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    4545The iasl -g command also writes a few files to the current directory which are unneeded and you can delete them.
     47== Booting slowness ==
     49Because of some recent changes to make the PSD compatible with an even larger number of vendor's ACPI, the boot time may have increased by a few seconds. On some systems, the boot time may have increased significantly (30-40 seconds). The slowness occurs when the Kernel is loading the basedev drivers during boot. The basedev drivers are loaded in between the time the OS/2 IBM copyright message is displayed on the screen and the time the PSD sign on banner is displayed.  This is not an ACPI.PSD problem. This is a peculiarity in the way certain BIOS operate (typically BIOS from Award). The OS/2 kernel uses the BIOS to load the basedev drivers, In order for this to work in Mode 2, the PSD must tell the BIOS to switch interrupt modes and reassign certain interrupts each time the Kernel calls the BIOS. Most BIOS do this very quickly. A few take a long time to make the switch.
     51Since this is a BIOS issue and not an ACPI.PSD issue, it is extremely unlikely that I will be able to do anything about this slowness. However, I will gather more information in the hope that there may be something I can do -- at lease for some of the systems. if you have this slowness issue on your system you can help me gather data by installing the debug version of the PSD, creating a testlog, and attaching it to ticket #536. If the increase in boot time bothers you, your only solution is to run your system with the /VW switch which does not require the interrupt mode switching.
    4753== Immediate suspend due to misbehaving SLPB device ==