wiki:4OS2 News Archive

20111120 3.08 released

Fix for ticket#14 - CDWithoutBackslash=2 breaks some scripts

20110123 3.06 released

Most notable fix is cd into directories which names contains [ now works

20100415 3.05A released

  • added Alt-F4 hotkey to close 4os2
  • enabled type on device

See readme.1st for more fixes/changes

20100207 3.05Arc4

Again a few LFS problems are fixed. Experimental code to enable type on devices (f.i. type ibms506$ /P/L)

20090904 3.05Arc3

New package for testing. LargeFile? support with dir command should be fixed finally. New is a wrapper code which detects if the underlying OS supports files >2GB. Benefit is, 4os2 works again on older OS/2 versions like Warp3.

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