Ticket #244: acpi_APIC.log

File acpi_APIC.log, 24.3 KB (added by Chuck McKinnis, 12 years ago)
1AllocIRQMem at 0xFFE89000 (24576 bytes)
3PSD_install options:" /SMP /APIC /!NOD /SAP /R /IRQ:4" @#netlabs dot org:3.9#@ACPI core PSD Driver. (c) netlabs.org 2005-2008 Build date: Apr 23 2008 10:21:53
4MPDATA:FF800000 ESP:FF800A70 Sel:1520 UsCPU:0
5New Stack = FFD00000 Size:0x8000
7AcpiOsInitialize ALLOC size 65536 at 0xF92C0000
8AcpiOsInitialize MapMem size 4096 at 0xFFE9E000
9AcpiOsCreateLock F9817474
10AcpiOsCreateLock F981CE34
11AcpiOsPredefinedOverride: "_REV"
12AcpiOsPredefinedOverride: "_OS_"
13AcpiOsPredefinedOverride: override to eComStation
14AcpiOsPredefinedOverride: "_GL_"
15AcpiOsPredefinedOverride: "_OSI"
16*** AcpiInitializeSubsystem Status = 0 ***
17ACPI: RSDP @ 0xF7CA0/0x24 (v2 ACRSYS)
18ACPI: XSDT @ 0xBFF5E30F/0x5C (v1 ACRSYS ACRPRDCT 0x6040000  LTP 0x0)
19ACPI: SLIC @ 0xBFF64A8C/0x176 (v1 ACRSYS ACRPRDCT 0x6040000 LOHR 0x0)
20ACPI: FACP @ 0xBFF64C02/0xF4 (v3 NVIDIA MCP67-M  0x6040000 PTL_ 0xF4240)
21ACPI: DSDT @ 0xBFF5E36B/0x66AD (v1 NVIDIA MCP67 0x6040000 MSFT 0x3000000)
22ACPI: FACS @ 0xBFF65FC0/0x40
23ACPI: SSDT @ 0xBFF64CF6/0x206 (v1 PTLTD  POWERNOW 0x6040000  LTP 0x1)
24ACPI: MCFG @ 0xBFF64EFC/0x3C (v1 Nvidia NVDAACPI 0x6040000 NVDA 0x0)
25ACPI: HPET @ 0xBFF64F38/0x38 (v1 PTLTD  HPETTBL  0x6040000  LTP 0x1)
26ACPI: APIC @ 0xBFF64F70/0x68 (v1 PTLTD   0x6040000  LTP 0x0)
27ACPI: BOOT @ 0xBFF64FD8/0x28 (v1 PTLTD  $SBFTBL$ 0x6040000  LTP 0x1)
28*** AcpiInitializeTables Status = 0 ***
29AcpiOsTableOverride Ex:FFD1436B New:FFCFFFAC SIG:[DSDT]
30tbxface-619 [2] TbLoadNamespace: ACPI Tables successfully acquired
31*** AcpiLoadTables Status = 0 ***
32Table [DSDT]
33Table [FACS]
34Table [SLIC]
35Table [FACP]
36Table [SSDT]
37Table [MCFG]
38Table [HPET]
39Table [APIC]
40Local APIC address: FEE00000h
41System also has 8259
42APIC_PROCESSOR: ProcID 0h LocalApicID 0h - usable
43APIC_PROCESSOR: ProcID 1h LocalApicID 1h - usable
44APIC_IO: IO ApicID 2h addr FEC00000h INTI 0
45APIC_LOCAL_NMI: ProcID 0h LINT1 - Polarity active: High Trigger by: Edge
46APIC_LOCAL_NMI: ProcID 1h LINT1 - Polarity active: High Trigger by: Edge
47APIC_XRUPT_OVERRIDE: Bus: 0h Source 9 Global SysInt 9 - Polarity active: Low 1 Trigger by: Level
48APIC_XRUPT_OVERRIDE: Bus: 0h Source 0 Global SysInt 2 - Polarity active: Bus spec Trigger by: Bus spec
49Table [BOOT]
50Size of FACDT 244
51Type of computer - Unspecified
52System vector the SCI interrupt is wired to in 8259 mode. 9
53System port address of the SMI Command Port 0x142E
54The value to write to SMI_CMD to disable SMI   0xF0
55The value to write to SMI_CMD to re-enable SMI 0xF1
56The value to write to SMI_CMD to enter the S4BIOS state 0x0
57System port address of the PM1a Event Register Block 1000
58System port address of the PM1b Event Register Block 0
