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1<html><head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"><title>vfs_recycle</title><link rel="stylesheet" href="samba.css" type="text/css"><meta name="generator" content="DocBook XSL Stylesheets V1.68.1"></head><body bgcolor="white" text="black" link="#0000FF" vlink="#840084" alink="#0000FF"><div class="refentry" lang="en"><a name="vfs_recycle.8"></a><div class="titlepage"></div><div class="refnamediv"><h2>Name</h2><p>vfs_recycle &#8212; Samba VFS recycle bin</p></div><div class="refsynopsisdiv"><h2>Synopsis</h2><div class="cmdsynopsis"><p><code class="command">vfs objects = recycle</code> </p></div></div><div class="refsect1" lang="en"><a name="id263118"></a><h2>DESCRIPTION</h2><p>This VFS module is part of the
2        <a href="samba.7.html"><span class="citerefentry"><span class="refentrytitle">samba</span>(7)</span></a> suite.</p><p>The <span><strong class="command">vfs_recycle</strong></span> intercepts file deletion
3        requests and moves the affected files to a temporary repository
4        rather than deleting them immediately. This gives the same effect
5        as the Recycle Bin on Windows computers. </p><p>The Recycle Bin will not appear in Windows Explorer
6        views of the network file system (share) nor on any mapped
7        drive. Instead, a directory called .recycle will be automatically
8        created when the first file is deleted and recycle:repository is
9        not configured. If recycle:repository is configured, the name
10        of the created directory depends on recycle:repository. Users
11        can recover files from the recycle bin. If the recycle:keeptree
12        option has been specified, deleted files will be found in a path
13        identical with that from which the file was deleted.  </p><p>This module is stackable.</p></div><div class="refsect1" lang="en"><a name="id231128"></a><h2>OPTIONS</h2><div class="variablelist"><dl><dt><span class="term">recycle:repository = PATH</span></dt><dd><p>Path of the directory where deleted files should be moved.
14                </p><p>If this option is not set, the default path .recycle
15                is used. </p></dd><dt><span class="term">recycle:directory_mode = MODE</span></dt><dd><p>Set MODE to the octal mode the recycle repository
16                should be created with.  The recycle repository will be
17                created when first file is deleted. If recycle:subdir_mode
18                is not set, MODE also applies to subdirectories.
19                </p><p>If this option is not set, the default mode
20                0700 is used. </p></dd><dt><span class="term">recycle:subdir_mode = MODE</span></dt><dd><p>Set MODE to the octal mode with which
21                sub directories of the recycle repository should be created.
22                </p><p>If this option is not set, subdirectories
23                will be created with the mode from recycle:directory_mode.
24                </p></dd><dt><span class="term">recycle:keeptree = BOOL</span></dt><dd><p>Specifies whether the directory structure should
25                be preserved or whether the files in a directory that is being
26                deleted should be kept separately in the repository.
27                </p></dd><dt><span class="term">recycle:versions = BOOL</span></dt><dd><p>If this option is True, two files with the same
28                name that are deleted will both be kept in the repository.
29                Newer deleted versions of a file will be called
30                "Copy #x of filename".
31                </p></dd><dt><span class="term">recycle:touch = BOOL</span></dt><dd><p>Specifies whether a file's access date should be
32                updated when the file is moved to the repository.
33                </p></dd><dt><span class="term">recycle:touch_mtime = BOOL</span></dt><dd><p>Specifies whether a file's last modified date should be
34                updated when the file is moved to the repository.
35                </p></dd><dt><span class="term">recycle:maxsize = BYTES</span></dt><dd><p>Files that are larger than the number of bytes
36                specified by this parameter will not be put into the
37                repository.
38                </p></dd><dt><span class="term">recycle:exclude = LIST</span></dt><dd><p>List of files that should not be put into the
39                repository when deleted, but deleted in the normal way.
40                </p></dd><dt><span class="term">recycle:exclude_dir = LIST</span></dt><dd><p>List of directories whose files should not be put
41                into the repository when deleted, but deleted in the
42                normal way.
43                </p></dd><dt><span class="term">recycle:noversions = LIST</span></dt><dd><p>Specifies a list of paths (wildcards such as *
44                and ? are supported) for which no versioning should
45                be used. Only useful when recycle:versions is enabled.
46                </p></dd></dl></div></div><div class="refsect1" lang="en"><a name="id231506"></a><h2>EXAMPLES</h2><p>Log operations on all shares using the LOCAL1 facility
47        and NOTICE priority:</p><pre class="programlisting">
48        <em class="parameter"><code>[global]</code></em>
49        <a class="indexterm" name="id231525"></a>vfs objects = recycle
50        <a class="indexterm" name="id231532"></a>recycle:facility = LOCAL1
51        <a class="indexterm" name="id231539"></a>recycle:priority = NOTICE
52</pre></div><div class="refsect1" lang="en"><a name="id230495"></a><h2>VERSION</h2><p>This man page is correct for version 3.0.25 of the Samba suite.
53        </p></div><div class="refsect1" lang="en"><a name="id230506"></a><h2>AUTHOR</h2><p>The original Samba software and related utilities
54        were created by Andrew Tridgell. Samba is now developed
55        by the Samba Team as an Open Source project similar
56        to the way the Linux kernel is developed.</p></div></div></body></html>
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