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[22]1<html><head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"><title>vfs_recycle</title><link rel="stylesheet" href="samba.css" type="text/css"><meta name="generator" content="DocBook XSL Stylesheets V1.68.1"></head><body bgcolor="white" text="black" link="#0000FF" vlink="#840084" alink="#0000FF"><div class="refentry" lang="en"><a name="vfs_recycle.8"></a><div class="titlepage"></div><div class="refnamediv"><h2>Name</h2><p>vfs_recycle &#8212; Samba VFS recycle bin</p></div><div class="refsynopsisdiv"><h2>Synopsis</h2><div class="cmdsynopsis"><p><code class="command">vfs objects = recycle</code> </p></div></div><div class="refsect1" lang="en"><a name="id263118"></a><h2>DESCRIPTION</h2><p>This VFS module is part of the
2        <a href="samba.7.html"><span class="citerefentry"><span class="refentrytitle">samba</span>(7)</span></a> suite.</p><p>The <span><strong class="command">vfs_recycle</strong></span> intercepts file deletion
3        requests and moves the affected files to a temporary repository
4        rather than deleting them immediately. This gives the same effect
5        as the Recycle Bin on Windows computers. </p><p>The Recycle Bin will not appear in Windows Explorer
6        views of the network file system (share) nor on any mapped
7        drive. Instead, a directory called .recycle will be automatically
8        created when the first file is deleted and recycle:repository is
9        not configured. If recycle:repository is configured, the name
10        of the created directory depends on recycle:repository. Users
11        can recover files from the recycle bin. If the recycle:keeptree
12        option has been specified, deleted files will be found in a path
13        identical with that from which the file was deleted.  </p><p>This module is stackable.</p></div><div class="refsect1" lang="en"><a name="id231128"></a><h2>OPTIONS</h2><div class="variablelist"><dl><dt><span class="term">recycle:repository = PATH</span></dt><dd><p>Path of the directory where deleted files should be moved.
14                </p><p>If this option is not set, the default path .recycle
15                is used. </p></dd><dt><span class="term">recycle:directory_mode = MODE</span></dt><dd><p>Set MODE to the octal mode the recycle repository
16                should be created with.  The recycle repository will be
17                created when first file is deleted. If recycle:subdir_mode
18                is not set, MODE also applies to subdirectories.
19                </p><p>If this option is not set, the default mode
20                0700 is used. </p></dd><dt><span class="term">recycle:subdir_mode = MODE</span></dt><dd><p>Set MODE to the octal mode with which
21                sub directories of the recycle repository should be created.
22                </p><p>If this option is not set, subdirectories
23                will be created with the mode from recycle:directory_mode.
24                </p></dd><dt><span class="term">recycle:keeptree = BOOL</span></dt><dd><p>Specifies whether the directory structure should
25                be preserved or whether the files in a directory that is being
26                deleted should be kept separately in the repository.
27                </p></dd><dt><span class="term">recycle:versions = BOOL</span></dt><dd><p>If this option is True, two files with the same
28                name that are deleted will both be kept in the repository.
29                Newer deleted versions of a file will be called
30                "Copy #x of filename".
31                </p></dd><dt><span class="term">recycle:touch = BOOL</span></dt><dd><p>Specifies whether a file's access date should be
32                updated when the file is moved to the repository.
33                </p></dd><dt><span class="term">recycle:touch_mtime = BOOL</span></dt><dd><p>Specifies whether a file's last modified date should be
34                updated when the file is moved to the repository.
35                </p></dd><dt><span class="term">recycle:minsize = BYTES</span></dt><dd><p>Files that are smaller than the number of bytes
36                specified by this parameter will not be put into the
37                repository.
38                </p></dd><dt><span class="term">recycle:maxsize = BYTES</span></dt><dd><p>Files that are larger than the number of bytes
39                specified by this parameter will not be put into the
40                repository.
41                </p></dd><dt><span class="term">recycle:exclude = LIST</span></dt><dd><p>List of files that should not be put into the
42                repository when deleted, but deleted in the normal way.
[26]43                Wildcards such as * and ? are supported.
[22]44                </p></dd><dt><span class="term">recycle:exclude_dir = LIST</span></dt><dd><p>List of directories whose files should not be put
45                into the repository when deleted, but deleted in the
[26]46                normal way. Wildcards such as * and ? are supported.
[22]47                </p></dd><dt><span class="term">recycle:noversions = LIST</span></dt><dd><p>Specifies a list of paths (wildcards such as *
48                and ? are supported) for which no versioning should
49                be used. Only useful when recycle:versions is enabled.
[26]50                </p></dd></dl></div></div><div class="refsect1" lang="en"><a name="id231521"></a><h2>EXAMPLES</h2><p>Log operations on all shares using the LOCAL1 facility
[22]51        and NOTICE priority:</p><pre class="programlisting">
52        <em class="parameter"><code>[global]</code></em>
[26]53        <a class="indexterm" name="id231540"></a>vfs objects = recycle
54        <a class="indexterm" name="id230494"></a>recycle:facility = LOCAL1
55        <a class="indexterm" name="id230501"></a>recycle:priority = NOTICE
[22]56</pre></div><div class="refsect1" lang="en"><a name="id230510"></a><h2>VERSION</h2><p>This man page is correct for version 3.0.25 of the Samba suite.
[26]57        </p></div><div class="refsect1" lang="en"><a name="id230521"></a><h2>AUTHOR</h2><p>The original Samba software and related utilities
[22]58        were created by Andrew Tridgell. Samba is now developed
59        by the Samba Team as an Open Source project similar
60        to the way the Linux kernel is developed.</p></div></div></body></html>
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