59Number of bytes decoded by PM1a_EVT_BLK(PM1_EVT_LEN) 4
60System port address of the PM1a Control Register Block 1004
61System port address of the PM1b Control Register Block 0
62Number of bytes decoded by PM1a_CNT_BLK (PM1_CNT_LEN) 2
63System port address of the PM2 Control Register Block 1484
64Number of bytes decoded by PM2_CNT_BLK 1
65System port address of the Power Management Timer Control Register Block 1008
66Number of bytes decoded by PM_TMR_BLK (=4) 4
67System port address of General-Purpose Event 0 Register Block 1020
68System port address of General-Purpose Event 1 Register Block 0
69Number of bytes decoded by GPE0_BLK 0x8
70Number of bytes decoded by GPE1_BLK 0x0
71Offset within the ACPI general-purpose event model where GPE1 based events start 40
72GPE enable register: 0: 0: 0: 0
73GPE status register: 42: 0: 1: 0
74The worst-case hardware latency to enter and exit a C2 state 5 us
75The worst-case hardware latency to enter and exit a C3 state 20 us
76The zero-based index of where the processor's duty cycle setting is within the processor's P_CNT register 1
77The bit width of the processor's duty cycle setting value in the P_CNT register 3
78The RTC CMOS RAM index to the day-of-month alarm value 125
79The RTC CMOS RAM index to the month of year alarm value 126
80The RTC CMOS RAM index to the century of data value (hundred and thousand year decimals) 50
81IA-PC Boot Architecture Flags 0x0
82Fixed feature flags A5
83The reset register:
84Type of address space - System Memory
85Register Bit Width  0
86Register Bit Offset 0
87Access size 0
88Address 0
89The value to write to the RESET_REG port to reset the system 0
90***** Throttl Width 3 Offset 1
91evxfevnt-176 [2] Enable: Transition to ACPI mode successful
92evgpeblk-1111 [4] EvCreateGpeBlock: GPE 0 to 1F [_GPE] 4 regs on int 0x9
93AcpiOsInstallIntterrupHandler IRQ9 handler F92FF00D
94AcpiOsInstallIntterrupHandler override IRQ4
95evgpeblk-1211 [3] EvInitializeGpeBlock: Found 7 Wake, Enabled 4 Runtime GPEs in this block
96** AcpiEnableSubsystem Status = 0
97Device [EC0_]
98 Set DATA to IO:[1 0x62 - 0x62 Al:1 Len:1]
99 Set Control to IO:[1 0x66 - 0x66 Al:1 Len:1]
100 Set Control to END_TAG Checksum:0
101GPE 10 EC
102Find 1 EC
103** Scan EC Status = 1
104** AcpiInstallAddressSpaceHandler N0 EC Status = 0 count 1 ECadr:F9811DC4 - AE_OK
105Install GPE Status 0
106GpeSetType Status = 0 - AE_OK
107EC[0] GPE10 GpeEnable Status = 0 - AE_OK
108Completing Region/Field/Buffer/Package initialization:.........................................................................................................................................................................
109Initialized 44/44 Regions 42/42 Fields 53/54 Buffers 30/44 Packages (1052 nodes)
110Initializing Device/Processor/Thermal objects by executing _INI methods:.
