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#381 cannot open multiple documents simultaneously Backend 1.5.0 1.5.0 defect Lewis Rosenthal assigned Feb 9, 2020 Dec 8, 2020 erdmann

Lucide 1.5.0:

can only open one PDF. Opening a second one with first one still open leads to error: "cannot find suitable plugin for document" and a zombie lucide.exe will continue to execute in the background which needs to be killed via the C-A-D commander or similar

#374 Postscript Printer Xerox Phaser 8550DP prints PS-code only! Backend 1.4.0 1.4.1 defect Lewis Rosenthal assigned Mar 4, 2019 Apr 2, 2020 Pecos8

The Arca system is up to date (5.03 and yum).

But Lucide is only usable, if with PMVIEW a screenshot is taken and printed with PMVIEW.

Thanks for Your efforts.

#379 Postscript Printer Lexmark C792 always printed double-sided Printing 1.5.0 1.5.1 defect Lewis Rosenthal assigned Jun 19, 2019 Apr 2, 2020 Rolf

Even the latest version of Lucide (v1.5.0_GA) has the problem that my color laser is always printed double-sided. For example, a two-sided text is always printed on one sheet only.

Lexmark C792 SLPR1
PSCRIPT v30.822
PSCRIPT.Lexmark C750

#254 edited fill-in pdfs display/print old data Plugin: PDF 1.3 1.4.1 defect Gregg Young assigned Mar 15, 2013 Mar 1, 2019 Steven Levine

If a field in a saved fill-in pdf is edited, the old data reappears after the pdf is saved and reloaded. This is probably a poppler defect/regression. The new data is in the pdf, but so is the old data. Since pdfs are effectively read backwards, it is easy to understand how this could occur.

#274 Once a document has been Saved As, don't prompt to save the document upon closing Backend 1.3.6 1.4.1 defect Gregg Young assigned Mar 22, 2016 Feb 28, 2019 Lewis Rosenthal

PDF form fill-in. Data populated in form. Document | Save As... New name given to copy of document. Exit Lucide. Prompt appears to save the current document.

There are a few reasons for this. The most basic is that when we save a document as another document, we should then switch to that new document for editing (logically). Unfortunately, there does not yet exist a simple Save option (only Save As...), so the only opportunity we get to save the original document is upon exit. See #273 for related behavior.

#173 Cannot handle scripted PDF forms (dropdowns, etc.) Lucide Core 1.3 1.4.1 enhancement Gregg Young assigned Apr 12, 2010 Oct 5, 2018 hanno

Thanks for your great work and the feature to fill forms!

In general it works, but I have a "difficult" form with some problems (so I included a file to test):

  • If there is a pulldown menu within the PDF, no data entry is possible (see field "fur den Kalendermonat")
  • font size problems
  • calculations are not made within the form

I think it's the best to test this PDF with Acrobat Reader 5.1.0, to see how it should work.

Thanks again! Hanno

#271 Create thumbnails in background Backend 1.3.6 1.4.1 enhancement Gregg Young assigned Mar 21, 2016 Oct 5, 2018 Lewis Rosenthal

Why should the user have to wait to view a document until after the thumbnail has been created? This should run in a separate thread in the background while the document is being viewed. This would also alleviate the some of the condition caused by the slow thumbnail creation issue described in #270.

#327 Lucide 1.4.0 beta runs very slowly... Lucide Core 1.4.0 defect closed Oct 11, 2016 Jun 20, 2020 babydoc

I run eCS2.2b2. I use ANPM to install libraries. I installed Lucide 1.4.0 following all instructions as well as GMB. Lucide runs but it opens pdf pages slowly and is very slow to change pages in a pdf. It seems to run well when displaying JPGs. I have cheched and rechecked for duplicate DLLs and eliminated them.

#372 Exception when saving previously saved fill-in PDF Lucide Core 1.4.1 1.4.1 defect closed Feb 28, 2019 Apr 2, 2020 Lewis Rosenthal

I opened a PDF fill-in which was partially filled in.

I unchecked a previously checked box, and clicked the Close window control. Lucide 1.4.1 GA prompted me to save the file. I clicked Yes. TRP file produced. My change was indeed saved to the file.

#378 New project logo Wiki 1.5.0 enhancement Lewis Rosenthal closed May 27, 2019 Apr 2, 2020 Matthias Seidel

Many years ago I submitted the project logo. It looks a bit ugly now, find attached a new version.

#380 build level definition in lugbm.dll Plugin: GBM 1.4.2 defect Gregg Young closed Jun 19, 2019 Oct 26, 2019 Rolf

A small optical problem can be found in the build level definition in lugbm.dll (v1.5.0_GA)

Build Level Display Facility Version 6.12.675 Sep 25 2001 :

Signature: @#Arca Noae:${VERSION}_${BUILD}#@##...
Vendor: Arca Noae
Revision: 0.00
Date / Time: 2019-03-20 01:50:00
Build Machine: ZOBOPEEP
Language Code: EN
Country Code: US
File Version: 0.0
Description: GBM plugin for Lucide (LUGBM,GCC) Copyright...

#376 Attempting to open a PDF file causes a trap in OPENJP27 Plugin: JPG 1.4.0 1.4.1 defect closed Mar 16, 2019 Mar 29, 2019 darcio

Using Lucide 1.41 RC_4 (2019-01-08) release here. Attempting to open a Brother HL5470DW User Guide (manual) crashes Lucide.

Looking at the trap dump I find the following:

Exceptq Version: 7.11.3-shl (Jul 5 2016)

Exception C0000005 - Access Violation

Process: G:\APPS\GENERAL\LUCIDE\LUCIDE.EXE (01/08/2019 14:43:23 16,757) PID: DF (223) TID: 04 (4) Slot: D3 (211) Priority: 200

Module: OPENJP27 Filename: G:\USR\LIB\OPENJP27.DLL (11/02/2018 14:46:08 203,792) Address: 005B:10562DB2 (0001:00002DB2) Cause: Unknown access fault

So it looks like the JPG module is at fault? I flagged the ticket 'Component: Plugin:JPG', but please change if that is not correct.

I will u/l the EXCEPTQ trap file next. The problem PDF file is about 4MB in size, not sure if I can u/l for your review or not - will try, although I'm thinking the size is too big.

