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Use RWS to get WPS association icons for files in containers

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In reading the RWS 0.80 readme this appears to be relatively simple. It appears you can use RwsConvert? called with RWSC_OPATH_OICON/OMINI (icon verses mini icon) to get the icon from the fully qualified path or RWSC_OPREC_OICON/OMINI to get it from a pointer to a minirecordcore. Both inputs are readily available. I probably should see if one is more costly than the other.

I would like to implement this such that holding down the CTRL key would change the icon. You would see the FM/2 associated icons normally and the WPS associated icons with the CTRL key pressed. I would like to parse the FM/2 associations and then use the fully qualified path of those associations to get the icons. This would mean getting the full pathname for any executable that only has its filename (ie it is in the PATH) and would mean looking up the WPS association for any <*> associations (need to determine how to do that).

Use the current icon code to assign base icons for multimedia and archives. Then do the icon lookup to assign icons from associations including replacing any for the multimedia and archives as needed.

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Just realized that the <*> are easy just need to use the filename itself.

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ExecAssociation? Assoc.c ~421 can be modified (add a bool to tell it if it is to execute or return the filename and a buffer to return the filename.) Need to cleanup info->pszCmdLine and add the fq path if needed. <> just needs a return to tell us to use the pathname we sent. Call this from IDFile in filldir.c ~295 and then use RwsConvert? to get the icon. Need a new function IDFileWPS to do the other half. Capture the CTRL key with a timer to toggle. Probably called from directory cntrs archive cntrs and the collector.

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When this gets done we need to update the known problems section of the help file.

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