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Win/OS2 inserviceable with ACPI without the /PIC switch

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It is more than three years that I have problem using my WIN/OS2 program that I have used for many years before with satisfaction. After many try in search to the culprit I have found it: If I insert the /PIC on ACPI.PSD line in config.sys my WIN/OS2 program are usable perfectly as previous. I don't have seen a bug report on this topic or I'm in error?. I have to install 2 version of eCS one with and one without this switch to use eCS if I want to use win/os2 programs?.

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What are the symptoms you see? I have heard of others having to use the /PIC switch as well but it works here in SMP but I had initially had some video issues.

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The /PIC switch simply tells the PSD to not use any APIC hardware at all. This results in only using the PIC hardware for interrupts. You could also probably use the /VW switch to do the same thing. This is needed if you have any very old legacy drivers installed which do not handle interrupts properly or do not understand interrupt numbers higher than 15. These could be old OS/2 drivers, DOS drivers, or Windows drivers, any of which could be causing your issue. See the documentation.

Additionally, since no APIC hardware is used when using the /PIC switch you only get one CPU running. You can use the /MAXCPU=1 switch to get the same results but still use the APIC hardware. Read the documentation for more information. Some old DOS/WINOS2 software has problems running on SMP systems.

Both of these switches are provided for working around problems with old drivers and software.

comment:3 Changed 7 years ago by David Azarewicz

Your problem may be related to one or more DOS and WINOS2 tickets in the eCS bug tracker. For examaple,

You may be able to get more help in the eCS bug tracker since it is for other problems besides ACPI problems and more people look at it. This ticket system here is really only for ACPI issues.

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OK, I have noted many ticket open on this topic at ecomstation bug report, please you can close this ticket.

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