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Welcome to FAT32 on Netlabs

This is the development home for FAT32 driver for eComStation and OS/2.

This project is based on the FAT32 project by Henk Kelder who released the source code as open source in January 2002.


FAT32 Alpha ReleaseZIP0.10 Alpha 7 This version includes: 1) FORMAT routine, based on Fat32format, ported from win32 2) CHKDSK, run on fat32.ifs init, instead of running from cachef32.exe.
FAT32 StableZIP0.9.13Latest stable release ZIP File
FAT32 StableWPI0.9.13Latest stable release WPI File
FAT32 older RelasesWPI-ZIP -- Older FAT32 releases

Getting the sources

In addition to browsing? the sources here, you can check out the sources with your favorite subversion client.

Keep in mind that, unlike cvs, tags and branches are ordinary directories in subversion. With the typical subversion repository layout, it is rather easy to checkout more than you probably intend to. To pull just the trunk version, use something like

mkdir FAT32_workspace
cd FAT32_workspace
svn checkout trunk

To update your workspace with the current repository content, use

cd FAT32_workspace\trunk
svn update

If you want commit access to the repository, contact Adrian.



As you might have suspected, FAT32 is a Netlabs project. The project URL is FAT32

The user support mailing list is at FAT32 Users Mailing List (not currently available)

Like all Netlabs mailing list, this is mirrored to gmane.

In addition the maintainers, monitor the comp.os.os2.programmer.misc newsgroup and others in the comp.os.os2.* hierarchy.

There is also a Yahoo group at


FAT32 is open source software under the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE license.


  • Henk Kelder
  • Brian Smith
  • KO Myung-Hun
  • Alfredo Fernández Día
  • David Graser
  • Lars Erdmann
  • Valery V. Sedletski

If we forgot anyone, please let us know. It was unintentional.


I allow you to use all software in this package freely under the condition that the author, contributors, and myself are in no way responsible for any damage or loss you may suffer.

You should be aware of the fact that FAT32.IFS might damage the data stored on your hard disks.

If you cannot agree to these conditions, you should NOT use FAT32.IFS!

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