#273 Better file save Backend 1.3.6 1.4.1 enhancement Gregg Young closed Mar 22, 2016 Feb 28, 2019 Lewis Rosenthal

When filling in a PDF form, the only option is to Save As. Subsequent editing of the same form (now saved to a different file - and we should be able to save over the opened original document - requires yet another Save As, even to enter the same filename as last saved. This is unintuitive and clumsy.

Partially related to #167, which mainly deals with enhancing save to allow saving of individual pages, as I read it.

#338 Thumbnails: value of the cbValue field of the FEA2 structure is set incorrectly Backend 1.4.0 1.4.1 defect closed Jan 27, 2017 Feb 18, 2019 Lewis Rosenthal

This was reported by Glassman while working on an issue for the ArcaOS FOC.

We should review the thumbnail creation code.

#238 Will only save the first time entries are made into form document. Lucide Core 1.3 1.4.1 defect Gregg Young closed Jan 18, 2012 Feb 18, 2019 cliff185

This is very strange. I enter data into a form and do a "save as" and it saves it fine. Next I reopen the form and make some changes in the form data and do another "save as" and the saved file does not have the changes. It is like it keeps the original in memory and only saves that, but the changes somehow don't make it into that original in memory to be saved.

Also, after doing a "save as" of an updated form as mentioned above, when Lucide is closed it comes up with a message that the document has changed, do you want to save it. If a yes response is given the results are as above, i.e. the changes are not saved so in essence the opened form is saved again with none of the data changes.

#181 Allow Save As to save to the same file Lucide Core 1.3 1.4.1 enhancement Gregg Young closed Apr 20, 2010 Feb 18, 2019 dmik

Currently, we programmatically disable saving the viewed document under the same name (see #178 for details). We should make it possible one day. An universal method that should work for all plugins (no matter if they internally support it or not) is to:

  • Save to a temporary file in the same target directory.
  • Close the current document.
  • Delete the original file.
  • Rename the temporary file to the original name.
  • Reopen the original file.

#359 Makefile changes needed to sync with current build layout Build System 1.4.0 1.4.1 task Gregg Young closed Sep 19, 2018 Feb 18, 2019 Lewis Rosenthal

Currently, the manual makewpi.cmd used to package Lucide 1.4.0 depends upon the directory structure in that attached warpin-tree.txt (lucide.wis may just as easily be lucide.wis.tpl, and the same with the language scripts).

I'll leave it to someone else to make the changes to the Makefile. This was why the packaging changes for 1.4.0 were never committed to SVN.

See also #352.

#349 Change the "Save As" FOC behaviour to allow selection of TARGET filename UI 1.4.0 1.4.1 enhancement Gregg Young closed May 13, 2017 Feb 18, 2019 darcio

This is an Enhancement request.

I would like the ability to simply point to an existing filename as a TARGET destination in the FOC dialogue box during the "Save As" operation.

Today I can not do so, instead I have to re-type the full TARGET filename. This is tedious and replacing it with a quick "point and click" would make the saving process to much quicker.

This request may be similar to #330 (http://trac.netlabs.org/lucide/ticket/330), although I think there are specific differences here when it comes to the clean-up tasks for where there original PDF file was located (this strictly deals with on-line PDF content viewing).

#352 Remove license text from WIS (and call from pck 1) Packaging 1.4.0 1.4.1 task Gregg Young closed Feb 22, 2018 Feb 10, 2019 Lewis Rosenthal

The main WIS is way too large. These licenses should not be entered explicitly in here, and instead, should just be called from the source pack, i.e.:


#356 Display link target (link embedded in PDF) in tooltip Plugin: PDF 1.4.0 1.4.1 enhancement Gregg Young closed May 11, 2018 Jan 22, 2019 Lewis Rosenthal

Unlike a web browser, Lucide has no status bar to display the actual address (web or other document) for a hyperlink embedded in a PDF. It is currently impossible to know where the link is going beyond the text on the page (or what protocol is to be used).

Instead of implementing a status bar, I suggest just displaying the link target in a tooltip upon hover.

#365 Lucide error message at startup Lucide Core 1.4.0 1.4.1 defect Lewis Rosenthal closed Nov 2, 2018 Jan 13, 2019 mauro

after having installed the program (and all prerequisites), it works in my system but at startup a boring error mmessage comes: "WinCreateHelpInstance? failed" , then after pressed the OK gadget, it goes well. Would be much better having a clean start. Thank you

#366 When Zoom tool is in use, RMB also brings up context menu UI 1.4.1 1.4.1 defect closed Dec 9, 2018 Dec 29, 2018 Lewis Rosenthal

In 1.4.1 RC1, clicking the Zoom tool from the toolbar and then right-clicking in the document pane to zoom out causes the document's context menu to also be called. This happens for every RMB click.

Suggest we disable the context menu while the Zoom tool is in use.

#367 Find not working in some cases Backend 1.4.0 1.4.1 defect closed Dec 11, 2018 Dec 21, 2018 shmuel

I am creating a PDF file using MiKTeX and LaTeX. The output is annotated with strings of the form {label}, and I am able to copy those to the clipboard. However, a search for those strings fails.

#354 Crashes odd execution, works even execution. Backend 1.3.5 1.4.1 defect Lewis Rosenthal closed Apr 1, 2018 Dec 10, 2018 xynixme

Lucide first crashes when opening a PDF file (odd attempts), and the next time it can be executed and opens the same file (even attempts).

I am still reporting this error because v1.4.0 doesn't work here (another "ticket").

04-01-2018 11:42:41 SYS3170 PID 09ad TID 0001 Slot 00a3 D:\PRODUXI\LUCIDE.EXE c0010003 1e92f0c1 P1=00000003 P2=XXXXXXXX P3=XXXXXXXX P4=XXXXXXXX EAX=02e3beba EBX=0001154c ECX=02621830 EDX=02e341b8 ESI=00000618 EDI=00002ef3 DS=0053 DSACC=f0f3 DSLIM=ffffffff ES=0053 ESACC=f0f3 ESLIM=ffffffff FS=150b FSACC=00f3 FSLIM=00000030 GS=0000 GSACC= GSLIM= CS:EIP=005b:0c0677a4 CSACC=f0df CSLIM=ffffffff SS:ESP=0053:0012f854 SSACC=f0f3 SSLIM=ffffffff EBP=02e10000 FLG=00012202

PMMERGE.DLL 0004:000ff0c1

#353 Plug-in not found Backend 1.4.0 1.4.1 defect Lewis Rosenthal closed Mar 30, 2018 Dec 10, 2018 xynixme

After a manual install (including environment variables and pathin INI), opening any PDF file doesn't work because of, translated from memory: "Cannot find specific plug-in to display file".

