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With five CPUs

1KEE Version 0x10000
3PSD_install options:" /SMP /R /MCPU:5" @#netlabs dot org:3.15#@##1## 2 Mar 2009 10:12:53     pasha::::0::@@ ACPI core PSD Driver. (c) netlabs.org 2005-2009 Build date: Mar  2 2009 10:13:59
4MPDATA:FF800000 ESP:FF800A70 Sel:1520 UsCPU:0
5New Stack = FFD00000 Size:0x8000
6AcpiOsInitialize ALLOC size 65536 at 0xF96B0000
7AcpiOsInitialize MapMem size 4096 at 0xFFE9E000
8AcpiOsPredefinedOverride: "_REV"
9AcpiOsPredefinedOverride: "_OS_"
10AcpiOsPredefinedOverride: override to eComStation
11AcpiOsPredefinedOverride: "_GL_"
12AcpiOsPredefinedOverride: "_OSI"
13ACPI: RSDP @ 0xFE020/0x24 (v2 INTEL )
14ACPI: XSDT @ 0x7F7FE120/0x6C (v1 INTEL  DX58SO   0xEF4      0x1000013)
15ACPI: FACP @ 0x7F7FD000/0xF4 (v3 INTEL  DX58SO   0xEF4 MSFT 0x100000D)
16ACPI Warning (tbfadt-626): 32/64X length mismatch in Pm1aEventBlock: 32/16 [20081204]
17ACPI Warning (tbfadt-652): Optional field Pm2ControlBlock has zero address or length: 0450/0 [20081204]
18ACPI Warning (tbfadt-626): 32/64X length mismatch in PmTimerBlock: 32/24 [20081204]
19ACPI Warning (tbfadt-498): Invalid length for Pm1aEventBlock: 16, using default 32 [20081204]
20ACPI Warning (tbfadt-498): Invalid length for Pm2ControlBlock: 0, using default 8 [20081204]
21ACPI Warning (tbfadt-498): Invalid length for PmTimerBlock: 24, using default 32 [20081204]
22ACPI: DSDT @ 0x7F7F8000/0x45D9 (v2 INTEL  DX58SO   0xEF4 MSFT 0x100000D)
23ACPI: FACS @ 0x7F72B000/0x40
24ACPI: APIC @ 0x7F7F7000/0x138 (v2 INTEL  DX58SO   0xEF4 MSFT 0x100000D)
25ACPI: WDDT @ 0x7F7F6000/0x40 (v1 INTEL  DX58SO   0xEF4 MSFT 0x100000D)
26ACPI: MCFG @ 0x7F7F5000/0x3C (v1 INTEL  DX58SO   0xEF4 MSFT 0x100000D)
27ACPI: ASF! @ 0x7F7F4000/0xAC (v32 INTEL  DX58SO   0xEF4 MSFT 0x100000D)
28ACPI: SSDT @ 0x7F7EA000/0x70AC (v1 INTEL  SSDT  PM 0xEF4 MSFT 0x100000D)
29ACPI: DMAR @ 0x7F7E7000/0x140 (v1 INTEL  DX58SO   0xEF4 MSFT 0x100000D)
30ACPI: WDTT @ 0x7F7F2000/0x20C (v2 INTEL  DX58SO   0xEF4 MSFT 0x100000D)
31ACPI: ASPT @ 0x7F7F3000/0x34 (v4 INTEL  PerfTune 0xEF4 MSFT 0x100000D)
32AcpiOsTableOverride Ex:FFE81000 New:FFCFFFAC SIG:[DSDT]
33Table [DSDT]
34Table [FACS]
35Table [FACP]
36Table [APIC]
37Local APIC address: FEE00000h
38System also has 8259
39APIC_PROCESSOR: ProcID 0h LocalApicID 0h - usable
40APIC_PROCESSOR: ProcID 1h LocalApicID 2h - usable
41APIC_PROCESSOR: ProcID 2h LocalApicID 4h - usable
42APIC_PROCESSOR: ProcID 3h LocalApicID 6h - usable
43APIC_PROCESSOR: ProcID 4h LocalApicID 1h - usable
44APIC_PROCESSOR: ProcID 5h LocalApicID 3h - usable
45APIC_PROCESSOR: ProcID 6h LocalApicID 5h - usable
46APIC_PROCESSOR: ProcID 7h LocalApicID 7h - usable
47APIC_PROCESSOR: ProcID 1h LocalApicID 10h - not usable
48APIC_PROCESSOR: ProcID 3h LocalApicID 12h - not usable
49APIC_PROCESSOR: ProcID 5h LocalApicID 14h - not usable
50APIC_PROCESSOR: ProcID 7h LocalApicID 16h - not usable
51APIC_PROCESSOR: ProcID 9h LocalApicID 11h - not usable
52APIC_PROCESSOR: ProcID Bh LocalApicID 13h - not usable
53APIC_PROCESSOR: ProcID Dh LocalApicID 15h - not usable
54APIC_PROCESSOR: ProcID Fh LocalApicID 17h - not usable
55APIC_IO: IO ApicID 8h addr FEC00000h INTI 0
57Table [WDDT]
58Table [MCFG]
59Table [ASF!]
