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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#14 Use NDFS32 toolkit to better integrate ND in FM2 new enhancement major Release_3.25
#15 Get FM2 to recognize and write to writable CD and DVD drives new enhancement major Release_3.25
#101 Enhance number of files handled by drag and drop new enhancement major Release_3.25
#146 Scroll wheel and arrows on scroll bars don't work in container with large number of files > 32,000 new enhancement major Release_3.25
#173 Profile FM/2 to identify code bottlenecks for optimization - ongoing new task major Release_3.25
#245 Improve fortify support to reduce spurious leak reports new Steven Levine enhancement major Release_4.0
#263 Remap update new enhancement major Release_4.0
#16 Add search for directory or filter by directory new enhancement minor Release_3.25
#17 Enhance Seek and Scan to support multiple select drops new enhancement minor Release_3.25
#45 Use RWS to get WPS association icons for files in containers assigned Gregg Young enhancement minor Release_3.25
#206 NormalizeCommandLine improvements assigned Gregg Young enhancement minor Release_3.25
#209 Add an FM2PATH for storage of frequently used paths not in os2's path new enhancement minor Release_3.25
#295 Developer debug page on Wiki; new Steven Levine task minor Release_3.25
#296 Update and move user debug guide to its own page (not part of FAQs) new Steven Levine task minor Release_3.25
#299 Implement a WinLoadFileIcon wrapper to "lazy load" icons from slow file systems new enhancement minor Release_4.0
#300 Check on drive scan that physical drive type hasn't changed new enhancement minor Release_3.25
#334 Fix archiver code to work with arj list where the path is separate from the filename new enhancement minor Release_4.0
#335 Automatically detect insertion of a new drive. new enhancement minor Release_3.25
#336 Add code to allow a file mask and optionally a text string to be passed to seek and scan from the command line new enhancement minor Release_4.0
#349 Add internal version numbers to configuration files new task minor Release_4.0
#354 Enhance the contrast between the drag move and drag copy icons new enhancement minor Release_4.0
#355 Move INI updating into FM/2 new enhancement minor Release_4.0
#356 Review #ifdef NEVER code to determine what code was probably being added verses going away new task minor Release_3.25
#360 Enhance wildcard handling to allow use of / and/or \ in wildcards new enhancement minor Release_4.0
#384 Check if Netdrive drives support EAs add driveflag for this assigned Gregg Young enhancement minor Release_3.25
#411 The environment added to a command doesn't appear to be used any where reopened Gregg Young defect minor Release_3.25
#526 Improve support for compress tar files assigned Gregg Young enhancement minor Release_3.25
#547 2 realloc calls in fortify.c are not freed on failure new defect minor Release_3.25
#576 Allow newview to select any monospace font assigned Gregg Young enhancement minor Release_3.25
#577 Improve the error messages when the viewers try to open very large files new defect minor Release_3.25
#578 Add a settings option to exclude the floppy drives from the drive tree and drive bar new enhancement minor Release_3.25
#583 Drive tree corruption on startup or rescan new defect minor Release_3.25
#30 Allow user selectable bitmaps for container backgrounds new enhancement trivial Release_3.25
#40 Allow owner drawn icons for + and - in containers new enhancement trivial Release_3.25
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