Welcome to AMPOS2 and the project <* TYPO3 goes eComStation *>

Driven from the idea to run the well known Open Source Web Content Management System (CMS) TYPO3 under OS/2 or eComStation, we've started to collect all the informations we need for that. For other operating systems there are ready-to-go-packages called LAMP and WAMP. We will create an AMP package for OS/2 and eCS, which is called AMPOS2.

AMPOS2 informations about all steps getting Apache/2, MySQL/2 and PHP/2 to run on OS/2 and eComStation can be found on the following web sites:

The Dutch and Spanish translations are not finished yet.

More languages (French and Russian) will be available soon, thanks for the translators ...

TYPO3 informations can be found at:

For Downloads have a look at Downloads

To check out from the repository use this URL:

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