It's a simple, old PDF (v1.1?) file. No PDF file works.

v1.3.5 was installed in the same directory (which tends to crash the first time a PDF file is opened).

#331 Inability to load PDF plugin leads to inability to start Lucide Lucide Core 1.4.0 1.4.1 defect closed Dec 18, 2016 Dec 10, 2018 Lewis Rosenthal

The underlying cause is not a Lucide issue, as evidenced by the following output in POPUPLOG.OS2:

12-18-2016  13:50:11  SYS2070  PID 1035  TID 0001  Slot 01b4

(We get two of those in a row.) However, the end result is that Lucide will not start (no .TRP file is created in the Lucide directory). The above condition occurred under 1.4.0 RC4.

Renaming or removing lupopplr.dll allows Lucide to start.

It would be nice if we could load (not loading is a defect) and advise the user that we were unable to load all plugins (an enhancement).

#313 Need to disable keyboard accelerators Shift-Home and Shift-End when focus is in a toolbar input field Lucide Core 1.3.6 1.4.1 defect Gregg Young closed Sep 12, 2016 Dec 10, 2018 Lewis Rosenthal

When clicking in the page number dialog in the toolbar for a lengthy document, it is expected to be able to highlight the entire page number (e.g., 1200) with Shift-Home. Unfortunately, we grab that key combination and jump to the first supported document in the directory, leaving the current document.

We should disable these accelerators when in that box, so that we do not lose the current document.

#309 Add ability to go back to the previous point (when clicking a hyperlink) Plugin: PDF 1.3.5 1.4.1 enhancement Gregg Young closed Sep 10, 2016 Dec 10, 2018 Lewis Rosenthal

Presently, clicking an internal hyperlink leaves us with no ability to return to our point of departure, unless the PDF creator was thoughtful enough to add one. We should have a <Back> button, and perhaps a <Forward> button, for completeness, remembering a list of hyperlinks, and allowing us to retrace our steps.

#306 Errant print driver causes Lucide to crash Backend 1.3.6 1.4.1 defect closed Sep 5, 2016 Dec 10, 2018 Lewis Rosenthal

The actual error is in ECUPS driver. It does appear under other apps, but it does not crash the entire application. This bug is specifically about handling such unexpected conditions more gracefully.

Opened document. Selected Print, then clicked Properties button. Set output to raw PostScript file and entered filename. Upon clicking OK, Lucide crashed with a TRP (attached).

This condition is repeatable with this driver (ECUPS 30.800) and this printer (HP LaserJet 3800).

#294 Unable to print with CUPS 1.4.8 Printing 1.3.6 1.4.1 defect Lewis Rosenthal closed Aug 22, 2016 Dec 10, 2018 Anchieri

I have installed the last version of Lucide : Lucide-1.3.6-rc1.zip and I want print to my USB printer: HP 1610 All in One, but nothing go to CUPS. It's possible to print using the normal HP DESKJET driver. With the previous version I was able to print using CUPS, almost all PDF file, in many case also with the 'BOUNDING BOX' error.

#290 Saving as does not add newly saved file to recent files list Backend 1.3.6 1.4.1 defect Gregg Young closed Aug 21, 2016 Dec 10, 2018 Lewis Rosenthal

1.3.6 RC2

Saving an opened document to a new filename does not add that new name to the recent files list. Thus, upon re-opening Lucide, the new file must be manually located and selected.

#340 Missing printer object (no printer installed) leads to program crash Backend 1.4.0 1.4.1 defect Gregg Young closed Feb 19, 2017 Dec 10, 2018 Lewis Rosenthal

Fresh install of ArcaOS beta 4.9.6. Opening a document and then selecting the option to print is fine. As soon as a print-driver-specific option is selected (portrait/landscape, margin), Lucide exits (no TRP file and no POPUPLOG entry).

Possibly related to #306.

#363 Lucide 1.4.1 beta14 renders pdf as blank pages - regression Plugin: PDF 1.4.1 1.4.1 defect closed Oct 20, 2018 Nov 5, 2018 Steven Levine

Lucide 1.4.1 beta14 renders the pdf at


as blank pages. Lucide 1.4 GA renders the document slowly, but correctly.

#364 error warning on Lucide 1.4.0 startup Backend 1.4.0 1.4.1 defect closed Nov 2, 2018 Nov 2, 2018 mauro

after having installed the program (and all prerequisites), it works in my system but at startup a boring error mmessage comes: "WinCreateHelpInstance? failed" , then after pressed the OK gadget, it goes well. Would be much better having a clean start. Thank you

#362 Crash when attempting to open nth file in a series Lucide Core 1.4.1 1.4.1 defect closed Oct 12, 2018 Oct 13, 2018 Lewis Rosenthal

Opening one PDF, then an other, then another...to the 6th or 7th file results in a program crash and TRP file (attached).

There is nothing remarkable about these PDFs, and starting the program fresh, the document which was attempted at the previous crash opens normally. These are smaller files containing no links (scanned documents, in most cases, with no OCR - just images of 2-3 pages).

I have not tested opening other types of documents in succession.

Files were opened via Ctrl-O (Shift-PgDn is not currently working in this beta - 12 - under test).

#357 Lucide crash when attempting to open a supported filetype by name which is not a supported type Plugin: GBM 1.4.1 1.4.1 defect Gregg Young closed Jul 8, 2018 Oct 3, 2018 Lewis Rosenthal

The supported filename extension list for GBM includes .img. Unfortunately, .img is also used for disk image files (not graphic files). Lucide 1.4.0 will open these files, rendering a single page with a thin line in the document window. 1.4.1, however, abends with no .TRP file and no POPUPLOG entry.


512-byte AOSBoot MBR image from ArcaOS USB stick boot. This is a raw .img file from DFSee.

