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another try

1LdrEnd e000
2Model fc01
3a20 enter
4a20 via KBD
7IODelay 0223
10Boot Drv:0080 Flag:0014
12System Debugger 8/8/97 [80686]
13Initing OS/4. Loader signature: [4F 53 2F 34]
15Internal revision 15.1DBG_SMP.994
1854EB 4990 4D42 3420 352E 0030 0002 0000 0000 0000 F800 0000 003F 00FF 003F 0000
193947 0040 8280 BE29 9E55 4F60 3253 532D 5359 2020 2020 464A 2053 2020 2020 0000
200000 0000 0000 0010 0020 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 33FA 8EC0 BCD0 7C00 BBFB
2107C0 C38E CDFB 2D12 0054 F025 C1FF 06E0 D88E 3366 66FF DB33 2666 1CA1 6600 0126
223E06 6600 1126 421E 1E00 20B8 3300 E8F6 005A 661F A126 003E A366 003E 2666 42A1
236600 42A3 2600 24A0 A200 0024 3E81 0200 1961 0E74 C0B8 8E07 A1D8 0200 C8BE E800
2400A0 B81E 199C CB50 6E49 6176 696C 2064 6F63 6564 6620 726F 4A20 5346 0020 202D
255953 3053 3032 3732 2D20 0020 521E DA8C 1F06 48A3 8900 4C16 8900 4A36 BE00 0046
26A166 003E A366 004E A166 0042 A366 0052 0166 4E3E 6600 1E11 0052 42B4 168A 0024
2700B0 13CD 0473 E40A 0375 1F5A 50C3 A166 0052 C166 10E8 5DE8 6600 52A1 E800 0056
28A166 004E C166 10E8 4BE8 6600 4EA1 E800 0044 48A1 6600 E0C1 5810 C28A DEBE E800
290000 66FC AC50 FFA8 0974 0EB4 07BB CD00 EB10 FBF2 5866 5066 2566 0000 FFFF C166
3010E8 11E8 B000 B43A BB0E 0007 10CD 5866 03E8 EB00 C3FE 8A50 24C4 B1F0 D204 E8E8
31001D 5058 C48A 0F24 14E8 5800 2450 B1F0 D204 E8E8 0009 5058 0F24 02E8 5800 04C3
323C30 7E39 0402 B407 BB0E 0007 10CD 4FC3 3253 444C 0052 534F 4232 4F4F 0054 6328
332029 2E50 6853 6574 656D 6B6E 206F 3032 3230 322C 3030 0034 0000 0000 0000 AA55
34MaxProcesses = 780
35Symbols linked (os2krnl)
37                                  OS/2
38          (C) Copyright IBM Corp. 1987, 2001.  All rights reserved.
39  US Government Users Restricted Rights - Use, duplication or disclosure
40            restricted by GSA ADP Schedule Contract with IBM Corp.
42Internal revision 15.1DBG_SMP.994
44                                  OS/2
45          (C) Copyright IBM Corp. 1987, 2001.  All rights reserved.
46  US Government Users Restricted Rights - Use, duplication or disclosure
47            restricted by GSA ADP Schedule Contract with IBM Corp.
