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    66== WarpIN Archive ==
    8 The required components for a specific (and now somewhat out of date) stable version of CUPS can be downloaded and installed in one "eCUPS Printing System" WarpIN archive – initially from and expected to move to
     8New WarpIN archives are now available for integrated eCups installation.  They are currently located in [].  The main files are:
     9 * [ CUPS base]: includes CUPS v1.4.8 and CUPS.PDR v1.0.3
     10 * [ Ghostscript 8.7.1]: includes some post-release fixes not found in the original zip distribution.
     11 * [ Gutenprint 5.2.7]: updated to include dynamic PPD support
     12 * [ ECUPS.DRV]: PM printer driver for use with Gutenprint, SpliX, etc.
     13 * [ ECUPS-HP.DRV]: PM printer driver for use with HP-LIP.
     14The directory contains several other packages as well, which are mostly for advanced users or those with particular needs.  See for an overview.
    10 '''Please Note:''' This WarpIN archive is somewhat experimental, and is also maintained separately from the various CUPS port components it contains.  It does not include the latest versions of several components.  In addition, it does not support certain components such as HP-LIP, ECUPS-HP, foomatic-rip or foo2qpdl.  You should use the ZIP file distributions (below) if you need the very latest releases. 
     16Download all desired WPIs to the same directory, and install them by opening `cups-base-1_4_8.wpi` with [ WarpIN].  Read the displayed release notes carefully before selecting packages for installation.
    12 Read the displayed README file carefully to help decide which of the components you need to install before selecting packages for installation.
     18WarpIN 1.0.18 or later is required: see
    14 This package also contains the Cups HowTo in INF format which is opened in the Help Viewer, and will also start the CUPS Printer setup; both of these events occur at the end of the package installation. Refer to the displayed "How To" in order to setup a printer.
     20'''Please Note:''' These install packages are somewhat experimental, and are not guaranteed to be updated in tandem with the latest ports.
    16 '''Note:''' The above WarpIN Archive was designed to be installed to eComStation systems. It should also install to OS/2 Warp 4 systems. This would result in the OS/2 system acquiring an ecs directory tree on the boot drive in the event of Docs and/or Support dll files being installed - Just something OS/2 users need to be aware of.
    18 WarpIN 1.0.18 or later is required in order to install this archive:
    4649ECUPS-HP.DRV: Like the above, but for use with HP-LIP.  Current version is - includes about 610 printers preimported from HP-LIP.
    48 [ cups.pdr] - port driver to allow print jobs to be queued to a cups server from OS/2 applications - [ source available]
     51[ CUPS.PDR] - port driver to allow print jobs to be queued to a CUPS server from OS/2 applications.  ZIP file includes the latest source code.  ([ Older version] also available, along with Paul's Smedley's original [ source code].)