The same behavior is observed when copying the .img file to another supported file type extension for the GBM plugin (e.g., .jpg). Copying the original .img to .pdf or to .djv produces the expected "File load error!" popup.

#13 REXX Interface Lucide Core 1.4.0 task Eugene Romanenko closed May 28, 2006 Oct 2, 2018 ktk

There should be a REXX interface for Lucide, this would make it possible to script certain tasks, one could even think to manipulate PDF documents or similar like this.

We have to define first how this could be done and what would make sense.

#15 Thumbnails for PDFs Plugin: PDF 1.4.0 enhancement ktk closed May 28, 2006 Oct 2, 2018 ktk

Implement PDF Thumbnails

#27 Planning Mozzilla plugin Lucide Core 1.4.0 enhancement Eugene Romanenko closed Jun 13, 2006 Oct 2, 2018 anonymous

Is planner a mozzilla pluging for substitution of Acrobat 4.05

#75 single klick to show another page in pdf Lucide Core 1.0 Beta 3 1.4.0 enhancement Eugene Romanenko closed Aug 29, 2006 Oct 2, 2018 guest

would it be possible to have a setting, so that a single klick is enough to show another page in the navigator

#77 "Add bookmark" feature Lucide Core 1.0 Beta 3 1.4.0 enhancement ktk closed Aug 30, 2006 Oct 2, 2018 guest

It would be nice to have the ability to set bookmarks, so that it is possible to quick jump between different locations within a lengthy document. These bookmarks could be stored together with a history of last recently opened files.

#84 Making translators' lives easier (almost copy & paste from my post at edg@ecomstation.nl) Lucide Core 1.0 Beta 3 1.4.0 enhancement Eugene Romanenko closed Sep 3, 2006 Oct 2, 2018 guest

[ eComStation Developer Group ] I've just had a look at the source .lng file for Lucide translation.

It's short, it's plain text, it seems to be structured... but is NOT. It's easy to produce a translation for Lucide, but not so easy to produce a good one (perhaps some defects are inherited from NewView? here?). What's wrong?

BTW, this is not intended to be a pun against Eugene Romanenko, but a constructive criticism that may be used by developers pf NLV-enabled apps to make translators' lives easier.

-Resource strings are split into groups starting with 'MENU_', 'TBHINT_' and the like. This is good, but strings within groups are hardly sorted, so you can't relate them to each other adequately (as you would if they resembled menu nesting, group boxes, etc. item order).

For example, to choose adequate mnemonics for user menus it is most convenient to have them in nested lists, ordered so that items in the list match the order in which they appear on the user menu. This happens most of the time, except that menu subgroups are shuffled around, or perhaps you are translating 'document' menu items and you suddenly find a subgroup from 'view'...

-Strings from each group can be related to strings in other groups. An obvious example is items-toolbar hint pairs. While it is very sensible to group menu items, it makes a little less sense to group hints, except perhaps for length comparison.

Parhaps a good solution would be a 2-column table for each app element (such as the user menu or dialog boxes) ordered by item (first column), with item-hint couples in each row. Of course, I mean user-editable columns; obviously there should be column for IDs, etc...

Just $0.02 more.

Regards, Alfredo.

#85 lucide as viewer for .dwf format? Lucide Core 1.0 Beta 3 1.4.0 enhancement Eugene Romanenko closed Sep 5, 2006 Oct 2, 2018 guest

I'm looking for and OS/2 viewer for the .dwf format (for industrial drawings etc.) Will lucide be able to do that? TIA

#91 encrypted documents Plugin: PDF 1.0 Beta 3 1.4.0 enhancement closed Sep 15, 2006 Oct 2, 2018 guest

is it possible to enhance the pdf part, so that encrypted documents could be read?

#116 Tabbed user interface Lucide Core 1.4.0 enhancement Eugene Romanenko closed Mar 30, 2007 Oct 2, 2018 guest

Create a "tabbed" user interface to view multiple documents (like we have it in recent web browsers).

#117 To view more then one page on screen Lucide Core 1.0 Beta 3 1.4.0 enhancement Eugene Romanenko closed Apr 17, 2007 Oct 2, 2018 guest

It will be fine to have a possibility to view not only one page on screen. This future exist in Adobe Viewer 6.0 and has name "Layout Facing". Same also exist in MS Word.

The possibility to see, for example, two pages on screen is very usefull on modern flat LCD monitors with 16:10 screen resolution.

#138 Lucide 1.20 doesn't handle "subdocuments" Lucide Core 1.0 1.4.0 defect Eugene Romanenko closed May 24, 2008 Oct 2, 2018 guest

I have a manual for a Sony tape drive in PDF format, but the "main document" consists only of the Table of Contents, the individual chapters and subsections being contained in separate files in subdirectories. The Acrobat Reader handles this just fine and even allows me to return to the TOC from an individual chapter or other subsection. Lucide 1.20 cannot find the "subdocuments" at all.

#141 Wrong "Umlaute" in PDF-Document-Information Plugin: PDF 1.4.0 defect Eugene Romanenko closed Jun 5, 2008 Oct 2, 2018 guest

German Umaute in PDF-Files are displayed wrong in the document-information-window. Even if they are set under OS/2 (PDFMergeNX or ExitTool?).

#143 Greek Unicode in Bookmarks Plugin: PDF 1.4.0 defect Eugene Romanenko closed Aug 29, 2008 Oct 2, 2018 batchheizer

If a PDF-file contains a bookmark with Greek (and perhaps the same with other special-character-Languages) Unicode-characters, the characters cannot be displayed by Lucide. Only "Häuschen" appear.

With AR5 everything looks fine.

#147 Display DJVU Meta-Informations Plugin: DjVu 1.0 Beta 3 1.4.0 enhancement Eugene Romanenko closed Sep 2, 2008 Oct 2, 2018 batchheizer

Lucide should be able to display meta-informations of a djvu-file. But the window "Display-Documentinformations" is always empty. These informations contain simple values about Author, Title etc.

They can easily be edited using djvused-command set-meta. (Does not work with current OS/2-port, 3.5.12 of djvulibre).