49Internal revision 15.1DBG_SMP.994
50CreateMemFiles(open) Begin
51CreateMemFiles(open):os4krnl.ini size:636
52CreateMemFiles(open):RESOURCE.sym is absent
53CreateMemFiles(open):CLOCK01.sym is absent
54CreateMemFiles(open):KBDBASE.sym is absent
55CreateMemFiles(open):ISAPNP.sym is absent
56CreateMemFiles(open):PNP.sym is absent
57CreateMemFiles(open):IBMKBD.sym is absent
58CreateMemFiles(open):TIMER0.sym is absent
59CreateMemFiles(open):PRINT01.sym is absent
60CreateMemFiles(open):PCIDev.tbl is absent
61CreateMemFiles(open):USBUHCD.sym is absent
62CreateMemFiles(open):USBEHCD.sym is absent
63CreateMemFiles(open):USBD.sym is absent
64CreateMemFiles(open):USBHID.sym is absent
65CreateMemFiles(open):CHKDSK.sym is absent
66CreateMemFiles(open):DANIS506.sym is absent
67CreateMemFiles(open):USBMSD.sym is absent
68CreateMemFiles(open):CHKFORCD.CMD is absent
69CreateMemFiles(open):DANIATAPI.FLT is absent
70CreateMemFiles(open):DANIATAPI.sym is absent
71CreateMemFiles(open):OS2DASD.sym is absent
72CreateMemFiles(open):OS2LVM.sym is absent
73CreateMemFiles(open):USBOHCD.sym is absent
74CreateMemFiles(open):DANIATAP.sym is absent
75CreateMemFiles(open):Load 52 files, total 1011712 bytes
77Init basedev: [OEMHLP$ ]
78Symbols linked (acpi)
79KEE Version 0x10001
81PSD_install options:" /EIS /SMP /O1" @#netlabs dot org:3.14#@ACPI core PSD Driver. (c) netlabs.org 2005-2008 Build date: Dec 11 2008 12:55:11
82MPDATA:FF800000 ESP:FF800A70 Sel:1520 UsCPU:0
83New Stack = FFE30000 Size:0x8000
85PSDFILE(open):ACPI.CFG size:000009FB
86CFG: Link [LNKE] IRQ5
87AcpiOsInitialize ALLOC size 65536 at 0xF9500000
88AcpiOsInitialize MapMem size 4096 at 0xFFE68000
89AcpiOsCreateLock F9587388
90AcpiOsCreateLock F958CD54
91AcpiOsPredefinedOverride: "_REV"
92AcpiOsPredefinedOverride: "_OS_"
93AcpiOsPredefinedOverride: override to eComStation
94AcpiOsPredefinedOverride: "_GL_"
95AcpiOsPredefinedOverride: "_OSI"
96*** AcpiInitializeSubsystem Status = 0 ***
97ACPI: RSDP @ 0xF01A0/0x14 (v0 TOSHIB)
98ACPI: RSDT @ 0x7F730000/0x50 (v1 TOSHIB A0054    0x20070816 TASM 0x4010000)
99ACPI: FACP @ 0x7F73007C/0x84 (v2 TOSHIB A0054    0x20070816 TASM 0x4010000)
100ACPI: DSDT @ 0x7F730100/0x5FF2 (v2 TOSHIB A0054    0x20080108 MSFT 0x3000000)
101ACPI: FACS @ 0xEEE00/0x40
102ACPI: SSDT @ 0x7F7360F2/0x506 (v2 TOSHIB A0054    0x20061102 MSFT 0x3000000)
103ACPI: BOOT @ 0x7F730054/0x28 (v1 TOSHIB A0054    0x20070816 TASM 0x4010000)
104ACPI: APIC @ 0x7F736A8E/0x68 (v1 TOSHIB A0054    0x20070816 TASM 0x4010000)
105ACPI: MCFG @ 0x7F736AF6/0x3C (v1 TOSHIB A0054    0x20070816 TASM 0x4010000)
106ACPI: HPET @ 0x7F736B66/0x38 (v1 TOSHIB A0054    0x20070816 TASM 0x4010000)
107ACPI: TCPA @ 0x7F736D14/0x32 (v2 TOSHIB A0054    0x20070816 TASM 0x4010000)
108ACPI: SLIC @ 0x7F736B9E/0x176 (v1 TOSHIB A0054    0x20070816 TASM 0x4010000)
109ACPI: SSDT @ 0x7F7377E5/0x5E1 (v2 TOSHIB A0054    0x20061220 MSFT 0x3000000)
110ACPI: SSDT @ 0x7F736D46/0x76 (v2 TOSHIB A0054    0x20051021 MSFT 0x3000000)
111ACPI: SSDT @ 0x7F736DBC/0xA29 (v2 TOSHIB A0054    0x20061226 MSFT 0x3000000)
