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The following software is required:

  • OpenWatcom? (version 1.9 is ok)
  • OS/2 Toolkit 4.5 (included with OS/2 ACP/MCPs and eCS).
  • Awk interpreter for converting Watcom map files to VAC map files
  • FAT32 source code.


To get a build going, you'll need several things;

You should have Watcom C installed and it's environment variables set. You'll need to take the buildw.cmd file in the sources root directory and modify the following environment variables

set WATCOM=f:\dev\watcom
set TOOLKIT=f:\os2tk45

Correct the paths as necessary. Buildw.cmd also calls %watcom%\owsetenv.cmd. This file must exist and contain the usual Watcom environment, like this:

SET PATH=f:\dev\watcom\BINW;%PATH%
SET PATH=f:\dev\watcom\BINP;%PATH%
SET BEGINLIBPATH=f:\dev\watcom\binp\dll
SET INCLUDE=f:\dev\watcom\H\OS2;%INCLUDE%
SET INCLUDE=f:\dev\watcom\H;%INCLUDE%
SET WATCOM=f:\dev\watcom
SET EDPATH=f:\dev\watcom\EDDAT
SET WIPFC=f:\dev\watcom\WIPFC

Then run the _wcc.cmd script, and if all goes well you should have a fresh build of FAT32.IFS. There are also buildi.cmd for ICC and buildm.cmd for MSC in the root directory. They are called by _icc.cmd or _msc.cmd in each subdir. So, to build sources in each subdir, you need just tap Enter on _wcc.cmd/_msc.cmd/_icc.cmd.

Also note that for creating *.sym files for fat32 binaries, you'll need the awk interpreter (awk.exe). You can use GNU awk (GAWK) for that. To install it, use

yum install gawk

to install it from yum/rpm repository. The binary is called gawk.exe, so you may need to create a symlink gawk.exe -> awk.exe. For creating the *.sym file, the Watcom map file (*.wmp) is taken. Then it gets converted to a VAC map file (*.map) by mapsym.awk AWK script. And finally, mapsym.exe from OS/2 Toolkit is used to convert *.map to *.sym.

Note that all you need for compiling the sources is Watcom installation. DDK is not needed as all needed headers present in the sources. The only external things needed are awk.exe from yum repo and mapsym.exe from OS/2 Toolkit.