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eFTE2 (post-2012)

It does not appear that eFTE or FTE are being actively developed. They last released a new version in 2009 and 2011 respectively. I have worked on eFTE2 off and on since 2009 when it became my text editor for programming. Being a typical programmer I didn't bother much with help files or with fit and finish. While I always intended to release eFTE2 the things it needed to make it appealing to others were always on the back burner. I even made presentations on it at several Warpstocks in an attempt to motivate (shame) myself into getting it into releasable shape.

Well it almost didn't happen again. As I was finishing some documentation updates I decided to look at one last possibility for fixing a trap we believe is actually caused by eStyler. What I did was run eFTE with its logging turned on. This didn't help solve the eStyler problem but it did reveal yet another fit and finish issue 3 actually. I loaded the log file into eFTE2 and used the scroll bar slider to move to the bottom of a file with almost 200,000 lines. At a point about 1/3 of the way to the bottom of the file the slider kept going but the file stopped scrolling. At 64k lines it was done. Well I can't very well release a text editor that can't scroll to the bottom of its own log file. I knew it was the math related to a SHORT which was too small for all the lines but where was this code. This added a day to getting ready for the release. Most of it was spent looking for what turned out to be 2 different place that needed the fix (lifted from FM/2).

The other 2 were more straight forward but I still had to find the code and a solution. For the first it was a work around. If --debug is on the command line everything after it is ignored. Fortunately it works just fine if it is last. The other one made me wonder if logging had actually worked. I opened the file and all the timestamps started with 2016-4-29 however the last I checked it was May. Of course this is the result of the months being stored in a zero based array (January = 0). Easy to fix if you can find where it is happening.

After fixing/documenting these I completed the history updated the version and copyright information spell checked the documentation and called it good enough. I made the first release on 5-30-16. I hope others find the program as useful as I have. It would be nice to get some tips and tricks added to this web site so I will give access to anyone interested in adding some.

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The FTE editor is still being developed on a cross platform basis as eFTE. It is currently hosted on SourceForge. I am trying to get the current updates to the OS2 version committed to this project. The goal is to avoid forking the project if possible. I hope to hear soon regarding acceptance of the code. If the code is not accepted I will place the code on netlabs. Thanks

Gregg Young.

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