112*** AcpiInitializeTables Status = 0 ***
113AcpiOsTableOverride Ex:FFDFC100 New:FFE2FFA4 SIG:[DSDT]
114*** AcpiLoadTables Status = 0 ***
115Table [DSDT]
116Table [FACS]
117Table [FACP]
118Table [SSDT]
119Table [BOOT]
120Table [APIC]
121Local APIC address: FEE00000h
122System also has 8259
123APIC_PROCESSOR: ProcID 0h LocalApicID 0h - usable
124APIC_PROCESSOR: ProcID 1h LocalApicID 1h - usable
125APIC_IO: IO ApicID 1h addr FEC00000h INTI 0
126APIC_XRUPT_OVERRIDE: Bus: 0h Source 0 Global SysInt 2 - Polarity active: Bus spec Trigger by: Bus spec
127APIC_XRUPT_OVERRIDE: Bus: 0h Source 9 Global SysInt 9 - Polarity active: High 0 Trigger by: Level
128APIC_LOCAL_NMI: ProcID 0h LINT1 - Polarity active: High Trigger by: Edge
129APIC_LOCAL_NMI: ProcID 1h LINT1 - Polarity active: High Trigger by: Edge
130Table [MCFG]
131Table [HPET]
132Table [TCPA]
133Table [SLIC]
134Table [SSDT]
135Table [SSDT]
136Table [SSDT]
137Size of FACDT 244
138Type of computer - Unspecified
139System vector the SCI interrupt is wired to in 8259 mode. 9
140System port address of the SMI Command Port 0xB2
141The value to write to SMI_CMD to disable SMI   0x71
142The value to write to SMI_CMD to re-enable SMI 0x70
143The value to write to SMI_CMD to enter the S4BIOS state 0x0
144System port address of the PM1a Event Register Block D800
145System port address of the PM1b Event Register Block 0
146Number of bytes decoded by PM1a_EVT_BLK(PM1_EVT_LEN) 4
147System port address of the PM1a Control Register Block D804
148System port address of the PM1b Control Register Block 0
149Number of bytes decoded by PM1a_CNT_BLK (PM1_CNT_LEN) 2
150System port address of the PM2 Control Register Block D820
151Number of bytes decoded by PM2_CNT_BLK 1
152System port address of the Power Management Timer Control Register Block D808
153Number of bytes decoded by PM_TMR_BLK (=4) 4
154System port address of General-Purpose Event 0 Register Block D828
155System port address of General-Purpose Event 1 Register Block 0
156Number of bytes decoded by GPE0_BLK 0x8
157Number of bytes decoded by GPE1_BLK 0x0
158Offset within the ACPI general-purpose event model where GPE1 based events start 0
159GPE enable register: 0: 0: 0: 0
160GPE status register: 0: 80: C1: 2D
161The system does not support a C2 state. 7FFF
162The system does not support a C3 state 7FFF
163The zero-based index of where the processor's duty cycle setting is within the processor's P_CNT register 1
164The RTC CMOS RAM index to the day-of-month alarm value 13
165The RTC CMOS RAM index to the month of year alarm value 126
166IA-PC Boot Architecture Flags 0x0
167Fixed feature flags 84A5
168The reset register:
169Type of address space - System I/O
170Register Bit Width  8
171Register Bit Offset 0
172Access size 0
173Address 178
174The value to write to the RESET_REG port to reset the system FE
175***** Throttl Width 0 Offset 1
176evxfevnt-176 [2] Enable: Transition to ACPI mode successful
177evgpeblk-1113 [4] EvCreateGpeBlock: GPE 0 to 1F [_GPE] 4 regs on int 0x9
178AcpiOsInstallIntterrupHandler IRQ9 handler F9570C3D
