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Implementation of an improved XCOPY

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Component: fm/2 base Version: 3.17
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When copying or moving a directory like n:\test\more\to\come\until\this\ to a target like l:\my\new\location\ there is no option to include the path of the source directory to the target directory branch so that l:\my\new\location\ becomes l:\my\new\location\test\more\to\come\until\this\ and not only l:\my\new\location\this\ Ideally such option allows to adjust the number of branch levels to be included.

Pseudo commandlines to illustrate this:

COPY BRANCH +3 n:\test\more\to\come\until\this\ l:\my\new\location\ results in l:\my\new\location\to\come\until\this\ here including three levels from the ending side of the source path.

COPY BRANCH -2 n:\test\more\to\come\until\this \l:\my\new\location\ results in l:\my\new\location\test\more\to\this\ here including only two levels from the root side of the source path.

As usual a switch to include or omit the subdirectories of the named source directory is also needed.

Then a switch to not copy/move the files but the directories only would allow to prepare a new location with an empty directory structure. Useful for instance to put the \var\ branch on a freshly formated partition without all the useless files.

And flags to observe the attributes of the source path like READONLY,HIDDEN,SYSTEM,ARCHIVED but also date and time of last write, last access, and creation should be added to allow even more distinct selections. That would help with certain backup strategies.

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