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1<html><head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"><title>smbcontrol</title><link rel="stylesheet" href="samba.css" type="text/css"><meta name="generator" content="DocBook XSL Stylesheets V1.68.1"></head><body bgcolor="white" text="black" link="#0000FF" vlink="#840084" alink="#0000FF"><div class="refentry" lang="en"><a name="smbcontrol.1"></a><div class="titlepage"></div><div class="refnamediv"><h2>Name</h2><p>smbcontrol &#8212; send messages to smbd, nmbd or winbindd processes</p></div><div class="refsynopsisdiv"><h2>Synopsis</h2><div class="cmdsynopsis"><p><code class="command">smbcontrol</code>  [-i] [-s]</p></div><div class="cmdsynopsis"><p><code class="command">smbcontrol</code>  [destination] [message-type] [parameter]</p></div></div><div class="refsect1" lang="en"><a name="id231137"></a><h2>DESCRIPTION</h2><p>This tool is part of the <a href="samba.7.html"><span class="citerefentry"><span class="refentrytitle">samba</span>(7)</span></a> suite.</p><p><span><strong class="command">smbcontrol</strong></span> is a very small program, which
2        sends messages to a <a href="smbd.8.html"><span class="citerefentry"><span class="refentrytitle">smbd</span>(8)</span></a>, a <a href="nmbd.8.html"><span class="citerefentry"><span class="refentrytitle">nmbd</span>(8)</span></a>, or a <a href="winbindd.8.html"><span class="citerefentry"><span class="refentrytitle">winbindd</span>(8)</span></a> daemon running on the system.</p></div><div class="refsect1" lang="en"><a name="id231187"></a><h2>OPTIONS</h2><div class="variablelist"><dl><dt><span class="term">-h|--help</span></dt><dd><p>Print a summary of command line options.
3</p></dd><dt><span class="term">-s &lt;configuration file&gt;</span></dt><dd><p>The file specified contains the
4configuration details required by the server.  The
5information in this file includes server-specific
6information such as what printcap file to use, as well
7as descriptions of all the services that the server is
8to provide. See <code class="filename">smb.conf</code> for more information.
9The default configuration file name is determined at
10compile time.</p></dd><dt><span class="term">-i</span></dt><dd><p>Run interactively. Individual commands
11                of the form destination message-type parameters can be entered
12                on STDIN. An empty command line or a "q" will quit the
13                program.</p></dd><dt><span class="term">destination</span></dt><dd><p>One of <em class="parameter"><code>nmbd</code></em>, <em class="parameter"><code>smbd</code></em> or a process ID.</p><p>The <em class="parameter"><code>smbd</code></em> destination causes the
14                message to "broadcast" to all smbd daemons.</p><p>The <em class="parameter"><code>nmbd</code></em> destination causes the
15                message to be sent to the nmbd daemon specified in the
16                <code class="filename"></code> file.</p><p>If a single process ID is given, the message is sent
17                to only that process.</p></dd><dt><span class="term">message-type</span></dt><dd><p>Type of message to send. See
18                the section <code class="constant">MESSAGE-TYPES</code> for details.
19                </p></dd><dt><span class="term">parameters</span></dt><dd><p>any parameters required for the message-type</p></dd></dl></div></div><div class="refsect1" lang="en"><a name="id231518"></a><h2>MESSAGE-TYPES</h2><p>Available message types are:</p><div class="variablelist"><dl><dt><span class="term">close-share</span></dt><dd><p>Order smbd to close the client
20        connections to the named share. Note that this doesn't affect client
21        connections to any other shares. This message-type takes an argument of the
22        share name for which client connections will be closed, or the
23        "*" character which will close all currently open shares.
24        This may be useful if you made changes to the access controls on the share.
25        This message can only be sent to <code class="constant">smbd</code>.</p></dd><dt><span class="term">debug</span></dt><dd><p>Set debug level to the value specified by the
26        parameter. This can be sent to any of the destinations.</p></dd><dt><span class="term">force-election</span></dt><dd><p>This message causes the <span><strong class="command">nmbd</strong></span> daemon to
27        force a new browse master election. </p></dd><dt><span class="term">ping</span></dt><dd><p>
28        Send specified number of "ping" messages and
29        wait for the same number of  reply "pong" messages. This can be sent to
30        any of the destinations.</p></dd><dt><span class="term">profile</span></dt><dd><p>Change profile settings of a daemon, based on the
31        parameter. The parameter can be "on" to turn on profile stats
32        collection, "off" to turn off profile stats collection, "count"
33        to enable only collection of count stats (time stats are
34        disabled), and "flush" to zero the current profile stats. This can
35        be sent to any smbd or nmbd destinations.</p></dd><dt><span class="term">debuglevel</span></dt><dd><p>
36        Request debuglevel of a certain daemon and write it to stdout. This
37        can be sent to any of the destinations.</p></dd><dt><span class="term">profilelevel</span></dt><dd><p>
