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#18 fixed AirBoot often displays the message SaveError after the message Press Tab to return to AirBoot. elygre

I often get the message "AirBoot? is intact" following by "Configuration is not intact" while booting from ecs2.2 to win8 and vice versa. Then the message "Press Tab to return to AirBoot?". Pressing TAB is followed with the message "SaveError?". Then I have to reboot from installation CD to fix it. I now have installed WIN 8 and ecS 2.2 on the first disk (SSD) and nothing else, but I also had the problem when I run Vista and ecs2.1 and ecs2.2. The whole thing is annoying. I have to be very careful when rebooting and always be sure to close all programs before shutting down, then it seems to help (but not always).

#20 fixed Air-BOOT Won't Open eCS on Asus MB babydoc

I partitioned a wiped 500GB disk with eCS2.2Bii Installation DVD on Asus MB (M5A99X EVO R2.0) using "PSD=ACPI.PSD /MAXCORE=1 /VW" during installation. MB was set to CSM ENABLED. This disk is the only one attached to the MB.

When Installation reboots the computer Air-Boot gives the following error message: "...Air-BOOT 1.1.0...Build date 2013/04/05...--Your system has at least one broken partition table entry or your harddrive contains bad sectors. System halted (HDD1)"

I have tried using a few different EUFI format settings, but nothing has changed the problem. I suspect that AiR-BOOT 1.1.0 is not supported on my MB.

#21 fixed SAVE ERROR, can't continue Blonde Guy

I've got a machine with eCS 2.2 beta (don't remember which beta) that is giving this error at a remote location.

Is there a simple fix? The machine no longer boots.

See photo of screen.

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