60Table [SSDT]
61Table [DMAR]
62Table [WDTT]
63Table [ASPT]
64Size of FACDT 244
65Type of computer - WorkStation
66System vector the SCI interrupt is wired to in 8259 mode. 9
67System port address of the SMI Command Port 0xB2
68The value to write to SMI_CMD to disable SMI   0xA0
69The value to write to SMI_CMD to re-enable SMI 0xA1
70The value to write to SMI_CMD to enter the S4BIOS state 0x0
71System port address of the PM1a Event Register Block 400
72System port address of the PM1b Event Register Block 0
73Number of bytes decoded by PM1a_EVT_BLK(PM1_EVT_LEN) 4
74System port address of the PM1a Control Register Block 404
75System port address of the PM1b Control Register Block 0
76Number of bytes decoded by PM1a_CNT_BLK (PM1_CNT_LEN) 2
77System port address of the PM2 Control Register Block 450
78System port address of the Power Management Timer Control Register Block 408
79Number of bytes decoded by PM_TMR_BLK (=4) 4
80System port address of General-Purpose Event 0 Register Block 420
81System port address of General-Purpose Event 1 Register Block 0
82Number of bytes decoded by GPE0_BLK 0x10
83Number of bytes decoded by GPE1_BLK 0x0
84Offset within the ACPI general-purpose event model where GPE1 based events start 0
85The system does not support a C2 state. 65
86The system does not support a C3 state 3E9
87The zero-based index of where the processor's duty cycle setting is within the processor's P_CNT register 1
88The RTC CMOS RAM index to the day-of-month alarm value 13
89The RTC CMOS RAM index to the century of data value (hundred and thousand year decimals) 50
90IA-PC Boot Architecture Flags 0x10
91Fixed feature flags 4A5
92The reset register:
93Type of address space - System I/O
94Register Bit Width  8
95Register Bit Offset 0
96Access size 0
97Address 3321
98The value to write to the RESET_REG port to reset the system 6
99***** Throttl Width 0 Offset 1
100evxfevnt-184 [2] Enable: Transition to ACPI mode successful
101evgpeblk-1120 [4] EvCreateGpeBlock: GPE 0 to 3F [_GPE] 8 regs on int 0x9
102AcpiOsInstallIntterrupHandler IRQ9 handler F9701BCD
103AcpiOsDerivePCIID([PCI0] ,[PRR0],) Bus:0 Dev:31 Fun:0 - Derive: Bus:0 Dev:31 Fun:0
104AcpiOsDerivePCIID([PCI0] ,[PRR1],) Bus:0 Dev:31 Fun:0 - Derive: Bus:0 Dev:31 Fun:0
105AcpiOsDerivePCIID([PCI0] ,[ELR0],) Bus:0 Dev:0 Fun:0 - AcpiOsDerivePci - Dev: [IELK] Evaluate bad status=5
106Derive: Bus:0 Dev:31 Fun:0
107** Scan EC Status = 0 Find 0 EC
108evgpeblk-1223 [3] EvInitializeGpeBlock: Found 10 Wake, Enabled 2 Runtime GPEs in this block
109** AcpiInitializeObjects mask:0 Status = 0
110Processor [CPU0]
111Processor [CPU1]
112Processor [CPU2]
113Processor [CPU3]
114Processor [CPU4]
115Processor [CPU5]
116Processor [CPU6]
117Processor [CPU7]
119Init ACPI rc=0
120IO APIC N0 Phys:0xFEC00000 Lin:0xFFDEB000 InitID:0x8 ArbID:0x0 Ver:32 Lines:23
