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Fujitsu AMILO Xa 3530 Notebook

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From: Hanno Sedlmayr

Notebook: Fujitsu AMILO Xa 3530 Notebook


Message 1:


Test was taken with "acpi-logs-collector-20081203"

Also enclosed you will find a simple cmd-file to copy ACPI-files to the correct locations (I did it today because I am testing every new ACPI-version on 2 or 3 computers and was "tired" of copying all the files manually.) Maybe you want to add it to the ACPI releases (change the code as you desire).

One of my "testing"-computers is an Fujitsu AMILO Xa 3530 Notebook, where none of the ACPI-releases work until yet. Only the last 2 releases before ACPI-08-09 where able to start to desktop in SMP/PIC-mode, but after about 2 min. the system was shut off (immediately no power). Is there a solution for this behavior? (I tried some parameters for AMD like /SAP:0x10 but without success.)


Message 2:

Another test I did during lunch break with the FSC Amilo notebook showed the following results

With both versions of ACPI it lasts approximately 2 minutes until the system is shut off (no shutdown, power is switched off straight away). During this time I startet log-collection. Also with both versions: after running the log-collection, usb-mouse does not work anymore. USB has no power (no led on mouse and no usb-stick shows power). Before starting the log-collection usb-mouse and usb-stick works.


Message 3:


Second test was done with "acpi-logs-collector-20090624"


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You are testing OS: eComStation 2.0 RC6

try boot without APM

(disable apm.add, try boot; disable acpi daemon, try boot)

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Hanno Sedlmayr said:

I have done a lot of tests and found out, that the parameters "/SMP /CD /!NOD" make the system work, BUT::

  • the shutoff is maybe in conjunction with a thermal problem. It seems, that the system is shut off when the temperature is to high. (As there are 2 cores working with ACPI, it lasts about 2 to 8 minutes until crash occurs)
  • resume does not work (it is not possible to choose the setting in the power-utility)
  • choosing "Suspend" from the power-utility freezes the system
  • only PIC, APIC does not start (trap)

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