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    1 This is Qt version 4.6.3 for OS/2 and eCS.
     1This is Qt version 4.7.3 for OS/2 and eCS.
    33This document contains a brief information on the OS/2 version of the Qt
    1111To get a brief list of OS/2-specific changes from release to release
    1212please see the CHANGES.OS2 file included in this distribution.
    14 Please note that this version is binary incompatible with previous versions of
    15 Qt 4 for OS/2! This is not a behavior of the original Qt library (where versions
    16 with the same major number are usually binary compatible), but it is due to the
    17 fact that we continue to add missing features to the OS/2 version ot Qt and this
    18 cannot be done witout breaking the binary compatibility. On practice, this means
    19 that you need to recompile your applications with the new version of the Qt
    20 library in order to make them work with it.
    242234COMPILING QT
    244 You should skip this section if you installed the Qt development libraries using
    245 the WPI archive (that already contains compiled release versions of the
    246 libraries) and proceed directly to the next section.
    248236When the environment is set up as described above, you may build the Qt library.
    349337     In order to nicely solve this problem, provides the official
    350      binary builds of the Qt library distributed as WPI archives which are
     338     binary builds of the Qt library distributed as RPM packages which are
    351339     described in the next section.
    357 For your convenience, provides the following binary distributions
    358 of the Qt library (where X_Y_Z is the Qt version number) distributed as WPI
    359 archives:
    361   qt-lib-X_Y_Z.wpi   - Runtime DLLs and binaries ("lib" archive)
    362   qt-dev-X_Y_Z.wpi   - Development libraries, tools and headers ("dev" archive)
    364 These archives are called the official binary archives of the Qt library for
    365 OS/2. An official binary archive contains the most complete Qt build that
    366 enables all features of the Qt library and includes all standard Qt plugins
    367 implemented for the OS/2 platform at the time of the release.
    369 The "lib" archive contains the release versions of DLLs (and may contain a few
    370 helper binaries) necessary to run applications created using the Qt framework.
    371 This package is usually installed by end users together with Qt applications
    372 they want to use.
    374 The "dev" archive contains pre-built release versions of import libraries and
    375 a complete set of C++ include headers of the Qt framework. This package is used
    376 by developers and porters of Qt applications to build release versions of the
    377 applications that are binary compatibie with the Qt runtime provided by the
    378 official "lib" archive described above. Using the "dev" package requires the
    379 same environment as described in section "SETTING UP THE ENVIRONMET" above.
    381 Please note again that the "dev" archive is intended to make a final release
    382 build of the Qt application which you do when you decide to ship a new version
    383 to the end users -- makes sure that the deployed application will share the same
    384 Qt runtime with other Qt applications. However, for daily work it is highly
    385 recommended that you build the debug version of the Qt library yourself (using
    386 the full source code ZIP archive or directly from SVN) as described in section
    387 "COMPILING QT").
    389 Besides the "lib" and the "dev" archives, the following official archives exist
    390 that you may also find useful:
    392   qt-examples-X_Y_Z.wpi  - Demo and example sources ("examples")
    394 The "examples" archive contains the source code and compiled binaries of the
    395 demo and example applications shipped with Qt. They serve as a good
    396 demonstration of the Qt library features and it is recommended to look at them.
    397 The binaries are compiled using the official "lib" archive. Please note that
    398 some demos and examples may miss from the arcvhice since not all features have
    399 been implemented in the OS/2 version of Qt yet.
    401 NOTE:
    403      All .DLL and .EXE files of the official binary build contain a DESCRIPTION
    404      string with the vendor field set to "" (by contrast, all custom
    405      Qt builds will set the vendor field to what the USER environment variable
    406      contains or to "anonymous" if USER is not set). Please note that you must
    407      NOT set vendor to "" when creating your own builds of the Qt
    408      library because it will make it difficult to identify various distributions
    409      and track possible problems with the builds.
     345For your convenience, provides all components of the Qt toolkit in
     346the form of RPM packages. You may install latest versions of these packages
     347from the RPM repositories using the YUM tool. For example, this
     350     yum install qt4-devel-kit
     352will install the complete Qt development environment, including headers,
     353libraries, tools, examples and the Qt API documentaiton.
     355This environment is also a proper way to build Qt applications you want to
     356distribute because it guarantees that a proper version of the Qt runtime will
     357be used by your applications when they are installed on the end user's machine.
     359Buiding applications using this development environment is similar to using
     360your own build of Qt but it is simpler in many ways because you don't need to
     361set up paths to Qt tools and libraries and so on -- the RPM installation
     362procedure will do this for you.
     364If you don't have YUM or RPM installed, please visit the following page to
     365learn how to do that:
    665624     - multimedia module (QT_NO_MULTIMEDIA is defined).
    666625     - OpenGL module (QT_NO_OPENGL is defined).
    667      - declarative module (QT_NO_DECLARATIVE is defined).
    668626     - tablet support (QT_NO_TABLET is defined).
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