121WakeupVector Lin: FFDE4000 Phys: 6D000 IPIStack:FFCBB000 s_cpu:0
122GetWakeupVector Status = 0
125ProcInit CPU0
126LApic ID:0x0: ver 0x60015
127Max LVT=7
128Status Evaluate Processor PDC 0x0 AE_OK
129Status Evaluate Processor 0x0 AE_OK
130Usable:5 Counter:0
131 CPU id to N:0
132 ProcId:     0x0
133 P_BLK:      0x410
134 P_BLK len:  0x6
135CPU0 Status Evaluate _PCT 0x0 AE_OK
136 Perf control:  0x199
137 Perf status:  0x198
138CPU0 Status Evaluate _CST 0x0 AE_OK
139_CST has 1 Cstates
140 C1State control:  0x0
141 Latency: 32 uSec
142 Power consuption: 1000 mWatt
143End init CPU0 rc:0
144StartProcessor: CPU1 id 1
145StartProcessor: Warm Vector:18000004, BootCode.Lin:0xFFDE4000, BootCode.Phys:0x6D000
146StartProcessor 1 id:1 LAPICid:2
147Wait INI App Proc
148Send SIPI1
149StartProcessor success SIPI1
150ProcInit CPU1
151LApic ID:0x2000000: ver 0x60015
152Max LVT=7
153Set HLT duration as IOdelay:0x27F
154Status Evaluate Processor PDC 0x0 AE_OK
155Status Evaluate Processor 0x0 AE_OK
156Usable:5 Counter:1
157 CPU id to N:1
158 ProcId:     0x1
159 P_BLK:      0x410
160 P_BLK len:  0x6
161CPU1 Status Evaluate _PCT 0x0 AE_OK
162 Perf control:  0x199
163 Perf status:  0x198
164CPU1 Status Evaluate _CST 0x0 AE_OK
165_CST has 1 Cstates
166 C1State control:  0x0
167 Latency: 32 uSec
168 Power consuption: 1000 mWatt
169End init CPU1 rc:0
170StartProcessor: CPU2 id 2
171StartProcessor 2 id:2 LAPICid:4
172Wait INI App Proc
173Send SIPI1
174StartProcessor success SIPI1
175ProcInit CPU2
176LApic ID:0x4000000: ver 0x60015
177Max LVT=7
178Set HLT duration as IOdelay:0x27F
179Status Evaluate Processor PDC 0x0 AE_OK
180Status Evaluate Processor 0x0 AE_OK
181Usable:5 Counter:2
182 CPU id to N:2
183 ProcId:     0x2
184 P_BLK:      0x410
185 P_BLK len:  0x6
186CPU2 Status Evaluate _PCT 0x0 AE_OK
187 Perf control:  0x199
188 Perf status:  0x198
189CPU2 Status Evaluate _CST 0x0 AE_OK
190_CST has 1 Cstates
191 C1State control:  0x0
192 Latency: 32 uSec
193 Power consuption: 1000 mWatt
194End init CPU2 rc:0
195StartProcessor: CPU3 id 3
196StartProcessor 3 id:3 LAPICid:6
197Wait INI App Proc
198Send SIPI1
199StartProcessor success SIPI1
200ProcInit CPU3
201LApic ID:0x6000000: ver 0x60015
202Max LVT=7
203Set HLT duration as IOdelay:0x27F
204Status Evaluate Processor PDC 0x0 AE_OK
205Status Evaluate Processor 0x0 AE_OK
206Usable:5 Counter:3
207 CPU id to N:3
208 ProcId:     0x3
209 P_BLK:      0x410
210 P_BLK len:  0x6
211CPU3 Status Evaluate _PCT 0x0 AE_OK
212 Perf control:  0x199
213 Perf status:  0x198
214CPU3 Status Evaluate _CST 0x0 AE_OK
215_CST has 1 Cstates
216 C1State control:  0x0
217 Latency: 32 uSec
218 Power consuption: 1000 mWatt
219End init CPU3 rc:0
220StartProcessor: CPU4 id 4
221StartProcessor 4 id:4 LAPICid:1
222Wait INI App Proc
223Send SIPI1