111Executed 1 _INI methods requiring 1 _STA executions (examined 97 objects)
112** AcpiInitializeObjects mask:0 Status = 0
113Processor [CPU0]
114Processor [CPU1]
115Processor [CPU2]
116Processor [CPU3]
117Status 0x0 0
119Init ACPI rc=0
120APIC0 phys FEC00000 lin: FFE84000 APIC ID 2000000 (170011) Ver 11 MaxIO entry 0x17 (2000000) Arbitration ID 2 set to (2000000) 2 Id  (2000000) 2
121Set 24 lines from IRQ0
122=========== Status set APIC mode 0x0
123AcpiOsDerivePCIID([PCI0] ,[MMTO],) Bus:0 Dev:1 Fun:0 - Derive: Bus:0 Dev:1 Fun:0
124AcpiOsDerivePCIID([PCI0] ,[P60_],) Bus:0 Dev:1 Fun:1 - Derive: Bus:0 Dev:1 Fun:1
125AcpiOsDerivePCIID([PCI0] ,[P64_],) Bus:0 Dev:1 Fun:1 - Derive: Bus:0 Dev:1 Fun:1
126AcpiOsDerivePCIID([PCI0] ,[P68_],) Bus:0 Dev:1 Fun:1 - Derive: Bus:0 Dev:1 Fun:1
127AcpiOsDerivePCIID([PCI0] ,[P44_],) Bus:0 Dev:1 Fun:0 - Derive: Bus:0 Dev:1 Fun:0
128AcpiOsDerivePCIID([PCI0] ,[PIRQ],) Bus:0 Dev:1 Fun:0 - Derive: Bus:0 Dev:1 Fun:0
129AcpiOsDerivePCIID([PCI0] ,[SM6C],) Bus:0 Dev:1 Fun:1 - Derive: Bus:0 Dev:1 Fun:1
130AcpiOsDerivePCIID([PCI0] ,[SM80],) Bus:0 Dev:1 Fun:1 - Derive: Bus:0 Dev:1 Fun:1
131Current IRQs line 24
132IRQ0 override to IRQ2 Vector:50 Line:2
133IRQ9 override to IRQ9 Vector:71 Line:9
134WakeupVector Lin: FFE83000
135WakeupVector Lin: FFE83000 Phys: 6D000 IPIStack:FFDEE000 s_cpu:0
136GetWakeupVector Status = 0
139ProcInit CPU0
140LApic ID:0x0: ver 0x80050010
141Max LVT=6
142Status Evaluate Processor PDC 0x5 AE_NOT_FOUND
143Status Evaluate Processor 0x0 AE_OK
144Usable:2 Counter:0
145 CPU id to N:0
146 ProcId:     0x0
147 P_BLK:      0x1010
148 P_BLK len:  0x6
149CPU0 Status Evaluate _PCT 0x0 AE_OK
150 Perf control:  0x0
151 Perf status:  0x0
152End init CPU0 rc:0
153StartProcessor: CPU1 id 1
154StartProcessor: Warm Vector:18000004, BootCode.Lin:0xFFE83000, BootCode.Phys:0x6D000
155StartProcessor 1 id:1 LAPICid:1
156Wait INI App Proc
157Send SIPI1
158StartProcessor success SIPI1
159ProcInit CPU1
160LApic ID:0x1000000: ver 0x80050010
161Max LVT=6
162End Startup code
163Set HLT duration as IOdelay:0x1C6
164Status Evaluate Processor PDC 0x5 AE_NOT_FOUND
165Status Evaluate Processor 0x0 AE_OK
166Usable:2 Counter:1
167 CPU id to N:1
168 ProcId:     0x1
169 P_BLK:      0x0
170 P_BLK len:  0x0
171CPU1 Status Evaluate _PCT 0x0 AE_OK
172 Perf control:  0x0
173 Perf status:  0x0
174End init CPU1 rc:0
176PSDFree: at 0xF9800000 success!
