wiki:DataSeeker History

DataSeeker (aka ACDataSeeker) was originally developed by Alessandro Cantatore. His last public version is beta 0.46 and can be found at hobbes. As he does not use OS/2 - eComStation anymore, Andreas Buchinger asked him about the sources. He allowed Andreas to extend and distribute his package.

As Andreas took over the sources, there were a lot of changes necessary to build the GUI with URE. At this time, Andreas don't want to build an application without an useful GUI editor. Today for OS/2 URE is the only usable one, on Andreas opinion, and was a programming exercise for him. So although he tried to re-implement all of the original features, maybe something got broken. He made some changes to the menus too that he thought were not consistent with usual OS/2 look and feel.

Andreas Buchinger fixed a lot of bugs and extended the functionality in some respects. Since 1.00 National language support is added with the help of ecolange.dll. Currently DataSeeker is available in English, German, French and Spanish.

Adding another language is easy - unzip DataSeek.nls, edit the appropriate text file and zip it together.

Andreas took over the sources mainly cause there were a few things in Alessandro's version which he didn't like. But with the current version he quite happy. There was zero feedback on the latest versions although he thinks the FOC integration is a major improvement. Seems all users are satisfied or no one using it anymore. For the moment Andreas don't see any need for further development.

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