#153 Lucide 1.21, linked PDFs Lucide Core 1.0 Beta 3 1.4.0 defect Eugene Romanenko closed Feb 27, 2009 Oct 2, 2018 eco

From: Alan Beagley

This version still does not handle the service manual for my Sony tape drive (TSL-11000). This consists of multiple .PDF and other files (including some in subdirectories), and if I use Acrobat I can click on a chapter title in the Contents page and get taken to the correct chapter (in a separate file), and return again. All the individual cross-reference links work.

All Lucide displays is an error box with \"?\" in the title bar and \"???\" in the box.

I could send the whole manual, but the .zip file is 35MB. Do you want it?

#159 Improved buffering needed Lucide Core 1.0 1.4.0 enhancement Eugene Romanenko closed Apr 22, 2009 Oct 2, 2018 thomabrown

Often when scrolling through a .PDF document, there is a significant delay while some part of Lucide renders the new page or portion thereof.

Memory is relatively cheap these days, and OS/2-eCS provides excellent swapping. Lucide should buffer the current page as well as the prior and next pages so that the user doesn't have to wait so long while scrolling.

I am running Lucide 1.21 under eCS 2.0 rc6a with SNAP Versio 3.18, build 505

#161 Feature request: add clickable URLs Plugin: PDF 1.4.0 enhancement Eugene Romanenko closed May 27, 2009 Oct 2, 2018 jojo

ecs ticket 2710:

"Is there a plugin to follow URL links in a PDF document? or is it configurable?"

It would indeed be nice if this were possible.

#167 Improve "Save as..." Lucide Core 1.2 1.4.0 enhancement closed Mar 20, 2010 Oct 2, 2018 Batchheizer

Please improve the "Save as..."-Dialog. Change layout to "Open..."-Dialog (so preview is added), add a hotkey (Ctrl+s or Shift+Ctrl+S), and add the feature to save only some pages of the open document.

Perhaps it could look like:

Save [CHECKBOX] all pages.

[CHECKBOX] from page [COUNTER] to [COUNTER].

DJView has this useful feature. It could be used for easy extracting some pages from a large PDF or DJVU file. Also multipage TIFF-files (-> GBM-plugin) could use this feature.

#180 Version Reporting Lucide Core 1.3 1.4.0 enhancement closed Apr 19, 2010 Oct 2, 2018 David McKenna

Some PDF documents check the version of the reader and do not display if it is not what they require (with a notice to upgrade). Can Lucide report the most recent version? Even better if it would be user changable (to allow future 'upgrades'). I'll attach an example (a tax document).

#192 Page view Two-uo Side by Side Lucide Core 1.3 1.4.0 enhancement closed Apr 26, 2010 Oct 2, 2018 talldad

Please can we have a "two-up" page view side by side in addition to the Continuous and Single Page Views currently available?

#194 djvu file load error Plugin: DjVu 1.3 1.4.0 defect closed Apr 27, 2010 Oct 2, 2018 marka999

I have a number of files from a commercial program that Lucide 1.3.2 GA will not open. I receive the error message "File Load error!"

#195 Error opening pdf files in RSJ drives Lucide Core 1.3 1.4.0 defect closed Apr 28, 2010 Oct 2, 2018 edovila

With Lucide 1.3, when trying to open a pdf located in a RSJ CD disk, you get a File load error: Open error! message. The version of RSJ is 5.53

This problem is not present in Lucide 1.2

The problem occurs in 2 different PCs with 2 different brands of CD Writers.

#196 Lucide 1.3.2 GA (2010-04-22) fast browsing problem Lucide Core 1.3 1.4.0 defect closed Apr 30, 2010 Oct 2, 2018 Joop

When you load a big pdf in Lucide and you want to browse to a certain page with the go to option then Lucide will fail and exits. This happens also with the arrows in the bar.

#199 Password with "Umlaute" in PDF Plugin: PDF 1.3 1.4.0 defect closed May 1, 2010 Oct 2, 2018 Batchheizer

If I create a PDF via OpenOffice? and use a PWD with Umlaute, I cannot open it with Lucide. Maybe there is a codepage-problem. I hope it is no Unicode-problem. Maybe one Alex Taylors DLLs could help. Opening the document with AR5 is possible.

The PWD is "Lügen".

#210 cannot open a pdf file from inside Lucide 1.3.2 GA Lucide Core 1.3 1.4.0 defect Silvan Scherrer closed Oct 8, 2010 Oct 2, 2018 kmarjerison

When you hit the open file button and select certain PDF files, Lucide refuses to open them and displays the error : Cant find suitable plugin for specified document! If I browse to my PDF directory and double click the same file, it opens without any errors.

#230 lucide-1_3_4_beta2 Error Loading Lucide Core 1.3 1.4.0 defect closed Jan 11, 2012 Oct 2, 2018 madodel

Installed lucide-1_3_4_beta2 and when I try to start it I get

"Error loading Lucide.dll: can't find module 'STDCPP' (SYS0002)"

This is on eCS 2.1 with libc063.dll and gcc442.dll

What else am I missing?

#247 Current working directory is shared across running instances Lucide Core 1.3 1.4.0 defect closed May 3, 2012 Oct 2, 2018 Lewis Rosenthal

There is no way to keep different copies of Lucide pointing at different directories of files. This makes browsing multiple sources more awkward than it should be.


  1. Start Lucide.
  2. File | Open
  3. Browse to C:\docs\current\pdf
  4. Open a file.
  5. Shift-PgDn? moves to next file, etc. in that directory.
  6. Start second instance of Lucide.
  7. File | Open in second instance.

FOC starts at last directory from the first instance, e.g., C:\docs\current\pdf.

  1. Browse to J:\pdf\docs\current
  2. Open a file.
  3. Switch to first instance.
  4. File | Open in first instance.

FOC starts at last directory from the second instance, e.g., J:\pdf\docs\current.

Instances should be independent (or not, based on user preference).

Marking defect as I consider current behavior to be non-standard.

#282 Display a warning when the installed poppler lib is not at the required level to support the current PDF plugin Plugin: PDF 1.3.5 1.4.0 enhancement closed Aug 6, 2016 Oct 2, 2018 Lewis Rosenthal

Instead of merely not rendering PDFs, apply check at startup for requisite level of poppler dll. If not found, present a warning panel, e.g.:

Unable to load PDF Plugin.
Possible reason: Incompatible poppler library.

