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20141221 1.14


  • Trap when minimize/maximize for release builds
  • Exceptq logs now have valid symbols


  • Distributed under 'Modified BSD License' as described in COPYING

20140602 1.13


  • Up/Down? Icons, sorry no clue why they got corrupted

20140531- Version 1.12


  • some useful accelerators, F2 to open command line, F4 to edit file, F3 or ENTER to start searching


  • command line setting can now handle parameters. f.i. 'p:\4os2\4os2.exe @p:\4os2\4os2.ini "p:\4os2\4start.cmd & mode 81,101"' starts p:\4os2\4os2.exe with the rest of the line passed as parameter in directory of selected find result


  • trap with DEBUG build and no search result

20120102- Version 1.10


  • FOC - File Open Container for selecting search file/path
  • Dutch version (including .hlp, thanks Jacques van Leeuwen)
  • Russian version (thanks Eugene Gorbunoff and Andrea). Though not sure if it works cause on my machine I see no Cyrillic characters.
  • foc.nls with corrected German translation
  • new option to find directory names too when searching for files


  • reworked Drives dialog, now updates drives on the fly even when dialog is visible, size now depends on number of available drives
  • makefile clean up
  • cosmetic changes in product info dialog
  • ini file format, sorry old history lists can not be imported
  • exception handling from xwp code to more powerful exceptq v7.1


  • wrong text in 'Drives' button as long as not all drives are available
  • trap when maximize/minimize
  • wrong calculation for decision if moving window is required at startup

20100602- Version 1.01


  • Spanish version
  • bldlevel string


  • translation for some strings was missing

20100321- Version 1.00

New features:

  • National Language Support via (eco)lange
  • Pop-up menus

And a lot of fixes. See ReadMe?.

20091228 - beta 0.54

There is a nasty bug in 0.53b so I released 0.54b only a few days afterwards. I'm sorry that I didn't discover this bug in 0.53 earlier. I had a lot of work with the features/bug fixes for 0.53b and overlooked (at least) this nasty one which is fixed in 0.54b. The whole time plan I made for DataSeeker? messed up by things like the ComboBox? bug or various memory corruption bugs. Hope I fixed most of them now. Unfortunately there was no time left for the things planned for 1.0 (clean up menus and setting dialog, popup menu and NLS...)

fixed in 0.54b:

  • crash when drive is specified and only 1 file search criteria
  • no drives but backslash defined leads to wrong double
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