177OemHlpXHandler: ACPI.CFG opened: Size is 2010 bytes
178OemHlpXHandler: ACPI.CFG read: 2010 bytes
179OemHlpXHandler: ACPI.CFG closed: 0, Buffer at FCFA43EC
181** Create resource, max = 31 **
182OemHlpXHandler: ACPI_START_EVENTS 3
183** AcpiInstall Power Device Status = 0
184ACPI Error (evxfevnt-288): Could not enable SleepButton event [20080321]
185ACPI Warning (evxface-235): Could not enable fixed event 3 [20080321]
186** AcpiInstall Sleep Device Status = 25 - AE_NO_HARDWARE_RESPONSE
187** AcpiInstall PMTimer Device Status = 0
188** Total use:165384 unuse:768 count:3020 **
189Get GpeHdl Status = 0 - AE_OK
190Event [_L00]
191Install GPE0x0  Status 0x0
192Event [_L05]
193Install GPE0x5  Status 0x0
194Event [_L0B]
195Install GPE0xB  Status 0x0
196Event [_L0D]
197Install GPE0xD  Status 0x0
198Event [_L10]
199GPE 10 already in EC
200Event [_L11]
201Install GPE0x11  Status 0x0
202Event [_L12]
203Install GPE0x12  Status 0x0
204Event [_L14]
205Install GPE0x14  Status 0x0
206Event [_L15]
207Install GPE0x15  Status 0x0
208Event [_L17]
209Install GPE0x17  Status 0x0
210Event [_L18]
211Install GPE0x18  Status 0x0
212EndScan GPE Status 0
213===== Info ========
214Int Level 9
215In Xrupt F92BD518 in arg F92BD518
216      Node
217Name [_GPE]
218Flags: 0
219Reg count 4
220GPE0x0 Flag:0x2 Status - Set 0x0 Enable 0x0
221GPE0x5 Flag:0x2 Status - Set 0x0 Enable 0x0
222GPE0 Status:1020 Enable:1024 EnableWake:21 EnableRun:0 BaseGPENumber:0
223GPE0xB Flag:0x2 Status - Set 0x0 Enable 0x0
224GPE0xD Flag:0x2 Status - Set 0x0 Enable 0x0
225GPE1 Status:1021 Enable:1025 EnableWake:28 EnableRun:0 BaseGPENumber:8
226GPE0x10 Flag:0x4 Status - Set 0x0 Enable 0x0
227GPE0x11 Flag:0x4 Status - Set 0x0 Enable 0x0
228GPE0x12 Flag:0x4 Status - Set 0x0 Enable 0x0
229GPE0x14 Flag:0x4 Status - Set 0x0 Enable 0x0
230GPE0x15 Flag:0x2 Status - Set 0x0 Enable 0x0
231GPE0x17 Flag:0x2 Status - Set 0x0 Enable 0x0
232GPE2 Status:1022 Enable:1026 EnableWake:A0 EnableRun:17 BaseGPENumber:10
233GPE0x18 Flag:0x2 Status - Set 0x0 Enable 0x0
234GPE3 Status:1023 Enable:1027 EnableWake:1 EnableRun:0 BaseGPENumber:18
235=========== Status 0x0 0
236OemHlpXHandler: ACPI_START_EVENTS 4
237OemHlpXHandler: CallACPI16: 4700909, CallACPI32: F92D5442, ExportTable32: F98101CC
239PSD_IRQ_REG Proc0 F:ISR D:0
240UNMASK IRQ7 mask 0xFFFFDE69 Real:FFEBB8F4
242UNMASK IRQ11 mask 0xFFFFD6E9 Real:FFEBB8F4
244UNMASK IRQ11 mask 0xFFFFD6E9 Real:FFEBB8F4
246PSD_IRQ_REG Proc0 F:ISR D:0
250APM: PSD find success. PSD Ftable:F98101D0
251Register Notify 1st FFC79636
258UNMASK IRQ14 mask 0xFFFF9AE9 Real:FFEBB8F4
260UNMASK IRQ14 mask 0xFFFF9AE9 Real:FFEBB8F4
262UNMASK IRQ14 mask 0xFFFF9AE9 Real:FFEBB8F4
264UNMASK IRQ14 mask 0xFFFF9AE9 Real:FFEBB8F4
265UNMASK IRQ5 mask 0xFFFF9AC9 Real:FFEBB8F4
267UNMASK IRQ5 mask 0xFFFF9AC9 Real:FFEBB8F4
269UNMASK IRQ5 mask 0xFFFF9AC9 Real:FFEBB8F4
271UNMASK IRQ5 mask 0xFFFF9AC9 Real:FFEBB8F4
273UNMASK IRQ14 mask 0xFFFF9AC9 Real:FFEBB8F4
275UNMASK IRQ5 mask 0xFFFF9AC9 Real:FFEBB8F4
276PSD_IRQ_REG Proc0 F:ISR D:0
277PSD_IRQ_REG Proc0 F:ISR D:0
279UNMASK IRQ1 mask 0xFFFF9AC9 Real:FFEBB8F4
280UNMASK IRQ12 mask 0xFFFF8AC9 Real:FFEBB8F4
281Gradd: PSD find success. PSD Ftable:F98101D0
282APM: Found AC "ACAD"
283AcpiEcSetup handle F92C7450 Function 0 Count 1
284AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
285AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
286AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
287GPE EC Query status 28
288AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 0 rc=640
289AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
290GPE EC Query status 28
291AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
292AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
293GPE EC Query status 28
294AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
295AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
296AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 32 rc=640
297GPE EC Query status 20
298AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
299AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
300AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
301APM: Found Smart Battery "BAT1"
302AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
303AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
304AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
305AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 0 rc=640
306AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
307AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
308GPE EC Query status 28
309AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
310AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
311GPE EC Query status 28
312AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
313AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
314AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
315GPE EC Query status 28
316AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
317AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
318GPE EC Query status 28
319AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
320AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
321AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
322AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
323AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
324AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
325AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
326AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
327AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
328AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
329AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
330AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
331AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
332AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
333GPE EC Query status 28
334AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 0 rc=640
335AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
336AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
337GPE EC Query status 28
338AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
339AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
340AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
341GPE EC Query status 28
342AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
343AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
344AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
345GPE EC Query status 28
346AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
347AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
348AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
349AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
350AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
351AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
352AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
353AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
354AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
355AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
356AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
357GPE EC Query status 28
358AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
359UNMASK IRQ10 mask 0xFFFF8AC9 Real:FFEBB8F4
360UNMASK IRQ11 mask 0xFFFF82C9 Real:FFEBB8F4
361UNMASK IRQ11 mask 0xFFFF82C9 Real:FFEBB8F4
362PSD_IRQ_REG Proc0 F:ISR D:0
363UNMASK IRQ7 mask 0xFFFF8249 Real:FFEBB8F4
364PSD_IRQ_REG Proc0 F:ISR D:80
367Dummy 7 IDT FFDBF370 Vector 57
368Dummy 2C IDT FFDBF370 Vector F3
369Dummy 2F IDT FFDBF370 Vector F2
370Dummy 2E IDT FFDBF370 Vector 2E
372UNMASK IRQ0 mask 0xFFFFA24C Real:FFEBB8F4
373UNMASK IRQ11 mask 0xFFFFA24C Real:FFEBB8F4
374AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
375GPE EC Query status 28
376AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
377AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
378AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 32 rc=640
379GPE EC Query status 20
380AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
381AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
382AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
383******** Event tread ***************
384APM: Unsetting suspend state
