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Building FileManager?/2 (FM/2)

This document explains how to build FM/2 from source.

Getting the Toolchain

The following tools are currently used to build the FM/2 binaries

  • OpenWatcom
  • rc.exe from the IBM Developers Toolkit v4.5
  • lxlite LX compressor

OpenWatcom v1.6 or newer should work. There are no known special setup requirements.

Older versions of the IBM Toolkit may work. The Toolkit is on your eComStation CD#2.

Not all versions of RC.EXE are created equal. Currently, the best version to use is

12-18-97 6:01 868,000 0 RC.EXE

which reports itself as

IBM RC (Resource Compiler) Version 5.00.002 Dec 18 1997

and it is available from Toolkit update for Mozilla

You can get LXLITE.EXE from lxlite from Hobbes

Building the Executables

Use subversion to pull a copy of the source code distribution into your client workspace. See Getting the Sources for instructions.

Run the build commands must be run from top directory of your Subversion workspace. The directory will contain the top level makefile.

Build the release version with

  wmake DEBUG=0


  set DEBUG=0
  wmake all

Build the debug version with

  wmake DEBUG=1


  set DEBUG=1
  wmake all

When switching between debug and release builds, add the -a switch to the wmake command line. This forces all files to be rebuilt.

The build outputs are:

  • av2.exe
  • databar.exe
  • dirsize.exe
  • eas.exe
  • fm3.exe
  • fm4.exe
  • global.exe
  • ini.exe
  • killproc.exe
  • sysinfo.exe
  • undel.exe
  • vcollect.exe
  • vdir.exe
  • viewinfs.exe
  • vtree.exe
  • dll\fm3dll.dll
  • dll\fm3res.dll
  • dll\fm3res.str
  • dll\ipf\fm3.hlp
  • internal\mkstr.exe

Compressing Dlls and Exes

Lxlite.exe needs to be in a directory listed in the PATH statement of your config.sys or build enviroment cmd file.

To compress exe/dlls, run

wmake lxlite

Packaging a Release

FM/2 is released as a WarpIN package.

The basic process is

  wmake wpi

See WPIBuild for more details.

Building, Compressing, and Packaging with a CMD Script

Open a text editor and add the following lines

set debug=0
wmake all && wmake lxlite && wmake wpi

Save the file naming it possibly Build_FM2.cmd. Copy the file to the root of your fm/2 workspace. The script must be run from this directory or it will not find the required files. After the script finishes, open the warpin subdirectory and you should find the WarpIN file in this directory.