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4os2 is a command processor replacement with a lot of extensions to cmd.exe. See the home page at netlabs for more infos.

From here you can report bugs and view your tickets.

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Feedback and Support

If you find bugs, please create a New Ticket.

You must be logged into TRAC to create tickets. Please login with your Netlabs login id. If you do not have a login id, you can request one at If you have troubles acquiring a Netlabs login id send an e-mail to Netlabs Community Mailing List.

The support mailing list is at 4OS/2 Users Mailing List. To subscribe to the user support mailing list, send mail to Subscribe to 4OS2 Users Mailing List. The subject and body can be empty. You will receive a response which you must reply to to complete the process.

Use the support mailing list for both user and developer discussions. If the developer traffic gets too high, we will create a separate developer's mailing list.

This list is an EzMLM mailing lists. If you need help subscribing, see Netlabs Mailing Lists.

Like all Netlabs Mailing Lists, these lists are mirrored to Gmane. The support list is mirrored at 4os2 user.

Building 4OS2

Sources are in the perforce repository at Current builds of 4os2 are made with OpenWatcom1.8

20200612 AB: As our Perforce client P4 seems to do not work well anymore I created a GIT repository at Currently this is a snapshot from the sources as of end of May 2020. You can clone it with 'git clone'. Unfortunately there is no easy way to export the version history from Perforce and import it into GIT. Currently it is not decided how we will handle this in future. Steven seems still be able to use perforce but I can't. At least not on OS/2.


OS/2 window with 4OS2


  • Andreas Buchinger
  • Michal Necasek
  • Steven Levine

If we forgot anyone, please let us know. It was unintentional.

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