179** AcpiEnableSubsystem Status = 0
180AcpiOsDerivePCIID([PCI0] ,[ICH3],) Bus:0 Dev:31 Fun:0 - Derive: Bus:0 Dev:31 Fun:0
181AcpiOsDerivePCIID([PCI0] ,[PEXB],) Bus:0 Dev:28 Fun:1 - Derive: Bus:0 Dev:28 Fun:1
182** Scan EC Status = 0
183ACPI Error (dsobject-590): Package List length (C) larger than NumElements count (1), truncated
184 [20081031]
185AcpiOsDerivePCIID([PCI0] ,[IGDR],) Bus:0 Dev:2 Fun:0 - Derive: Bus:0 Dev:2 Fun:0
186AcpiOsDerivePCIID([PCI0] ,[IGDP],) Bus:0 Dev:2 Fun:0 - Derive: Bus:0 Dev:2 Fun:0
187evgpeblk-1213 [3] EvInitializeGpeBlock: Found 7 Wake, Enabled 5 Runtime GPEs in this block
188** AcpiInitializeObjects mask:0 Status = 0
189Processor [CPU0]
190Processor [CPU1]
191Status 0x0 0
193Init ACPI rc=0
194APIC0 phys FEC00000 lin: FFE49000 APIC ID 0 (170020) Ver 20 MaxIO entry 0x17 (170020) Arbitration ID 0 set to (170020) 0 Id  (1000000) 1
195Set 24 lines from IRQ0
196WakeupVector Lin: FFE48000 Phys: 69000 IPIStack:FFE46000 s_cpu:0
197GetWakeupVector Status = 0
199PSDEnter rc=0000
201ProcInit CPU0
202LApic ID:0x0: ver 0x50014
203Max LVT=6
204ACPI: SSDT @ 0x7F736969/0x6C (v2 TOSHIB A0054    0x20060921 MSFT 0x3000000)
205Status Evaluate Processor PDC 0x0 AE_OK
206Status Evaluate Processor 0x0 AE_OK
207Usable:2 Counter:0
208 CPU id to N:0
209 ProcId:     0x0
210 P_BLK:      0xD810
211 P_BLK len:  0x6
212CPU0 Status Evaluate _PCT 0x5 AE_NOT_FOUND
213CPU0 Status Evaluate _CST 0x0 AE_OK
214_CST has 4 Cstates
215 C1State control:  0x0
216 Latency: 1 uSec
217 Power consuption: 1000 mWatt
218 C2State control:  0xD814
219 Latency: 1 uSec
220 Power consuption: 500 mWatt
221 C3State control:  0xD815
222 Latency: 17 uSec
223 Power consuption: 250 mWatt
224 C3State control:  0xD816
225 Latency: 57 uSec
226 Power consuption: 100 mWatt
227End init CPU0 rc:0
228PSDEnter rc=0000
229StartProcessor: CPU1 id 1
230StartProcessor: Warm Vector:18000260, BootCode.Lin:0xFFE48000, BootCode.Phys:0x69000
231StartProcessor 1 id:1 LAPICid:1
232Wait INI App Proc
233Send SIPI1
234StartProcessor success SIPI1
235PSDEnter rc=0000
236ProcInit CPU1
237LApic ID:0x1000000: ver 0x50014
238Max LVT=6
239End Startup code
240Set HLT duration as IOdelay:0x223
241ACPI: SSDT @ 0x7F7369D5/0x79 (v2 TOSHIB A0054    0x20060921 MSFT 0x3000000)
242Status Evaluate Processor PDC 0x0 AE_OK
243Status Evaluate Processor 0x0 AE_OK
244Usable:2 Counter:1
245 CPU id to N:1
246 ProcId:     0x1
247 P_BLK:      0xD810
248 P_BLK len:  0x6
249CPU1 Status Evaluate _PCT 0x5 AE_NOT_FOUND
250CPU1 Status Evaluate _CST 0x0 AE_OK
251_CST has 4 Cstates
252 C1State control:  0x0
253 Latency: 1 uSec
254 Power consuption: 1000 mWatt
255 C2State control:  0xD814
256 Latency: 1 uSec
257 Power consuption: 500 mWatt
258 C3State control:  0xD815
259 Latency: 17 uSec
260 Power consuption: 250 mWatt
261 C3State control:  0xD816
262 Latency: 57 uSec
263 Power consuption: 100 mWatt
264End init CPU1 rc:0
265CPU1 waiting end of boot
268Init basedev: [RESMGR$ ]
269Init basedev: [CLOCK$  ]
271Symbols linked (screen01)
272Init basedev: [SCREEN$ ]
273Debug buffer lock rc=32799