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2The current Samba codebase possesses the capability to use groups of WINS
3servers that share a common namespace for NetBIOS name registration and
4resolution.  The formal parameter syntax is
5</p><pre class="programlisting">
7        WINS_SERVER_PARAM       = "wins server"
8        SERVER                  = ADDR[:TAG]
9        ADDR                    = ip_addr | fqdn
10        TAG                     = string
11        SEPARATOR               = comma | \s+
14A simple example of a valid wins server setting is
15</p><pre class="programlisting">
17        wins server =
19In the event that no TAG is defined in for a SERVER in the list, smbd assigns a default
20TAG of "*".  A TAG is used to group servers of a shared NetBIOS namespace together.  Upon
21startup, nmbd will attempt to register the netbios name value with one server in each
22tagged group.
24An example using tags to group WINS servers together is show here.  Note that the use of
25interface names in the tags is only by convention and is not a technical requirement.
26</p><pre class="programlisting">
28        wins server =
30Using this configuration, nmbd would attempt to register the server's NetBIOS name
31with one WINS server in each group.  Because the "eth0" group has two servers, the
32second server would only be used when a registration (or resolution) request to
33the first server in that group timed out.
35NetBIOS name resolution follows a similar pattern as name registration.  When resolving
36a NetBIOS name via WINS, smbd and other Samba programs will attempt to query a single WINS
37server in a tagged group until either a positive response is obtained at least once or
38until a server from every tagged group has responded negatively to the name query request.
39If a timeout occurs when querying a specific WINS server, that server is marked as down to
40prevent further timeouts and the next server in the WINS group is contacted.  Once marked as
41dead, Samba will not attempt to contact that server for name registration/resolution queries
42for a period of 10 minutes.
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