Alternative search with regain

Regain is a java based search engine. Regain home page at sourceforge


  • Download the regain zip file for all platforms f.i.
  • Unzip at a place where you've plenty of free space. The search index will be created in a sub directory and can be several giga bytes in size.
  • Start the crawler with 'java -Xms128M -Xmx960M regain.jar'
  • Edit .\conf\CrawlerConfiguration?.xml and set 'Filter files by filesize' <crawlerPlugin enabled="true"> to disable search in very big files. This will lead to an exception in the java engine. I've exceptions with files sized 120MB so set <param name="filesizeMaximumBytes">50000000</param>.
  • Unfortunately 'CrawlerConfiguration?.xml' will be rewritten every time you save properties from the properties page of the web interface.

Search hints

  • filename:ecs - searches for all file which contains 'ecs' an their name.
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