rexx/Tk? nor Open Watcom FORTRAN. They include functions for file management, file searching, basic support for dynamic DLL handling and the clipboard which are commonly needed to write sophisticated GUI applications.
FORTRAN/TK is one of the easiest and most comfortable ways to create graphical user interfaces using the FORTRAN programming language?. It even implements features that are not really supported by the Open Watcom FORTRAN compiler at all like variable length argument lists, using some very dirty assembly hacks. Don't ask...
For more information, including dependencies, examples and build instructions, please refer to the readme.txt. The presentation about FORTRAN/TK I held at the Developers Workshop 2005 in Dresden is also a good introduction, although it already contains outdated information.

FORTRAN/TK is licensed under the Open Software License v.2.1.


The history of all official FORTRAN/TK releases may be found in the history.txt.



The various FORTRAN/TK releases are no real binary releases but more like source distributions. It must be compiled to a fortrantk.lib according to the build instructions. So each release is for OS/2 Warp and Windows 9x/NT. It is necessary to be able to compile FORTRAN/TK itself to compile a FORTRAN/TK program anyway. However the example programs are precompiled for both platforms and necessary runtime libraries are included so you can have a look at it first.

Applications using FORTRAN/TK


Currently there is no complete FORTRAN/TK documentation and guide but there are a number of files and homepages you should check out if you do want to write your own FORTRAN/TK programs.


If you have questions or opinions or if you want to contribute, feel free to send me an email.

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