224StartProcessor success SIPI1
225ProcInit CPU4
226LApic ID:0x1000000: ver 0x60015
227Max LVT=7
228End Startup code
229Set HLT duration as IOdelay:0x27F
230Status Evaluate Processor PDC 0x0 AE_OK
231Status Evaluate Processor 0x0 AE_OK
232Usable:5 Counter:4
233 CPU id to N:4
234 ProcId:     0x4
235 P_BLK:      0x410
236 P_BLK len:  0x6
237CPU4 Status Evaluate _PCT 0x0 AE_OK
238 Perf control:  0x199
239 Perf status:  0x198
240CPU4 Status Evaluate _CST 0x0 AE_OK
241_CST has 1 Cstates
242 C1State control:  0x0
243 Latency: 32 uSec
244 Power consuption: 1000 mWatt
245End init CPU4 rc:0
248Finding:0 bridges
2490:0.0  Class:600  Hdr:0   Bridge H->0
2500:1.0  Class:604  Hdr:1   Bridge 0->1 Bridge
2510:3.0  Class:604  Hdr:1   Bridge 0->2 Bridge
2520:7.0  Class:604  Hdr:1   Bridge 0->3 Bridge
2530:16.0  Class:800  Hdr:80
2540:16.1  Class:800  Hdr:80
2550:20.0  Class:800  Hdr:80
2560:20.1  Class:800  Hdr:80
2570:20.2  Class:800  Hdr:80
2580:20.3  Class:800  Hdr:80
2590:25.0  Class:200  Hdr:0
2600:26.0  Class:C03  Hdr:80
2610:26.1  Class:C03  Hdr:0
2620:26.2  Class:C03  Hdr:0
2630:26.7  Class:C03  Hdr:0
2640:27.0  Class:403  Hdr:0
2650:28.0  Class:604  Hdr:81   Bridge 0->4 Bridge
2660:28.1  Class:604  Hdr:81   Bridge 0->5 Bridge
2670:28.4  Class:604  Hdr:81   Bridge 0->6 Bridge
2680:29.0  Class:C03  Hdr:80
2690:29.1  Class:C03  Hdr:0
2700:29.2  Class:C03  Hdr:0
2710:29.7  Class:C03  Hdr:0
2720:30.0  Class:604  Hdr:1   Bridge 0->7 Bridge
2730:31.0  Class:601  Hdr:80
2740:31.2  Class:101  Hdr:0
2750:31.3  Class:C05  Hdr:0
2760:31.5  Class:101  Hdr:0
2772:0.0  Class:300  Hdr:80
2782:0.1  Class:380  Hdr:0
2796:0.0  Class:101  Hdr:0
2807:2.0  Class:280  Hdr:0
2817:3.0  Class:C00  Hdr:0
282PCI Bus scan: 8 PCI buses found.
283Scan ACPI tree for PCI functions
285AcpiOsDerivePCIID([PCI0] ,[PAMX],) Bus:0 Dev:0 Fun:0 - Derive: Bus:0 Dev:0 Fun:0
2860:0.0  'PCI0' (F96B24A8)
2870:0.0  'DMI0' (F96B2AC8)
288Bridges found:
2890:0.0  class:600  type: 0  Bus H->0  ACPI: 'DMI0' (F96B2AC8) _PRT
2900:1.0  class:604  type: 1  Bus 0->1
2910:3.0  class:604  type: 1  Bus 0->2
2920:7.0  class:604  type: 1  Bus 0->3
2930:28.0  class:604  type: 1  Bus 0->4
2940:28.1  class:604  type: 1  Bus 0->5
2950:28.4  class:604  type: 1  Bus 0->6
2960:30.0  class:604  type: 1  Bus 0->7
297IRQLinks found:
2980: 'LNKA' (F96B30E8)  P[ 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10,*11, 12, 14, 15] <- 2:0.0 0:26.0 0:0.0
299                       A[]
3001: 'LNKB' (F96B33C0)  P[ 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10,*11, 12, 14, 15] <- 6:0.0
301                       A[]
3022: 'LNKC' (F96B35E0)  P[ 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9,*10, 11, 12, 14, 15] <- 0:31.5 0:31.3 0:29.2 0:26.7
303                       A[]
