Apr 1, 2019:

6:09 AM Changeset [428] by ataylor
HelpMgr?.dll: disable farcalls optimizations when linking (per SHL).

Mar 30, 2019:

5:30 AM Ticket #57 (Online help includes History heading on first page, but no history) created by lewisr
This should be corrected in the next rev of the help file (either …

Mar 29, 2019:

4:52 AM Changeset [427] by ataylor
Updated Spanish Newview help

Mar 14, 2019:

2:45 AM Ticket #56 (Installer doesn't replace or update existing WPS object properly) created by xynixme
If a NewView WPS program object already exists in eCS 1.2 NL's …
2:35 AM Ticket #55 (False duplicates warning, incomplete install) created by xynixme
With eCS 1.2 (default setup) and an old copy of NEWVIEW.EXE, the …

Mar 12, 2019:

5:10 PM Changeset [426] by ataylor
Tagged release 2.19.5
4:49 PM Changeset [425] by ataylor
Updated old-style installer for compatibility with existing …
4:48 PM Changeset [424] by ataylor
Disable pmprintf in newview.dll, fixes DLL loading problem on some systems

Mar 5, 2019:

3:00 AM Changeset [423] by ataylor
Updated release and dev notes. New reformatted readme.txt based on …

Mar 3, 2019:

8:19 PM Changeset [422] by ataylor
Added Spanish NLS files (from Alfredo aka MrWarper?).

Mar 1, 2019:

8:09 PM Changeset [421] by ataylor
DBCS character boundary detection for cursor positioning logic.

Feb 28, 2019:

4:17 AM Changeset [420] by ataylor
Improve DBCS string width calculations, other small tweaks.

Feb 25, 2019:

9:00 PM Changeset [419] by ataylor
NewView uses "Helv Combined" as default text font when running on DBCS OS.
8:34 PM Changeset [418] by ataylor
Experimental new logic to try and fix DBCS text wrapping.
6:46 PM Changeset [417] by ataylor
Add local .SPR files to svn:ignore

Feb 24, 2019:

8:04 PM Changeset [416] by ataylor
(ConfigApps?) Centre window on startup.
6:05 PM Changeset [415] by ataylor
Updated ConfigApps? readme and licence files
5:40 AM Ticket #54 ((Building) Cannot add required components to Sibyl IDE) closed by ataylor
5:24 AM Changeset [414] by ataylor
(ConfigApps?) Implement NLS; fix icon rendering problem; tweak default …

Feb 22, 2019:

1:44 AM Changeset [413] by ataylor
Revamp of build system, and added ConfigApps? to repository.
1:42 AM Changeset [412] by ataylor
Create branch for current trunk prior to code & build system …

Feb 12, 2019:

9:03 PM Changeset [411] by rbri
% ignore child nodes before the first root node because the org viewer …

Jan 8, 2019:

2:18 AM Ticket #54 ((Building) Cannot add required components to Sibyl IDE) created by ataylor
Trying to set up a NewView build environment with Speedsoft Sibyl …
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