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#26 fixed AirBoot displays wrong LVM-drive info when booted with usb-stick inserted Ben Rietbroek Ben Rietbroek

Situation: Multiple OS/2 installations on same drive-letter. One of them is a PRI partition. Without stick inserted the drive-letters display OK. With stick inserted, bogus drive-letter displayed or wrong LVM-hidden status. Looks like something goes wrong with getting info from Master LVM-record.

#21 fixed SAVE ERROR, can't continue Blonde Guy

I've got a machine with eCS 2.2 beta (don't remember which beta) that is giving this error at a remote location.

Is there a simple fix? The machine no longer boots.

See photo of screen.

#20 fixed Air-BOOT Won't Open eCS on Asus MB babydoc

I partitioned a wiped 500GB disk with eCS2.2Bii Installation DVD on Asus MB (M5A99X EVO R2.0) using "PSD=ACPI.PSD /MAXCORE=1 /VW" during installation. MB was set to CSM ENABLED. This disk is the only one attached to the MB.

When Installation reboots the computer Air-Boot gives the following error message: "...Air-BOOT 1.1.0...Build date 2013/04/05...--Your system has at least one broken partition table entry or your harddrive contains bad sectors. System halted (HDD1)"

I have tried using a few different EUFI format settings, but nothing has changed the problem. I suspect that AiR-BOOT 1.1.0 is not supported on my MB.

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