3043: 'LNKD' (F96B3800)  P[ 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10,*11, 12, 14, 15] <- 0:31.2 0:29.1 0:26.2
305                       A[]
3064: 'LNKE' (F96B3A20)  P[ 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9,*10, 11, 12, 14, 15] <- 0:25.0
307                       A[]
3085: 'LNKF' (F96B3C40)  P[ 3, 4,*5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15] <- 0:26.1
309                       A[]
3106: 'LNKG' (F96B3E60)  P[ 3, 4,*5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15] <- 0:27.0
311                       A[]
3127: 'LNKH' (F96B4080)  P[ 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9,*10, 11, 12, 14, 15] <- 0:29.7 0:29.0
313                       A[]
314PCI devices found:
3150:0.0  8086:3405  'DMI0'  IRQs: PCI:11 PIC:'LNKA':11 APIC:16
3160:1.0  8086:3408       
3170:3.0  8086:340A       
3180:7.0  8086:340E       
3190:16.0  8086:3425       
3200:16.1  8086:3426       
3210:20.0  8086:342E       
3220:20.1  8086:3422       
3230:20.2  8086:3423       
3240:20.3  8086:3438       
3250:25.0  8086:10CC          IRQs: PCI:10 PIC:'LNKE':10 APIC:20 MSI
3260:26.0  8086:3A37          IRQs: PCI:11 PIC:'LNKA':11 APIC:16
3270:26.1  8086:3A38          IRQs: PCI:5 PIC:'LNKF':5 APIC:21
3280:26.2  8086:3A39          IRQs: PCI:11 PIC:'LNKD':11 APIC:19
3290:26.7  8086:3A3C          IRQs: PCI:10 PIC:'LNKC':10 APIC:18
3300:27.0  8086:3A3E          IRQs: PCI:5 PIC:'LNKG':5 APIC:22 MSI
3310:28.0  8086:3A40       
3320:28.1  8086:3A42       
3330:28.4  8086:3A48       
3340:29.0  8086:3A34          IRQs: PCI:10 PIC:'LNKH':10 APIC:23
3350:29.1  8086:3A35          IRQs: PCI:11 PIC:'LNKD':11 APIC:19
3360:29.2  8086:3A36          IRQs: PCI:10 PIC:'LNKC':10 APIC:18
3370:29.7  8086:3A3A          IRQs: PCI:10 PIC:'LNKH':10 APIC:23
3380:30.0  8086:244E       
3390:31.0  8086:3A16       
3400:31.2  8086:3A20          IRQs: PCI:11 PIC:'LNKD':11 APIC:19
3410:31.3  8086:3A30          IRQs: PCI:10 PIC:'LNKC':10 APIC:18
3420:31.5  8086:3A26          IRQs: PCI:10 PIC:'LNKC':10 APIC:18
3432:0.0  1002:5B60          IRQs: PCI:11 PIC:'LNKA':11 APIC:16 MSI
3442:0.1  1002:5B70       
3456:0.0  11AB:6121          IRQs: PCI:11 PIC:'LNKB':11 APIC:17 MSI
3467:2.0  1814:302          IRQs: PCI:10 PIC:0 APIC:0
3477:3.0  104C:8023          IRQs: PCI:11 PIC:0 APIC:0
348Bus detected - 7
349EndScan Bases=7
351** Create resource, max = 31 **
352OemHlpXHandler: ACPI_START_EVENTS 3
353** AcpiInstall Power Device Status = 0
354ACPI Error (evxfevnt-296): Could not enable SleepButton event [20081204]
355ACPI Warning (evxface-235): Could not enable fixed event 3 [20081204]
356** AcpiInstall Sleep Device Status = 22 - AE_NO_HARDWARE_RESPONSE
357** AcpiInstall PMTimer Device Status = 0
358** Total use:347192 unuse:23848 count:6474 **
359Event [_L03] Install GPE0x3
360Event [_L04] Install GPE0x4
361Event [_L05] Install GPE0x5
