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#4 Update assocation logic to allow multiple dots and longer extensions gyoung task major fm/2 base 3.08
#41 Support file sizes over 4 gb enhancement minor fm/2 base 3.08
#68 Make directory dialog starts with the wrong directory defect trivial fm/2 base 3.08
#144 seek and scan crashes when accessing file with path names exceeding maxpath gyoung defect major fm/2 base 3.08
#155 Verify that DosSetPathInfo FILESTATUSx buffers do not cross 64K boundaries stevenhl defect minor fm/2 base 3.08
#159 Trap when opening file in fastviewer if file is located on NTFS drive. defect major fm/2 base 3.08
#166 Add DosQuerySysState as option; fix crash caused by DosQProcStatus defect major fm/2 base 3.08
#85 Unexpected behavior on cancel in the Walk dialog gyoung defect minor fm/2 base
#170 WarpIN wpi builder can attempt to use wrong wic.exe jbs defect minor fm/2 base
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