385******** Notify wait Counter 0 ***************
386Button KernBlock 4294967295 timeout
387AcpiExecSMPFunction: disable exec
388SetCPU to 0 need 0 wait 12
389AcpiExecSMPFunction:Fun:0xF9D7B86C Ctx:F9D7C030 Flag:0xA00 Current CPU0
390AcpiExecSMPFunction: wait CPUMask:0x3
391Count:1 CPU1 F9D7C030
392Count:2 CPU0 F9D7C030
393CPU1 end
394CPU0 end
395AcpiExecSMPFunction: End
396AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
397GPE EC Query status 28
398AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
399AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
400GPE EC Query status 28
401AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 0 rc=640
402AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
403GPE EC Query status 28
404AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
405AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
406AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
407AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
408AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 32 rc=640
409GPE EC Query status 20
410AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
411AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
412AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
413AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
414AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
415AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
416AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
417AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
418AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
419AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
420AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
421AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
422AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
423AcpiOsSem F92C0468 Timeout:10 T:32001E Own:32001D rc=640
424AcpiOsWaitSemaphore AE_TIME:F92C0468 CPU:1 TO:0
425AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
426AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
427GPE EC Query status 28
428AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
429AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
430GPE EC Query status 28
431AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
432AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
433GPE EC Query status 28
434AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
435AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
436AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
437AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
438AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 32 rc=640
439GPE EC Query status 20
440AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
441AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
442AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
443AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
444AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
445GPE EC Query status 28
446AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 0 rc=640
447AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
448AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
449GPE EC Query status 28
450AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
451AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
452AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
453GPE EC Query status 28
454AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
455AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
456AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
457GPE EC Query status 28
458AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
459AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
460GPE EC Query status 28
461AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
462AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
463AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
464GPE EC Query status 28
465AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
466AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
467AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
468AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
469AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
470AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
471AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
472AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
473GPE EC Query status 28
474AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
475AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
476GPE EC Query status 28
477AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 0 rc=640
478AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
479GPE EC Query status 28
480AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
481AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
482GPE EC Query status 28
483AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
484AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
485AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 32 rc=640
486GPE EC Query status 20
487AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
488AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
489AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
490AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
491AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
492AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
493AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
494AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
495AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
496AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
497AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
498AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
499AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
500GPE EC Query status 28
501AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
502AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
503GPE EC Query status 28
504AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
505AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
506GPE EC Query status 28
507AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
508AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
509GPE EC Query status 28
510AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
511AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
512GPE EC Query status 28
513AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
514AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
515AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 32 rc=640
516GPE EC Query status 20
517AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
518AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
519AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
520AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
521AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
522AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 0 rc=640
523AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
524AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
525AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
526AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
527AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
528GPE EC Query status 28
529AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
530AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
531AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
532GPE EC Query status 28
533AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
534AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
535GPE EC Query status 28
536AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
537AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
538AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
539GPE EC Query status 28
540AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
541AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
542GPE EC Query status 28
543AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
544AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
545AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
546AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
547AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
548AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
549AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
550AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
551AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 32 rc=640
552GPE EC Query status 20
553AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
554AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
555AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
556GPE EC Query status 28
557AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
558AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
559GPE EC Query status 28
560AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 0 rc=640
561AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
562AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
563GPE EC Query status 28
564AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
565AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
566AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
567GPE EC Query status 28
568AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
569AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
570AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
571GPE EC Query status 28
572AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
573AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
574AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
575AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
576AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
577AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
578AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
579AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
580AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
581AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
582AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
583AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
584AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
585AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
586AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
587GPE EC Query status 28
588AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 0 rc=640
589AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
590GPE EC Query status 28
591AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
592AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
593GPE EC Query status 28
594AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
595AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
596GPE EC Query status 28
597AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 0 rc=640
598AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
599AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
600AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
601AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
602AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
603AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
604AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
605AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
606AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
607AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
608AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
609AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
610AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
611AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
612AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
613AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
614AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
615AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
616AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
617GPE EC Query status 28
618AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
619AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
620GPE EC Query status 28
621AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
622AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
623GPE EC Query status 28
624AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 0 rc=640
625AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
626GPE EC Query status 28
627AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
628AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
629AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
630AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
631AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 32 rc=640
632GPE EC Query status 20
633AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
634AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
635AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
636AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
637AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
638AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
639AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
640AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
641AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
642AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
643AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
644AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
645AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
646GPE EC Query status 28
647AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
648AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
649GPE EC Query status 28
650AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
651AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
652GPE EC Query status 28
653AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
654AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
655GPE EC Query status 28
656AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
657AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
658GPE EC Query status 28
659AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
660AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
661GPE EC Query status 28
662AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 0 rc=640
663AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
664GPE EC Query status 28
665AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
666AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
667AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
668AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
669AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 32 rc=640
670GPE EC Query status 20
671AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
672AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
673AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
674AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
675AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
676AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
677AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
678AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
679AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
680AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
681AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
682AcpiOsSleep 20 ms
683AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
684GPE EC Query status 28
685AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
686AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
687GPE EC Query status 28
688AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
689AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
690GPE EC Query status 28
691AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
692AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
693GPE EC Query status 28
694AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
695AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 40 rc=640
696GPE EC Query status 28
697AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 34 rc=640
698AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
699AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 32 rc=640
700GPE EC Query status 20
701AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640
702AcpiWaitOBF  timeout KEE 2 rc=640
703AcpiWaitIBF timeout KEE 8 rc=640