362Event [_L07] Install GPE0x7
363Event [_L09] Install GPE0x9
364Event [_L0A] Install GPE0xA
365Event [_L0B] Install GPE0xB
366Event [_L0C] Install GPE0xC
367Event [_L0D] Install GPE0xD
368Event [_L0E] Install GPE0xE
369Event [_L1D] Install GPE0x1D
370Event [_L20] Install GPE0x20
371EndScan GPE Status 0
372OemHlpXHandler: ACPI_START_EVENTS 4
373OemHlpXHandler: CallACPI16: 4700909, CallACPI32: F96D5C02, ExportTable32: FE6001A8
375UNMASK IRQ10 mask 0xFFFFD8F9 Real:FFEBB8F4
377UNMASK IRQ11 mask 0xFFFFD4F9 Real:FFEBB8F4
379UNMASK IRQ10 mask 0xFFFFD8F9 Real:FFEBB8F4
381UNMASK IRQ11 mask 0xFFFFD4F9 Real:FFEBB8F4
385UNMASK IRQ11 mask 0xFFFFD4F9 Real:FFEBB8F4
387UNMASK IRQ10 mask 0xFFFFD8F9 Real:FFEBB8F4
389APM: PSD find success. PSD Ftable:FE6001AC
390APM:Max C state 0
391Register Notify 1st FFC7F6D0
393 Need: B:0x0 D:0x1F F:0x2
394Finding APIC0 PIC11 Dev: ["\" ]
396 Need: B:0x0 D:0x1F F:0x5
397Finding APIC0 PIC10 Dev: ["\" ]
399 Need: B:0x6 D:0x0 F:0x0
400Finding APIC0 PIC11 Dev: ["\" ]
401UNMASK IRQ11 mask 0xFFFFD4F9 Real:FFEBB8F4
403UNMASK IRQ11 mask 0xFFFFD4F9 Real:FFEBB8F4
405UNMASK IRQ11 mask 0xFFFFD4F9 Real:FFEBB8F4
407UNMASK IRQ11 mask 0xFFFFD4F9 Real:FFEBB8F4
409UNMASK IRQ11 mask 0xFFFFD4F9 Real:FFEBB8F4
411UNMASK IRQ1 mask 0xFFFFD4F9 Real:FFEBB8F4
413UNMASK IRQ1 mask 0xFFFFD4F9 Real:FFEBB8F4
414UNMASK IRQ5 mask 0xFFFFD4D9 Real:FFEBB8F4
415Gradd: PSD find success. PSD Ftable:FE6001AC
416APM: End scan power object
417UNMASK IRQ10 mask 0xFFFFD0D9 Real:FFEBB8F4
418UNMASK IRQ11 mask 0xFFFFD0D9 Real:FFEBB8F4
419UNMASK IRQ5 mask 0xFFFFD0D9 Real:FFEBB8F4
420UNMASK IRQ11 mask 0xFFFFD0D9 Real:FFEBB8F4
421UNMASK IRQ10 mask 0xFFFFD0D9 Real:FFEBB8F4
422UNMASK IRQ11 mask 0xFFFFD0D9 Real:FFEBB8F4
423UNMASK IRQ10 mask 0xFFFFD0D9 Real:FFEBB8F4
426===== Info ========
427Int Level 9
428In Xrupt F96A79D8 in arg F96A79D8
429      Node
430Name [_GPE]
431Flags: 0x0
432Reg count 8
433GPE0x3 Type: Wake
434GPE0x4 Type: Wake
435GPE0x5 Type: Wake
436GPE0x7 Type: RunTime
437GPE0x9 Type: Wake
438GPE0xA Type: RunTime
439GPE0xB Type: Wake
440GPE0xC Type: Wake
441GPE0xD Type: Wake
442GPE0xE Type: Wake
443GPE0x1D Type: Wake
444GPE0x20 Type: Wake
446Dummy 7 IDT FFDBF370 Vector 57
447Dummy 2C IDT FFDBF370 Vector F3
448Dummy 2B IDT FFDBF370 Vector F4
449Dummy 2E IDT FFDBF370 Vector F2
450Dummy 2F IDT FFDBF370 Vector 2F
451UNMASK IRQ0 mask 0xFFFFD0D8 Real:FFEBB8F4
452UNMASK IRQ10 mask 0xFFFFD0D8 Real:FFEBB8F4
453******** Event tread ***************
454AllocateSuspendMemory s_cpu:0
456Alloc s_cpu OK CPU0 2304 bytes at F9C00BE8
457AllocSuspend: CPU0 CR3:211000
458AllocSuspend: CPU1 CR3:7CA44000
459AllocSuspend: CPU2 CR3:7CA3E000
460AllocSuspend: CPU3 CR3:7CA38000
461AllocSuspend: CPU4 CR3:7CA31000
462Status 1Mb alloc 0
463APM: Setting suspend state:1
464Button KernBlock 4294967295 timeout