Please install poppler-0.42.0 to enable PDF rendering.

This would work for popplers which are too new as well as those which are too old.

#292 Lucide should have its own INI instead of cluttering up OS2.INI Backend 1.3.5 1.4.0 task Gregg Young closed Aug 22, 2016 Oct 2, 2018 Gregg Young

#303 Update DjVuLibre to latest version (3.5.27) Plugin: DjVu 1.3.6 1.4.0 task closed Aug 31, 2016 Oct 2, 2018 Lewis Rosenthal

While certainly not a priority, we may get some better rendering of DjVu files with a newer DjVuLibre.

#305 Update JPG (IJG) to latest version (9b) Plugin: JPG 1.3.6 1.4.0 task closed Aug 31, 2016 Oct 2, 2018 Lewis Rosenthal

While not critical, the current code is several revs back, from 2010. Latest source tarball is available from http://www.ijg.org/files/.

#307 Consider adding support for PDF inspection using peepdf Backend 1.3.6 1.4.0 enhancement closed Sep 6, 2016 Oct 2, 2018 Lewis Rosenthal

It would be useful to have the ability to scan PDFs for malicious content, with an option to scan before opening. This will become more important when we ultimately have JS support in Poppler, of course, but for now, like any other type of virus or malware scanning, it is mainly to ensure that we don't pass along bad stuff to others.

peepdf is a set of Python modules (with their own dependencies) to provide in-depth analysis of PDF documents. It would probably be advisable if peepdf and its dependencies (pyv8 and pylibemu) were added to the repo, here, and we utilize those modules. I have not thought through the implementation of this, however, so that will require some more careful planning.

#314 Better numeric field input validation required UI 1.3.6 1.4.0 defect Gregg Young closed Sep 12, 2016 Oct 2, 2018 Lewis Rosenthal

It is currently possible to enter alpha in page number dialogs, with no beep or any indication that anything erroneous has been entered. Lucide simply ignores the input. This is not a major issue, obviously, but for fit and finish, we should validate the input and provide some indication that the data is unacceptable.

I don't know how or if we are validating the Save as... filename input.

#339 Consider use of ArcaOS FOC when available Backend 1.4.0 1.4.0 enhancement Gregg Young closed Jan 27, 2017 Oct 2, 2018 Lewis Rosenthal

Instead of excluding Lucide from the system FOC, we might want to consider implementing FOC when available.

There is a method (see attached axample) to define custom controls and call them (using PM123 as an example, in this case) via:

call SysIni "USER", "PM_FOC_Substitute", "PM123.DLL,2101", "FOCRES.DLL,04" || '00'x 

#344 FOC doesn't show all .bmp files when show supported files is selected UI 1.4.0 defect closed Mar 30, 2017 Oct 2, 2018 Gregg Young

This is with the GBM plugin installed and working. I found that if I delete the .type ea the problem is corrected. The .type eas in this case correctly identified them as bmp files.

The problem occurs both with and without the eco FOC enabled.

#270 Thumbnail creation very slow for larger and/or graphics-intensive PDF Backend 1.3.6 1.4.0 defect closed Mar 21, 2016 Sep 30, 2018 Lewis Rosenthal

Creating a new thumbnail for a PDF document (especially with graphical front page) can be excruciatingly slow (several seconds). Of course, because we don't do this in the background (as we probably should), the user must wait for the thumbnail to be created before opening the file for reading.

Possibly related to ticket #227.

#345 Minor issues in German language file Backend 1.4.0 defect closed Apr 9, 2017 Sep 27, 2018 ak120

There were a lot of inconsistencies in the German language file Lucide_de.lng. I don't want to list them all here. In general:

  • usage of wrong/misleading translation (I changed them to the termini used by German OS/2.)
  • Underlined key assignments for menus
  • Missing accel keys in "View" submenu (Ctrl++/- is not user friendly, so changed it to more logical Ctrt+PageUp/Down?)

#358 Search matches not highlighted Backend 1.4.1 defect closed Aug 9, 2018 Sep 23, 2018 Steven Levine

Prior versions of Lucide would highlight search matches. This no longer occurs with the Lucide 1.4GA and 1.4.1 betas.

On a related note, it was not possible to clear the search highlighting by entering an empty search string.

#355 Lucide 1.40 GA - crashes with large PDF files Backend 1.4.0 1.4.0 defect Gregg Young closed Apr 6, 2018 Sep 23, 2018 darcio

Lucide has been a pretty reliable PDF viewer for the most part, always displaying PDFs correctly but having some problems with printing. For the big print jobs I have been using GSView instead.

Recently I started work on Python programming and needed to review some PDF books. These are fairly large, some 25Meg in size. Attempting to open them (tried several) produce a crash. No error entry is present in popuplog.os2 though, nothing in the trap location either.

The Lucide 'Plugin list' shows lupplr (PDF plugin, based on poppler library 0.52.0) as the PDF plug-in. Since I have a YUM/RPM 'pentium4' platform install here I have the following pre-requisite modules installed:

libc.i686 (0.6.6-35.oc00)
libgcc1.pentium4 (
libgcc-fwd.pentium4 (
libstdc++6.pentium4 (
libsupc++6.pentium4 (
poppler.pentium4 (0.52.0-1.oc00)
poppler-data.noarch (0.4.7-2.oc00)
djvulibre.pentium4 (3.5.27-3.oc00)
uclip.pentium4 (0.3.0-1.oc00)
GBMDLL.i686 (1.76-1.oc00)

...but I do not have the libjpeg package, instead I am using: libjpeg-turbo.pentium4 (1.5.1-1.oc00).

I am guessing the large PDF filesize is causing a problem. To hopefully simply the troubleshooting I will u/l one of the PDF files, assuming I can get something that large attached to the ticket.

#347 Lucide release 1.4.0 GA crashes if more than single instance started Lucide Core 1.4.0 1.4.0 defect Gregg Young closed Apr 17, 2017 Sep 23, 2018 darcio

Attempting to open more than a single instance of Lucide causes a crash.

It does not appear to matter what document is being displayed. I encountered this while attempting to display multiple PDFs, however upon additional testing I can confirm that even when starting just the Lucide program, any other attempts to start a new instance will TRAP.

