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#21 fixed SAVE ERROR, can't continue Blonde Guy

I've got a machine with eCS 2.2 beta (don't remember which beta) that is giving this error at a remote location.

Is there a simple fix? The machine no longer boots.

See photo of screen.

#10 fixed Boot error BlondeGuy

After some months of using AiR-BOOT v1.1.0, the system will no longer boot. The AiR-BOOT header comes up, but before displaying any disk partition information, the message is

Booting the system using SAVE ERROR!_

#1 fixed Licensing concerns Ben Rietbroek Lewisr

README.TXT states that the application is distributed under GPLv3. However, the (earlier) DISCLAIM.TXT includes the following:

This software may not be used in any way by US government. This means it may not be used on any US government/military computers in any case. It also means that if you are working for US government in any way, then you are not allowed to use it as well.

Setting aside for a moment the closing remarks in that file, I'm wondering whether this file is still relevant, and should be removed.

As an aside, I have always been bothered by the content of DISCLAIM.TXT, and this has kept me from ever using the software. Now that eCS 2.1 relies upon this is an official replacement for BM, my choices for my own installations are limited.

If the restrictions in this file still apply, then I do not believe that the applicdation is in compliance with GPLv3. However, if these restrictions are to apply, then a modified GPL should be used (and I will find another application).

GPLv3 should also be included in the package.

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