wiki:Airboot History

A Little History

AirBoot was initially designed and developed by Martin Kiewitz, back at the time when LBA addressing was just becoming mainstream. Over time, Martin continued to add features and fix reported problems, which resulted in a stable and mature product.

When huge harddisks (>512 GiB) became more mainstream, the OS/2 Boot Manager was not capable of correctly handling them. After some investigation, it became clear that AirBoot would be a very suitable candidate to replace the aging OS/2 Boot Manager, but a few things needed to be fixed first.

Martin however, had moved on to other projects and was not developing AirBoot anymore, but he kindly gave his permission to modify AirBoot in any way required such that it could replace the OS/2 Boot Manager. With the release of eComStation v2.1 (2011), AirBoot was ready to replace the OS/2 Boot Manager and so it was included in that release.

It is safe to say that AirBoot saved the day at a time when huge harddisks came along and the fight for primary partitions got worse.

Thank you Martin !

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