#348 Lucide leaves its INI file in the document directory when started from outside its own directory Backend 1.4.0 1.4.1 defect Gregg Young closed Apr 25, 2017 Jul 8, 2018 Lewis Rosenthal

I have been wondering why I've been forced to reset my preferences so often.

I started Lucide from Directory Master, in a sparsely populated directory well outside Lucide's program location. When I exited, I had a LUCIDE.INI in the document directory.

Marking this high priority as people are bound to notice this quickly.

#350 Lucide crashes when loading some files that already have a thumbnail EA. Backend 1.4.0 1.4.1 defect Gregg Young closed Sep 5, 2017 Jul 8, 2018 Steven Levine

Some Intel PDFs cause Lucide 1.40 to trap unless Lucide needs to create a thumbnail.

One example is:


If Lucide is configured to create thumbnails, the document will load.

If Lucide is not configured to create thumbnails, or the document document already has a thumbnail, Lucide with trap as shown in the attached .trp file.

Removing the thumbnail EA will allow the document to load without trapping.

Note when this trap occurs, exceptq is unable to open a trp file, so the report is written to stderr.

#268 Packaging requirements for 1.4.0 Packaging 1.3.5 1.4.0 task closed Mar 16, 2016 Feb 22, 2018 Lewis Rosenthal

Now that we are no longer using a static poppler, we have to determine the best course of action during install. For pdf rendering, we now require the poppler library to be installed. This is normally done via yum.

If we continue to package Lucide as WPI, this requires either a readme entry, a check during install, or an external call to yum during WarpIN install to ensure that poppler is on the system.

If we now package as RPM, of course, poppler would simply become a prerequisite.

Finally, we could package without plugins, and package plugins separately (though we still must decide on the best packaging method to use for each plugin).

#346 Lucide release 1.4.0 GA causes the RC3 PDF plug-in to stop working. Plugin: PDF 1.4.0 1.4.0 defect closed Apr 14, 2017 Apr 21, 2017 darcio

Previous version, 1.4.0 RC3 had the PDF plug-in working successfully. Having upgraded to 1.4.0 GA the PDF plug-in no longer works.

The DLL contents of the directory are:

4-07-17 4:50p 1413425 0 Lucide1.dll
4-07-17 4:49p 200223 0 ludjvu.dll
4-07-17 4:49p 224075 0 ludoc.dll
4-07-17 4:50p 324507 0 lugbm.dll
4-07-17 4:49p 843627 0 lujpeg.dll
4-07-17 4:49p 871229 0 lupplr.dll

The previous version (1.4.0 RC3) used the following DLLs:

10-18-16 5:14p 1408130 0 Lucide1.dll
10-18-16 12:16p 200218 0 ludjvu.dll
10-18-16 12:16p 224070 0 ludoc.dll
10-18-16 12:16p 843618 0 lujpeg.dll
10-18-16 12:16p 871224 0 lupplr.dll

...where the lupplr.dll bldlevel info is:

Signature: @#Arca Noae:1.40#@##1## 2016-09-11 03:24:00 TRESBOPEEP::EN
:US:0:M:@@ lupoppler DLL Copyright (c) 2016 netlabs/Arca Noae 2006-2012 others All rights reserved
Vendor: Arca Noae
Revision: 1.40
Date/Time?: 2016-09-11 03:24:00
Build Machine: TRESBOPEEP
Language Code: EN
Country Code: US
File Version: 1.40
Description: lupoppler DLL Copyright (c) 2016
netlabs/Arca Noae 2006-2012 others All rights

My system has the following RPM poppler packages installed:

poppler-data (0.4.7-2)
poppler-legacy-63 (0.47.0-1)
poppler-legacy-65 (0.49.0-2)

I suspect this is a poppler issue since the symptoms are identical to what I saw during my poppler packge upgrade and was resolved in ticket #341

#343 Latest RPM release of Poppler library breaks PDF plug-in in Lucide 1.4.0 beta Plugin: PDF 1.4.0 defect closed Mar 14, 2017 Mar 18, 2017 darcio

As the summary points out, the latest drop of Poppler library. Any PDF file no long displays, Lucid shows error message stating:

"Can't find suitable plugin for specified document"

Attempting to view available plugins does not show anything for PDFs.

#341 latest poppler (0.52.0) seems to prevent lucide from loading pdf plugin Backend 1.4.0 defect closed Mar 8, 2017 Mar 13, 2017 gerry

since running latest set of anpm updates, which included poppler 0.52.0, lucide is unable to process pdf files due to missing plugin

#312 Remove libdjvu and libjpeg from trunk Build System 1.3.6 1.4.0 task Gregg Young closed Sep 12, 2016 Feb 26, 2017 Lewis Rosenthal

If we are now building these plugins from rpm-supplied sources without modification, there should be no reason to maintain these sources in the tree.

If there is a reason to keep these, please advise.

#335 Reverse mapping of PgUp/PgDn when focus is in page number field of toolbar Lucide Core 1.4.0 1.4.0 defect Gregg Young closed Dec 23, 2016 Feb 26, 2017 Lewis Rosenthal

If the cursor is in the page number field in the toolbar, pressing PgUp increments the page number, actually moving farther into the document. Likewise, PgDn decrements the page number, moving the opposite direction.

#325 Upgrade from 1.3.5 GA to 1.4.0 produces no working plugins. Packaging 1.4.0 1.4.0 defect closed Sep 25, 2016 Feb 26, 2017 darcio

To be clear, I did not use RPM/YUM to install. Instead I followed the README details and downloaded all the applicable packages and extracted just the DLLs. I then cross-referenced this with the ZIP version of the packages (as available on the netlabs ZIP folder) and confirmed the right DLLs were available.

By default no plugins are recognized. The only way I can get any plugins to be activated is to move the 1.3.5 GA version of the DLL into the Lucide 1.4.0 program working directory.

This implies the poppler/djvulibre/libjpeg installations are non-functioning. I suspect I am missing some other DLL, or that the RPM/YUM install method itself re-organizes the OS/2 install in some other way beyond the drop of the correct DLLs.

#336 Updated Czech translation for 1.4.0 RC4 (plus corrections of the English readme) Lucide Core 1.4.0 1.4.0 enhancement closed Dec 26, 2016 Feb 26, 2017 xhajt03


The attached file contains updated versions of readme_cs.txt and lucide_cs.lng, plus a diff file for the English readme containing fixes for some typos.