38        Request profilelevel of a certain daemon and write it to stdout.
39        This can be sent to any smbd or nmbd destinations.</p></dd><dt><span class="term">printnotify</span></dt><dd><p>
40        Order smbd to send a printer notify message to any Windows NT clients
41        connected to a printer. This message-type takes the following arguments:
42        </p><div class="variablelist"><dl><dt><span class="term">queuepause printername</span></dt><dd><p>Send a queue pause change notify
43            message to the printer specified.</p></dd><dt><span class="term">queueresume printername</span></dt><dd><p>Send a queue resume change notify
44            message for the printer specified.</p></dd><dt><span class="term">jobpause printername unixjobid</span></dt><dd><p>Send a job pause change notify
45            message for the printer and unix jobid
46            specified.</p></dd><dt><span class="term">jobresume printername unixjobid</span></dt><dd><p>Send a job resume change notify
47            message for the printer and unix jobid
48            specified.</p></dd><dt><span class="term">jobdelete printername unixjobid</span></dt><dd><p>Send a job delete change notify
49            message for the printer and unix jobid
50            specified.</p></dd></dl></div><p>
51        Note that this message only sends notification that an
52        event has occured.  It doesn't actually cause the
53        event to happen.
54        </p><p>This message can only be sent to <code class="constant">smbd</code>. </p></dd><dt><span class="term">samsync</span></dt><dd><p>Order smbd to synchronise sam database from PDC (being BDC). Can only be sent to <code class="constant">smbd</code>. </p><div class="note" style="margin-left: 0.5in; margin-right: 0.5in;"><h3 class="title">Note</h3><p>Not working at the moment</p></div></dd><dt><span class="term">samrepl</span></dt><dd><p>Send sam replication message, with specified serial. Can only be sent to <code class="constant">smbd</code>. Should not be used manually.</p></dd><dt><span class="term">dmalloc-mark</span></dt><dd><p>Set a mark for dmalloc. Can be sent to both smbd and nmbd. Only available if samba is built with dmalloc support. </p></dd><dt><span class="term">dmalloc-log-changed</span></dt><dd><p>
55        Dump the pointers that have changed since the mark set by dmalloc-mark.
56        Can be sent to both smbd and nmbd. Only available if samba is built with dmalloc support. </p></dd><dt><span class="term">shutdown</span></dt><dd><p>Shut down specified daemon. Can be sent to both smbd and nmbd.</p></dd><dt><span class="term">pool-usage</span></dt><dd><p>Print a human-readable description of all
57        talloc(pool) memory usage by the specified daemon/process. Available
58        for both smbd and nmbd.</p></dd><dt><span class="term">drvupgrade</span></dt><dd><p>Force clients of printers using specified driver
59        to update their local version of the driver. Can only be
60        sent to smbd.</p></dd><dt><span class="term">reload-config</span></dt><dd><p>Force daemon to reload smb.conf configuration file. Can be sent
61        to <code class="constant">smbd</code>, <code class="constant">nmbd</code>, or <code class="constant">winbindd</code>.
62        </p></dd></dl></div></div><div class="refsect1" lang="en"><a name="id271888"></a><h2>VERSION</h2><p>This man page is correct for version 3.0 of
63        the Samba suite.</p></div><div class="refsect1" lang="en"><a name="id271898"></a><h2>SEE ALSO</h2><p><a href="nmbd.8.html"><span class="citerefentry"><span class="refentrytitle">nmbd</span>(8)</span></a> and <a href="smbd.8.html"><span class="citerefentry"><span class="refentrytitle">smbd</span>(8)</span></a>.</p></div><div class="refsect1" lang="en"><a name="id271923"></a><h2>AUTHOR</h2><p>The original Samba software and related utilities
64        were created by Andrew Tridgell. Samba is now developed
65        by the Samba Team as an Open Source project similar
66        to the way the Linux kernel is developed.</p><p>The original Samba man pages were written by Karl Auer.
67        The man page sources were converted to YODL format (another
68        excellent piece of Open Source software, available at <a href="" target="_top">
69</a>) and updated for the Samba 2.0
70        release by Jeremy Allison.  The conversion to DocBook for
71        Samba 2.2 was done by Gerald Carter. The conversion to DocBook XML 4.2 for
72        Samba 3.0 was done by Alexander Bokovoy.</p></div></div></body></html>
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