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CW-Multimedia classes V0.2.7b released

This package is a complete replacement for the multimedia classes coming with MMOS2. The included classes are more robust and have an extended feature set like displaying image information in the settings notebook and the details view. A new JPEG IO-procedure overcomes limitations of the default JPEG procedure coming with the multimedia subsystem.

The additional audio classes integrate the MMIO procedures for MP3, FLAC and OGG files written by Russel O'Connor seamlessly into the WPS. After installation Ogg-, FLAC- and MP3 files are treated the same way by the WPS as the other audio files. They have their own Icons and the same menus as for example wave files. A doubleclick starts playback another one stops it. The convert menu item helps you converting audio files to Wave, Ogg or FLAC without any other program. There's also a new open-item for volume.

The media folder is a new WPS-class which plays any audio class known to OS/2. Drop shadows in the folder to build a playlist and play it using the usual play controls. By using shadows you may move your MP3 files without breaking the playlist contents. Try this with your favorite audio player.


  • Complete replacement for the multimedia classes coming with OS/2
  • Integrates MP3- and OGG-Files into the WPS
  • Audio details of any audio class in folder details view
  • Audio details of any audio class in the settings notebook
  • ID3 tags in the details view of folders
  • ID3 tag editing in the settings notebook
  • Media folder plays any audio file class
  • Playlists (the folder contents is the playlist)
  • ID3 tag display in player
  • New shadow class showing audio details in folder details view.
  • CD player with FreeDB support
  • Control playing using setup strings
  • Audio device sharing
  • CD player with FreeDB support.
  • M3U playlist editor
  • Audio stream object for listening to IceCast? servers (no, it doesn't work with shoutcast)
  • Image file information in the settings and the details view
  • New JPEG IO-procedure included which may read progressive JPEG files
  • Improved lighttable folder with settable preview size.
  • Caching of information to speed up folder opening
  • REXX interface if WPS-Wizard V0.2.0 is installed
  • Of course multithreaded 32 bit OO design (thus being fully buzzword compliant).

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The distribution is also on Hobbes (, currently in 'incoming'. Will be moved to /pub/os2/apps/mmedia later.

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