#337 Ensure that exclusion is set for ArcaOS system FOC when installing Lucide Packaging 1.4.0 1.4.0 task Gregg Young closed Jan 4, 2017 Feb 26, 2017 Lewis Rosenthal

As the (new) default FOC in ArcaOS has no provision for a drives dropdown, we need to ensure that we are on the exclusion list when we install Lucide. This prevents the drives dropdown in Lucide's FOC from being greyed out and unavailable.

#299 Remember Print type between jobs UI 1.3.6 enhancement closed Aug 26, 2016 Feb 19, 2017 Lewis Rosenthal

Currently, when printing one job and setting Print type to Image, the next time the print dialog is opened, the print type reverts to the default, which for a PostScript printer is PostScript.

The inconsistency is with the page range, where printing the current page and then raising the print dialog again, the current page is pre-selected, as it was used the last time.

Use case:

When scrolling through a document and printing either the current page or several page ranges, one must be careful to select Image as the print type in each instance (assuming one needs to do that in any case).

#333 Add help reference to env vars for 1.4.0 and how to add help guides for plugins to help path Documentation 1.4.0 1.4.0 task Lewis Rosenthal closed Dec 23, 2016 Dec 23, 2016 Lewis Rosenthal

The user should not have to refer to the readme to know how to set these variables. Suggest adding help section to address them.

#332 Improve help layout (better CUA compliance) Documentation 1.4.0 1.4.0 defect Lewis Rosenthal closed Dec 23, 2016 Dec 23, 2016 Lewis Rosenthal

Section headings are repeated in sections vs relying upon window title to display them. This is distracting (it wasn't distracting when I first scripted it, as I used a less prominent font for the titlebars).

#329 Button and checkbox alignment in FOC could be improved UI 1.4.0 1.4.0 defect closed Oct 19, 2016 Dec 23, 2016 Lewis Rosenthal

Related to the changes made in #318, the new checkbox and Help button positioning is still not quite right.

Attaching images of current and proposed positioning.

#328 Total page count clipped in toolbar for really long documents UI 1.4.0 1.4.0 defect closed Oct 17, 2016 Oct 19, 2016 Lewis Rosenthal

I had occasion to open a 10,470-page PDF over the weekend. While the input box had ample room to display the current page number, the total page count was clipped (screenshot attached).

Looks like we need a skoch more room before the "Next page" button.

#324 Change hardcoded lucide_en.hlp to reference %LUCIDEHELP% and set variable during install Lucide Core 1.4.0 1.4.0 task closed Sep 24, 2016 Oct 19, 2016 Lewis Rosenthal

This will help with NLS issues, as well.

The goals here are:

  1. Move away from a hardcoded filename in lucide.cpp;
  2. Allow for appending plugin-specific help guides (and others) to the variable;
  3. Allow for substituting any help file for Lucide's help file;

The test WIS currently sets/appends to the following in CONFIG.SYS:

  • HELP

For plugins, the idea is to have plugin authors provide plugin-specific help and to append such files to %LUCIDEHELP% so they are loaded at once. The last page of Lucide's own user's guide will be titled Appendix and contain text indicating that third-party plugin help will appear in subsequent pages.

I have a test help file in progress for the GBM plugin which illustrates this concept.

#295 Build against poppler 0.47.0 Plugin: PDF 1.3.6 task closed Aug 22, 2016 Oct 16, 2016 Lewis Rosenthal

poppler 0.47.0 just landed (popple63.dll).

Too bad we need to rebuild each time. I tried symlinking popple63.dll to popple59.dll, but alas, no go.

#323 Change project link in dialoogs.rc to align with documentation UI 1.4.0 1.4.0 task Gregg Young closed Sep 21, 2016 Oct 15, 2016 Lewis Rosenthal

The project link in dialogs.rc (for the About box) points to http://svn.netlabs.org. Documentation currently refers to the project page as https://trac.netlabs.org/lucide/ so we should be consistent.

#297 last night's poppler update seems to have damaged the pdf plugin Backend 1.3.6 defect closed Aug 23, 2016 Oct 15, 2016 gerry

up to first thing this morning I was able to print .pdf files with 136rc1, but since applying YUM updates, which I am sure included one to poppler, the pdf plugin is no longer listed. same result for rc2a.

#318 suspicious file open dialog option UI 1.4.0 enhancement Gregg Young closed Sep 18, 2016 Oct 15, 2016 rbri

Stumbled on the new option 'Toggle no thumbnail creation'. As far as i can see, this is a checkbox. Usually the text for checkboxes have no 'toggle' part. The text describes the behavior used when the box is checked. My expectation is more like 'Create thumbnails' and the initial checkbox state depends on the option setting.

But maybe i'm wrong....

#283 Consider removing JPG plugin in favor of GBM Plugin: JPG 1.3.6 1.4.0 enhancement closed Aug 8, 2016 Sep 21, 2016 Lewis Rosenthal

I have long used the GBM (Generalised Bitmap Module) plugin, which covers a much wider range of image formats than JPG. As Lucide has issues with "plugin overlap" it is necessary to disable the included JPG plugin in order to make full use of the GBM plugin.

It may be time to just remove the JPG plugin from the distribution entirely and point people to the GBM. Frpm the GBM description:

GBM (Generalised Bitmap Module) is a library for handling many different bitmap file formats. It comes with a set of useful command line tools for doing bitmap manipulations and format conversion. In this version BMP, JPG, JP2, PNG, TIF, PBM, PGM, PPM, PNM, XPM, JBG and RAW support is additionally included.


Related: #236

#311 Need to document plugin API and provide content for wiki page Wiki 1.4.0 1.4.0 task closed Sep 12, 2016 Sep 21, 2016 Lewis Rosenthal

If we want people to come up with new plugins for Lucide, we need to give them some guidance.

#320 Add discussion of 3D PDF to help text Documentation 1.4.0 1.4.0 task Lewis Rosenthal closed Sep 18, 2016 Sep 19, 2016 Lewis Rosenthal

Poppler is on the verge of supporting 3D PDF (https://www.3dpdfconsortium.org). Some discussion of this specialized format is in order (even before Poppler supports it).

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