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You require the following software:

  • The IFS DDK Build Environment.
  • IBM VisualAge? for C version 3.
  • OS/2 Toolkit 4.5 (included with OS/2 ACP/MCPs and eCS).
  • IBM DDK sources and tools (no longer available at IBM's DDK site).
  • IBM C.
  • The System utilities (including link.exe).
  • FAT32 source code.


To get a build going, you'll need several things;

You should have VisualAge? for C installed and it's environment variables set. Then set these 3 variables:

SET DDK=d:\ddk
SET DDKTOOLS=d:\ddktools
SET IBMC=d:\ibmc

Correct the paths as necessary.

Then run the make.cmd script, and if all goes well you should have a fresh build of FAT32.IFS.

Note: There are many warning when compiling FAT32. Most of them are 'optimizing' warnings or 'unreference variable' warnings. Essentially, these warnings mean that certain functions cannot be optimized and that some vars/const are never referenced. The resulting binaries work however.